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  1. it's also temptation that caused twilight to unleash the magic. Even before she was corrupted by magic, judging from the chant in the song she was already consumed by the thought of what magic is and it was all her own desire and choice of what she did, even if she didn't realize the outcome.
  2. And here's also mine. From what I'm told I have ivysaur in my safari friend. FC - 4785 - 4280 - 3792
  3. does anypony here have a charmeleon or a ditto friend safari?
  4. You forgot to log on to Skype lol.

  5. Greyhawk:"I missed you too Rarity. So what's been going on here while I been gone?"
  6. Then all of a sudden, a stallion with funky hairstyle appears. Greyhawk:"Hello Rarity. I returned."
  7. I got pokemon X. I just thought I'd add you to add more Friend Safari Varieties. I shoulda dropped the friend code here XD. Greyhawk 4785 4280 3792
  8. I would not recommended that. Spike already tried entrusting them to those three.
  9. Greyhawk:"She gave a very retro arcade toy to his son."
  10. Everything okay mate? You got on and didn't check your PM Box.

    1. Greyhawk


      I logged on only to check other stuff and not pm box because I was at work LOL

    2. Asbel Lhant

      Asbel Lhant

      Okay that makes sense lol.

  11. Well I dont mind if you use my oc Greyhawk as background pony. Funny enough he is able to communicate with ghosts even in flesh. Tho the first one is the first version I made but I feel the big mane only needs 4-5 big strands as shown at the bottom. And it's probably better if he doesn't become a zombie.
  12. Happy Birthday MLP FIM Forum!

  13. Ok, here's something totally random and a little fun. If the mane 6, and/or the whole Equestia have been sucked into the world of Pokemon and every pony become pokemon themselves, what Pokemon would each pony become and why? I know at some point you guys would say Twilight Sparkle be Rapidash because of that one episode but let's think of something different cause that meme's getting old XD. So fire away everypony!