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  1. Zaptrik walked into the garage rolling in a new tire. He propped it up beside his car and turned to blast. She then said "sure, anything for a good pal". She opened her boot and called out to Blast " Errm, I have mat red, some left over blue, and some black". She then continued "If you where looking for that yellow I just used on my car it's all out, sorry". @Stevenearthpony
  2. Zaptrik picked up a long cloth which was just a bit bigger than the black stripe running down her light blue mustang. She placed it on top of the stripe taping it down securely. She picked some pieces up similar material which was shaped to fit the windows and wheels. After taping those on the car as well, Zaptrik opened her boot and removed a can of yellow spray paint. She put a cloth up to her mouth to prevent inhaling the gas. With her left hoof holding the cloth to her mouth she began to paint the car. After about five minuets or so she stopped spraying and stood back to admire her work.
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  4. Hmmm. I never really liked heights, not in an plane or a on a building. More of a fear of things such as bungee jumping or sky diving. But everyone has that fear so I don't really know.
  5. After thanking Blast for the ride, Zaptrik caught sigh of a NASCOLT car. Intrigued by this she went over and introduced her self to the driver, "hey, the names Zaptik". She continued "welcome to the team, I'd love to stay and chat... but I've got some things to do with my car I got to take care of". After unhooking her car of Blast's, Zaptrik moved it to a more roomy side of the garage. She grabbed a bag of bits she collected from her house, and trotted down to the shops. After about 10 minutes or so she came back with a yellow spray paint can. She then said addressing the whole group " anyon
  6. @Stevenearthpony "Damn this thing is fast!" zaptrik said with excitement. Zaptrik laid back in his seat thinking whether the cops had tagged his car or not. "So who won that race ?" Zaptrik asked trying to get her mind of it. "With a car this fast you must've won!" she continued trying to carry on the conversation.
  7. @Stevenearthpony looking down at Blast's hoof, Zaptrik accepted the offer. She then said "Thanks dude". She thought to her self 'was this it? had I finally after all these years made a friend? '. She finally had put her past beside her and made a new friend. She hooked her Mustang up to the back of Blasts car and got in the passenger seat. Looking at Blast she said "nice car you've got here.
  8. @Stevenearthpony "yeah, they just don't quit," Zaptrik stated. "Well, I'm just glad its all over" she continued. She got some bits together and got in her car, "i'm gunna have to change these tiers, they are barely" drivable she explained. She reversed out on to the road and said "Lets head back to the garage, I can fix the tiers up there". (OCC: sorry thunder, first time role playing )
  9. As zaptrik pulled out of the garage, she her car in drive and drown steadily down the road. Not concentrating on the road, she saw a few blimps on her radar and thought to her self "that's got to be them, no one else would be driving around at this time of night". Without even contacting them to see if they're back at the garage already, she activated her nitrous. Because of the extra tank she installed, she was bale to reach 280mph! "That's faster than I've ever gone!" she said proudly. From a distance all you could see is a blue smudge flash before your eyes. She got closer and closer to the
  10. Just as Zaprik was about to leave she remembers that her nitrous tanks need filling up. She quickly gallops to the shop and returns with two full canister of nitrous. "well if I'm gunna race a car as fast as that one I'd better install two nitrous canisters" she thought to her self. She continued "mad, with this crap all hooked up I might be able to to 300mph!" She got in and twisted the ignition key. As she adjusted her seat, she called Blast on the Bluetooth. "I'm coming, just give me a sec" she said. "I've got a surprise!" @Stevenearthpony
  11. @Steveneathpony Zaptrik peeked outside of the garage and could them the others in the distance. She then said "hey blast, you wanna go catch up on those other ponies". Before he could get a reply, she got in her car and started revving the engine. " Come on! we are gunna miss them" she said loudly so Blast could here her over the sound of her engine.
  12. @Steveneathpony She looked at him ready to give a reply but then she remembered. Although she had got along well with the ponies it the team, she remembered what all the ponies said about her in Cloudsdale. She then looked to the ground with all excitement wiped of her face. She only joined the team to get rid of the gang. As she placed on the shades she muttered "great, just... great".
  13. @Thunder-Dash She turned to Nitro and said "sure, just got to fix this dent in my door". She went in her car and opened her glove compartment. She pulled out a clear bag which contained Some bits. She took out a couple of bits and replaced the bag back in the compartment. "I'm going to the shop, be right back" she said. She came back to the garage with this can of a strange substance. She covered the dent in aluminum paper and spayed the liquid on it. After applying some heat, she removes the aluminum and to her delight, the dent was all repaired! She then said "well I'm all ready just giv
  14. @Stevenearthpony Still thrilled from ride, the Zaptrik looked at Blast and said. "Blaze fitted me up with this sweet nitro system" she explained. " I just took my Mustang for a rid to test it all out, it seemed to be working just perfect!" she continued. After she pulled her key out, She strode around the car looking to see if there was any damage. To her horror A large dent was imprinted on the left hand door. "damn, must've hit something on that road". She shook her head as she locked the car.
  15. Zaptrik reverses out of the garage and drives onto a dusty deserted side road road. She slams her foot down on the accelerate and glares at her speedometer. She watches as it rises to 120mph. Bang! she activated the recently installed nitrous tanks. It made a loud hissing sound that could just about be herd above the engine. "Whoo!" she screamed excitedly. She slowed down and dis activated the nitrous. Grinning with satisfaction, she drove back. Using her Bluetooth headset she contacted blaze. " The nitrous worked a treat, thanks dude!". @supersonic rainboom
  16. Hoping Fluttershy will win fan fav, i've voted so many times for her!

  17. Here's my first ever OC. The name is terrible so I'm looking for suggestions on changing it. Hope you enjoy it! http://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/zaptrik-r4302
  18. I'm not too much of a fan of dub-step, it just seems a bit too repetitive. 4/10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uDOJ5MDz5Sk
  19. Zaptrik looked at Blazing's nitrous canisters and explains " if I'm going to race I'm gunna have to upgrade my car". She continues "hey Blaze, Would you mind hooking me up with some of that sweet nitrous?". " All I have is my global GPS tracking system, so I could really use an extra boost!" she says excitedly. @supersonic rainboom
  20. Nice Videos, I gave you some likes. I know it may be difficult but your videos would be much more enjoyably if you upgraded the mic quality. Also there are many other you tubers covering the same content as you. I think you might get more views for doing something new and exiting, maybe try this game. It doesn't seem like much at first glance but when you start playing it it's amazing. http://buildandshoot.com/serverlist_page.php
  21. Zaptrik slowly rolls into the garage in her stylish ford mustang. as she parks next to rev and gets out a small bright spark lights up in her hair but then quickly goes out. She goes on as usual as if its normal for her. She doesn't communicate to the others since she didn'r join the team to make friends. She leans on the hood of her car waiting for any sign of gang activity. (OOC: gtg, Seya guys.)
  22. Are you all American? well i'm British so there may be a time issue. It's two in the morning here! so is it OK if I join now when its ready and post when I am needed?
  23. 7/10 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CSemARaqGqE
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