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  1. I only just noticed your sig, and wanted to congratulate you for knowing such a funny character from such a fun game.

    1. Kyoshi


      I had nothing to do with that. Nope. *sneaks away*

  2. Hello, USA :3

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    2. Raven Rawne

      Raven Rawne

      Oh I get ya. US seems totally different architecture wise when you see it on TV.

    3. The Senate

      The Senate

      Some things are. But I didn't expect to see polish blocks here XD 

    4. PiratePony


      Depends where in the US you go. How's your trip going?

  3. 22448325_1131749463594325_27933151476804

    Trust me, I'm an architect.

    1. Feather Spiral

      Feather Spiral

      I ain't no architect and that still made me facedesk :okiedokieloki:

  4. The feeling when I have so many friends in USA and none will be availible in New York City </3 

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    2. PiratePony


      I hope you have a great time

    3. Snow


      All that eavesdropping~
      So are you too going to see each other while there or what?

    4. The Senate

      The Senate

      I will ^^

      Depends on PiratePony, are You from NY xD 

    1. The Senate

      The Senate

      It is literally on the other side of Poland :< I live almost at the southern border. This is at the seaside in the north XD 

      *That awkward moment, when my profile pic is literally my reaction* XD 

  5. "One of the easiest going guys"

    Prove it! :Vv 

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    2. The Senate

      The Senate

      I thought You actually attacked every new forum member like that XD

    3. Dark Horse

      Dark Horse

      Hey! Now there's an idea! :love:

      *Dashes off to WP*

    4. The Senate

      The Senate

      Omg... xD What have I done 

  6. Make Porg new mlpforums chairman!

  7. *gives Jonas durasteel armour and a tank* You'll need this, mate. 

    1. JonasDarkmane


      Thank you... 

    2. The Senate

      The Senate

      Nah, but seriously, good luck. I saved entire entry You wrote on my PC and will read it whole later. Sadly I don't have enough time now :c 


    1. Verily British

      Verily British

      \o/ OH HOW I PRAISE

  9. I need halp! D:

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    2. The Senate

      The Senate

      Name change that Lightwing stole! XD

    3. PathfinderCS
    4. The Senate

      The Senate

      Nvm, from what I see there are bigger problems now here XD 

  10. Thank You, @Lightwing for blocking my ability to change display name with Your shennanigans, You silly pone xD 

  11. *Doesn't quote Strudel so it seems like nobody commanded him to post* Oh, a new thread! I command @Summer Breeze to post! :v

    I am really curious on what author of this was thinking. xD 

    1. Sunset Rose

      Sunset Rose

      Stirring the pot a little. That seems right up your alley, Mr. The Senate.


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    2. The Senate

      The Senate

      You mean the game? Good choice, it is one of those that really made me shed some tears. But be ready for quite a challenge, this game definitely is not an easy one. 

    3. Sunset Rose

      Sunset Rose

      Difficulty is fine by me. Dark Souls taught me to git gud. 

    4. The Senate

      The Senate

      In Dark Souls I think I died about 100 times... in Ori... 400. It has actual death count in game XD I think Ori is actually much harder, only it has more forgiving saving system. 

  14. Gaming

    I was hyped for a long time, but sadly recent drama related to it (microtransactions and attempt to earn money off death of one of game's creators killed the hype in me. Now I just hope the game itself is decent so I can buy it when price drops. But to judge on that I wait on opinion of players, I can't say I trust entirely the reviews released so far, they seem incredibly biased to me :c