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  1. Hello there Its nice to meet you all~ I'm new to the forums and I heard about this place from friends I met at BronyCAN I have been a Brony (yes, a girl that wants to be called a brony) for about 2 years i believe I haven't really kept track.. xD' BronyCAN was NOOOT my first con at all I have been to about 4 Anime Cons So Im used to the con things. Whoop But this con is the best I am a dancer. Been dancing for ever since I was 4 years old I am a wanna-be singer, voice actor, cosplayer, and artist in this community. Im not really sure what I want to do in this fandom but I want to get involved with it. Wanna be a part of all the talenty things! Yaay! Haha I'm a lot like Pinkie and Derpy mashed into one xD But at times I can be like Fluttershy Oh hard to believe that if you met me at BronyCan xD Im not joking about the whole Fluttershy thing Anyway... I dont want to drag this on too much So Yea And thats how Equestria was made! ~ Pinkie Pie
  2. FUNFUNFUNFUNFUn...fun....f...un.. -falls on the floor and sleeps-

  3. It was so much fun I am gonna miss everypony I hope we can all meet up again soon before next year Oh by the way, Don't forget to smile and have lots and lots and LOOOOTTSS of fun!
  4. Hi there everypony Its your friendly neighbored Pinkie Pie saying hi! I enjoyed my time at BronyCAN but Oh my! Fun is hard work! I hope everypony had lots of fun and I made everypony smile! I love making my friends smile~ I hope everypony who was there this weekend, is there next year Pinkie sure is going to be there!! FUUUUUNNN~~~~!!!!!