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  2. @,@@Pripyat Pony, Aquaspark slowly stirs from what seems to have been a long nap. "My apologies about my sudden drowsiness. Several consecutive powerful spells can really drain the energy of a unicorn like myself." She stretches slightly, before putting on a grin. "So tell me, what have I missed since I have been out like a light? Has any progress been made, and what time is it? It is hard to tell these days... what with all the events..."
  3. Oh my gosh! That dalek knit-figure is amazing! It looks exactly like the real thing >~< I wish I could have one, because that my dear is amazing.
  4. Welcome to the forums! You will fit in nicely here with all of us other bronies. I know of a few females on here, but it is always nice to see a new face! This place is really nice when it comes to just about everything, with mods helping keep the forums clean of all things that are bad. I do have one question however, do you knit and sew ponies? That could be a fun thing to share with people on the forum, they even have a commission section in Octavia's hall! Anyways, welcome to the crowd! (\
  5. @,@@Pripyat Pony, "I might be able to help come up with a plan." She says with a soft cough. "However, when it comes to battle I don't know if I will be able to control myself. As you can see, when something strikes my emotions hard... things happen." She motions to the slowly dissipating puddle in the corner of the room. "There was a reason I chose to be a guard honestly. I was hopeful that I could control my emotions, and therefor my magical output. But due to recent events, it seems as though it wasn't very useful. For your safety, I recommend not mentioning ponies may be..." She ends her sentence before saying the word they all dread.
  6. @,@@Pripyat Pony, "S-S-Stop the shaaaaaking!" Aqua says with a wobbly voice, still completely derped out. "I think... I am going to be sick of this continues...!" 6_9 She fires a random bolt of water at a wall, completely blasting a hole through it. Sort of like a high powered water jet!
  7. @@Pripyat Pony, She just mumbles something in response, her mind in a sort of semi-conscious state. Due to her current demeanor, it is not much easier to closely study her. Scars crisscross along her back, and her mane and tail are slightly shriveled up due to some sort of fire. The tips of just about everything on her is singed.
  8. @,@@Pripyat Pony, The mare slowly begins to regain some of her composure. "My family, my... friends. Where could they be now exactly? Where would they be if not with the Ferals?" She asks Glory and Artemis. A brief memory comes back momentarily to haunt her. "What if they tortured or even killed the only pony I loved..." Her horn starts to glow as the sound of incessant rumbling can be heard. "What if they killed my parents, or my sister. My friends...!" Her eyes begin to glow, and precipitation spills through the ground seemingly from within the earth itself. "I will destroy... DESTROY THOSE WHO HURT MY FRIENDS!" *GAAAAASP!* She lurches forward onto the floor right as a gigantic pool of water spews forth from the earth. A small tentacle made of pure liquid attempts to raise itself out of the pool, but melts back in. After that, the pool remains and everything is quiet. As quiet as a shocked silence can be. "..." She just lies there motionless, but still breathing. Aqua was about to lose control, but stopped herself. Hopefully no explaining as to what just happened will need to be done.
  9. @@Pripyat Pony, "You have visions Glory? That is quite a talent. Not many ponies who have visions are really truthful in the end. Hence all the fake fortune tellers and stuff." She says with a small sigh. "Sadly, I believe those are the old days. If what you say is true, the Feral's have taken over much of the land, and the ponies still alive are hidden away. I just hope they are safe in the end..." She mumbles. Aqua turns around and trots over to the nearest wall to sit. "I really wish I hadn't left for so long. Perhaps things could have been different in the end. I have no idea if my little sister is even around now. For all I know she could be d-d-d..." Aqua starts to tear up, and slowly breaks down into a sobbing mess. It seems the guards Demeanor has finally broken down from all the stress, and the truth she now faces.
  10. @@Pripyat Pony, "A tribe of ponies not attaching value to valuables? Is this the stone age again, because last I checked everypony cared about some form of cash." She says with a snort. "Does this mean that... Cash is no longer of any value, or value has no real meaning now?" Aqua asks Glory slowly.
  11. @@Pripyat Pony, @, Aqua looks around whilst following Glory, Artemis, and Lykos. "A... building? On the edge of the forest? How in Celestia did this get here, and how is it still intact?" She mutters, lifting a hoof to prod a vase. "It should have been ransacked and or looted ages ago..."
  12. @@Pripyat Pony, "Lead me to the village if you will Glory. I am sure the rest of us will follow." She says with a small nod, trotting in the /COMPLETELY/ wrong direction. "Or I can lead us there I suppose, assuming I am going in the right direction." She honestly has no idea where they are at.
  13. @@Pripyat Pony, "I will not argue your point Glory." She says with a small bow. "You are the leader in my book, seeing as I am inexperienced when it comes to situations exactly like this. I have never dealt with Ferals before, and in all honesty I am scared to do so. I hope you will make all the right decisions when it comes to the safety of this little group. I also hope you realize that our lives are in your hooves."
  14. @@Pripyat Pony,@, "What is this plant that you speak of, ruining the wild life and the so called Ferals?" She asks Lykos. "Am I to assume, that a plant is to blame for all of the stuff that is happening right now? To blame for everything that has, and will go wrong?" She asks, stomping her hoof into the muddy earth. "What does it look like? How do we destroy it?"
  15. I multi-manage several RP accounts on twitter, and also am busy irl. Sometimes it is hard to get around to posting on here, but I will manage it!