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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. It would have to take quite a substantive conflict to get Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie to argue again. The two seem to be the nicest in general among the six and naturally defuse arguments, but it would be adorable no doubt.
  3. Looking at the results of these 8 polls, as much as I love the first half of the show seasons, a lot of people view them with rose-tinted glasses.
  4. Pardon my language but I am not a fan of an overwhelming majority of hip-hop and many modern songs, particularly those with lazy and uninspired melodiesm or those artists who employ some kind of vocal fuckery or singing style I can’t explain, where it either sounds short and clipped like a gun (kind of like the lead singer of Lukas Graham), if not slurred and half-asleep.
  5. Hear hear. OP just doesn’t seem to grasp it, no matter what everyone says so it’s almost not worth typing this. Until they stop singing their usual verses in the theme song, somehow lose their thrones around the Cutie Map, or we stop checking in on their characters and stories, Twilight, Pinkie, Applejack, Rainbow, Rarity and Fluttershy will always be the Mane Six, you can tell by all the group shots of the six standing together, and Spike has always been a main character since day one, he has a throne too. Starlight Glimmer is an additional member of the Mane Cast summoned and featured when required, no different from CMC, doesn’t mean she’s stealing Fluttershy’s and Pinkie’s places. Who but the Mane Six and Spike were summoned to Tartarus? Who had seven intersecting stories in Best Gift Ever? Dear God, Starlight always has to share her episodes with Sunburst, Discord, Trixie, Twilight and the others anyway. Fluttershy can literally carry the better portion of an episode with just three racoons and Pinkie can even receive the status of second most prominent M6 in the movie and her playing a yovidaphone (even if you hate the episode, OP) is given the life or death attention and concern by the others.
  6. Jesus, looking at the franchise’s track record with Flash Sentry and Timber Spruce, solely for Twilight (they couldn’t resist because she’s the central main character, right?), who are honestly even below Blueblood and Trenderhoof as potential romantic interests in terms of having a personality, this show should not try to pair the main characters with male characters anymore, beyond simple crushes. One of the most novel parts of this show is that romance for the main characters outside EQG is purely speculative and left to the fans’ imagination. The show is much better at romantic subtext such as: Lyra/Bon Bon Vapor Trail/Sky Stinger Starlight Glimmer/Trixie Try pairing the Mane 6 in any combination, that’s better romantic chemistry than any boyfriends they could ever introduce.
  7. I think Twilight would be the best because she would make a fun and great conversationalist and would probably be inspired by her to learn daily just from the sheer volume of books.
  8. Pinkie Pie looks oddly like a baby or filly, without the effect Apple Bloom has. If she wants to wear a pink bow, she could try a smaller bow tie, that suited her perfectly before. EQG Pinkie looks better than the pony with it but you get Minnie Mouse vibes, so might as well just do without it.
  9. Wow, you people are harsh. My least favourite episode of the show is either Dragon Quest or Spike At Your Service but I still like them both. I’ve never understood the attitude of actively hating or declaring a piece of media, particularly this show where genuine effort and concern were invested, to be completely unwatchable and not deserving a rewatch simply because it doesn’t meet one’s value system, personal standards of quality control, or whatever they feel at that moment. There are limitations imposed by the parent company unto the show staff in terms of direction or necessary product placement integration, and I to this day, am impressed by the quality of the show we even have. You should not expect earth-shattering or novel character growth every episode. The metric has been watered down by overuse because of so many self-professed online reviewers, video essayists and commentators oh-so clearly learned or adept in the art of content creation, who think all nuance can be reduced to a few lines of text. As much as the show staff have accommodated us, or tried to increase the appeal of MLP, we are not the primary audience. Of course, this is not to say that we cannot take issue or dislike episodes, but constructivism is not terming the content as "garbage", when it clearly isn't and could be leagues worse. Critiquing behind a screen is too easy. But yeah, we are past most of the worst episodes. In the last three seasons, Non-Compete Clause did turn my head a little but mostly because it didn't wow me like the rest of Season 8. Princess Spike was the episode before that to get that reaction but I still liked those aforementioned episodes and honestly, not are they not the dumpster-fires people make them out to be, but I enjoyed them more than a number of episodes in the first half.
  10. I think it’s Rainbow Dash. Ashleigh Ball is literally the frontman of her own band and is the only voice actress of the Mane 6 to sing for both her characters. There’s just that energy, character and range in that beautiful voice. The problem is that even taking into consideration the Equestria Girls movies and shorts, Rainbow still doesn’t have more solos. Next is Pinkie Pie, who’s singing voice also conveys her upbeat personality through and through, partly because she has by far and away the greatest number and versatility of songs. Pinkie’s Present and One Small Thing are really great jazz numbers, Coinky Dinky World comes straight from the jukebox and who can forget the classic Smile Song, Pinkie’s Lament and others. Fluttershy is third for me. Just listen to Silent Night from the Christmas album or Music in the Treetops and you’ll hear the control and purity of her voice. Applejack, Rarity and Twilight Sparkle are equal for me and they too have such magnificent voices and respective showcase songs. MLP’s cast is simply astonishing.
  11. I think the best course correction for this discrepancy is, instead of letting Twilight Sparkle or Starlight Glimmer be the driving force and land the finishing blow on whoever villain in the season finale, use one of, I don’t know, the other five main characters and let them save the day for once. As much as I loved Starlight and her gang of four of Thorax, Trixie, Discord and herself wandering into the Changeling hive and Twilight’s epic fight with Tirek, their mutual convincing of Stygian and re-powering of the Crystal Heart with Celestia and Luna, let Rainbow, Applejack, Pinkie, Fluttershy or Rarity have the limelight. No one needs to step aside, just let someone else be at the forefront for one of the finale. School Raze was refreshing in this regard.
  12. Continually expressing the same desire of pushing Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie to the forefront in specific character combinations that you want in particular, instead of focusing on how well written and engaging the episode is akin to banging your head on the wall. I adore Flutters and Pinkie too and hope that they get their crowning episodes and moments too, but 90% of your output on these forums seem to be driving the same, repeated opinions into the ground, especially when you keep incorporating these (honestly decent) ideas into every context, situation and topic, and keep pointlessly hoping for the other main characters to be sidelined. Take for example if someone were to constantly screech for the return of Sunset Shimmer into the main show, or if someone kept saying how their life would be complete so long as Soarin x Dash or another pairing became canon. Don’t be one of these fanatics. The actual validity of your opinions becomes less relevant the more you seek to bash them over everyone else’s heads, it only makes you one-note after a certain amount of time. If Season 9 really is the last one and you don’t get what you want, don’t leave bitter and shouting into the wind. Sorry you had to read this.
  13. I thought this episode was brutal. I really bought that Sludge was Spike’s father, so to have him pull out the rug from under Spike’s latent hopes to have his parental questions was devastating, especially seeing how Spike quite literally broke Twilight’s heart earlier. I teared up when I saw that, and I’m glad that Twilight and Spike got to display so much love and affection toward each other. Before that reveal, I actually thought that there were some redeeming qualities to Sludge, because he did go down Spike’s list despite his obviously bullshit story of being imprisoned by some faceless entities, but whatever false congeniality Sludge may have possessed evaporated not only because he basically abused Spike but pulled off such a thorough deception. Given what I’ve seen here, this is definitely an underrated episode. There was great emotion and meaning packed into the story. It continues the unbelievably fantastic streak of Road to Friendship, The Washouts, A Rockhoof and a Hard Place, What Lies Beneath and Sounds of Silence. The finale will in all probability be good too.
  14. Don't worry, of course not. I smile because @PCutter you did not exactly define how close you are to this "A" person. Personally, I would find it both irritating and disturbing if a casual acquaintance or friend kept ragging on about how they wanted Pinkie Pie, one of the main characters, to meet her end in a macabre way, because it is at once delusional, petty and hypocritical for someone to hope to seek enjoyment out of this show, while completely missing the mark of MLP's positive themes by hoping one of its core links (Pinkie) to be severed in such a cruel and demeaning manner. I find it contemptible how A could nurse such a strong hatred for a fictional character for 8 years without re-examining his own opinions and biases. At the same time, it is simply expending energy unnecessarily into hoping she will be killed off, when A themselves should know that in the context of MLP, would be impossible. So you're right. Whoever this person is sounds poisonous to me. Cutting your loss is not a big deal unless of course, it is someone close to you.