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  1. How will I know when it is my turn to speak? And also what If i have to leave?
  2. Okie Dokie Lokie OC Name: Zaptrik Species: Pegasus Car: Ford Mustang (Glossy yellow with a black stripe down the middle) Street Racing Rank: pro
  3. @Thunder-dash Ive never role played before but i have an oc. I would love to start but i need to know how it works.
  4. Well I would be delighted to have dinner with Fluttershy although we have nothing in common. Still it would be shocked and quite exited. I am not too much of a fussy eater but I wouldn't eat something that doesn't taste nice. But since Fluttershy is very timid I would have to pretend that I like it. Well... Yes, I would because if don't and say it looks revolting she might take it seriously and feel really bad about it.
  5. Noone


    Nice character and picture. To improve I think you should go into more depth about how he became an Alicorn. Also you should Go in more detail about how he had achieved his cutie mark. But apart from that, nice character.
  6. This was my first oc that I have made. I am terrible with names so I would appreciate if anyone could reply with better ones! In the depths of the frozen north lay a secret underground research facility run by a secret society of evil scientists. There goal- Take over Equestria! They planed on doing this by creating a perfect Alicorn and turn it evil. The perfect weapon for overthrowing Queen Celestia. They had experimented for 43 years before they had had two perfect candidates. Glass, cylinder tubes(About the length of a door) held the two filly's. They where suspended in a clear, n
  7. I selected other because most of the time I don't really care but for a special occasion it's nice to be wearing your best clothes. I also like wearing cloths to do with something I like, Wolfmother T-shirt, Regular Show jumper and maybe even some Fluttershy merch. But on a regular day to day basis I couldn't care less about what I look like!
  8. My gaming computer - Custom built, 16gb ram, eight core processor, 2gb graphics card, 2tb hard drive and an awesome case with lights. It's my most valuable item I own because I have put all my money and savings towards it. It was so worth it.
  9. Pony Joe: I enjoyed the piano parts and the 'and they give it all they've got'. But the strange sound effects just annoyed me. The main vocal was not to my taste. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JQvTNjtPBYk
  10. Noone

    Mega Thread Song Stuck in your Head Right Now

    Solid Bold- Summertime loving, loving in the summer (time). Thats the second time I got that damn song from regular show stuck in my head!
  11. Noone


  12. Grand theft auto- San Andreas. Great game, especially with all the cheats! Chivalry medeval- Medeval Warfare. A bit buggy but still a great online game. Fallout 3- I love this game but cant seem to get it working on windows 8. Used to play it all the time.
  13. I'm not so sure about ponys who have been born alicorns, but I think that ponys made into alicorns live a regular legenthed life. In the episode 'A Canterlot Wedding' part one it shows cadence in her younger form in twilights' flash back.
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