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  1. I never used to go out but now a bunch of people from school have started wanting me to chill with them. Having socialised little before now I don't know... Anything .-. So.. Tell me how I did and tips..? <3 Looks like I forgot to attach the picture .-. I'll get it when I'm home...
  2. Always has to be "Saying Goodbye" by joaftheloaf... so sad, many feels, w0w...
  3. Blegh.. School...

  4. Name: Vargen (that is all) Preferred Weapon: Conjuration/conjured sword Race: High elf Job: Mercenary
  5. Count me in for the rig! You seem to have this sorted out to a decent extent... and i like that ^^
  6. HeyHeyHey! I need to get on this! Utility suit, bat, screwdriver... Someone needs to be there for Ed-E /)^3^(\
  7. I've had my head stitched together three times and I had a tumour removed from my testicle when I was 13... Having an allergy to anaesthetic doesn't help at all xD
  8. Powercell

    General Kik exchange Thread!

    AJppleJack <-- Add meh! ^^ I need talks.
  9. I can't stand my name xD (Calvin) it just annoys me. It's unique, but TOO unique. everytime someone asks me my name i have to repeat it three to five times because they think i'm saying Callum or Connor. So i Just get everyone to call me Tai. I'll probably change it to Tai legally sometime... If i ever get round to it .-.
  10. Powercell

    General Kik exchange Thread!

    @super2379 that username doesn't seem to work :/ you sure you got it down right? And btw everyone, my kik is AJpplejack ^^ invade y'all want to add me
  11. Powercell

    General Kik exchange Thread!

    Let's just pretend my phone didn't just deep out there... After I asked you all if you'd make accounts xD totally didn't do that Dammit iphone!! @jokuc sorry man xD didn't mean to wake you :/ so, new rule, post your time zone as well! XD and don't message people late.. Like past 11pm.. Just courtesy rule..
  12. Those 32seconds of beauty.... I need more, I want more.... I did originally come to offer help, but.. Yeah, it doesn't look like I'm needed .-.
  13. Maybe Cole Dust could get in as a survivor? Been looking for a good Zombie survival RP... http://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/cole-dust-r5681 Will post a pic for him when i get home :L
  14. I'm looking to get into an RP this would be good for my Oc Cole Dust (will ge a lin in just a sec) But i don't know if his ability to control fire would be a little mary-sue-esqe? If it is, just say and i won't use it ^^ http://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/cole-dust-r5681
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