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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Merry Birthiversary! 

  3. Merry Birthiversary! 

  4. @@Stolen OC, Certainly, I felt I was noticing that stories were becoming isolated, barely relating to the previous episode, it also felt like the stories were becoming recycled, almost interchangeable, each episode was becoming less memorable, even the songs, I can not even quote from the show anymore, it feels to me that the show is unwilling to take risks, to go outside of the usual settings. At this point nothing will interest me again, I have found new energy with the furry fandom, waiting to be explored, artwork yet to be made, books yet to be published, the curiosity is enticing me to participate, and find others who want to participate, so the furry fandom is where I call home.
  5. I can not speak for the fandom, but for me, my interest in ponies and bronies has dissipated, instead my fan activity has been with my original fandoms: furries and MSTies. After Zootopia was released, the furry fandom sprung to life, bring new art and imagination, I experienced with bronies in 2013, I also got my first fursona, I commissioned an artist and finally got it in November, my character connected me to other furries, on Google and Facebook, now we are in the process of becoming friends. Zootopia took up most of my attention in 2016, I forgot about season six of MLP, I missed the premiere and finale, as my interest in Friendship is Magic has lost much of its lustre. I was a furry before I was a brony, and I nearly left the brony fandom many times, because of creative differences and preferences I wanted from the show, ultimately I may actually leave the fandom, Zootopia came at just the right time, when MLP seemed to me getting stale, as the mane six have been developed over and over again, and much of Equestria was unexplored, so Zootopia became my new obsession, it has variety like settings and characters, it's creative and inspirational, and I was not the only one who recognised that, it has been fun to chat with furries on Google, this year I hope to meet them in real life, and go to a furry convention, this euphoria is exciting, sadly MLP does not excite me anymore, only time will tell if I can remain a brony, but to me it's no loss, I still have a good time as a brony, I am just moving on, finding new things and rediscovering my old roots.
  6. Yes, Zootopia wins a Golden Globe Award.

  7. Absolutely, PM me anytime, I'll try to answer it expediently, and as well as I can, nevertheless, this has been a great conversation.
  8. @@Steel Accord, Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Vietnamese are very human centric, so rarely think of supernatural superstitions, because to them, human success can be observed, natural phenomenons can be explained, like floods and earthquakes, instead of saying it was the will of the gods. Humanity is neither good nor evil, both energy exists in everyone, it is symbolised in the taijitu, the yin and yang, the mark of greatness, it balancing the yin and yang, the dark and light, sometimes one element tries to overtake the other, causing stress and confusion, but this is caused by our choices and behaviour, so we must remind ourselves to stay balanced, the nighttime is not always completely dark; there is the moon or stars, the daytime always has shadows. The Tao reminds us that life is precious, it is when we treat life as cheap and expendable, does the imbalance occurs, leading to much harm, Taoism is about remind us where we came from, and to plant new roots ourselves, Confucius said once, "He who remembers the old lessons, and adds new knowledge is fit to be a leader."
  9. Meditation is the best route, for relieving stress and clearing the mind, the shaman I met in Daegu said, it's like restarting a computer, to clear up the data and focus. There is also Tai Chi, to help either the muscles to loosen up, or to relax the nerves at the end of the day, I learn Tai Chi back home in Houston, but in South Korea, there would be huge Tai Chi ceremonies, before they would go to work. The prayers that do exist are for honouring the ancestors, to give thanks to a family member for their love and success, thus encourage new family members to be equally loving and hardworking. This would take place at shrines, where tombstones are placed, there would be incense burning and paper folding, paper containing a poem, then would be placed like a ribbon next to the tombstone, in Taoism, prayer is for mourning, and is used for the living to remember their family member, and to be a better person, however music and songs are used for generating good faith and closeness with other people, traditional music, but it is really nice to hear a guzheng or a gayageum in person.
  10. I was born in October 1986, so I am a fire tiger, and a Libra, so I have double balance.
  11. Yes, of course, I can also share my experience with the Tao from South Korea, which is where I first learned about it.
  12. 5/10, half of the years was good, the remaining has been lousy. The good that occurred was Zootopia, the Jungle Book, my brother coming home from the army, spending the summer with my family, moving to Fredericksburg, Texas, my first fursona completed and my 30th birthday. The bad that occurred, was strep throat with an ear infection, my father became a curmudgeonly scrooge, the rise of populist authoritarianism with national collectivism, celebrity deaths, and environmental decline. It's at times like these we must be reminded who we truly are, no matter what obstacle we are presented, we all must have the courage and integrity to succeed, we are all unique individuals with similar goals, as long as we are focused on improvement, and phasing out what is obsolete, so use your freedom wisely.
  13. I am a furry and a brony, and happy to be both, although I have been a furry longer than a brony, my first character was a pegasus pony, just recently I go my first fursona, a Tibetan wolf, my commission was completed in November, and I am so happy to have my character completed. Both fandoms overlap each other, so I feel happy to have new friends from both fandoms, which gets me sentimental, we are not the first fandoms who overlap, like Star Trek and Stat Wars; Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings; and Battlefield and Modern Warfare, I also love western animation and anime, so to me it just means more to admire. After I saw Zootopia in March, I reinvigorated my interest in furries again, which was why I commissioned an artist on Deviantart to draw my first fursona, and Zootopia OC, I fell in love with the movie and it's habitat, the city was an architectural masterpiece, I felt just like Judy Hopps when she rode the train into the city, it was inspirational, just like when I first set my eyes on Equestria. I have been to both pony and furry conventions, I was not weird to me, after visiting foreign countries, I felt comfortable going to meet people, especially fans who have the same admiration for ponies and animals as I did, no one have ever been bothered that I was either a brony or a furry, so I got new friends and I had fun, which was my goal. I am happy to be in both fandoms, I feel happy to share my ponysona and fursona, as long as we are happy, it should not matter if our fandoms crossover, remember the elements of harmony.
  14. Does shamanism count? I have been with Chinese shamanism for decades now, after visiting Japan, Taiwan and South Korea, there was something about shamanism that attracted me, like living in peace with humanity and nature. I was born in the year of the fire tiger, at the moment of yang, the light, which gives me a lot of energy and spirit to do more, for myself and for my family, in addition to shamanism, I am also a Taoist and Confucian, as I try to find ways to create balance and harmony; wisdom and knowledge, for those willing to learn, to try to express their logic and emotions better than they ever had. This is what spirituality means to me, leaving nature to its design, at the same time, learn to appreciate your own nature, and how to interact with the environment peacefully, furthermore, to live in harmony with human diversity, it would be boring if we were all the same, as if we were bees or ants, we have to be free to express our unique personalities, which is what shamanism is to me, the freedom to gain wisdom from live on earth, including from humanity itself, just as Lao Tsu and Confucius have been try to tell us.
  15. I'm not a Christian, but I have Christians in my family, primarily Roman Catholic, instead I am shamanistic with Taoist and Confucian. Nevertheless, Christians do come to our temples to learn to be a better Christian, which is quite nice to experience, I use to be in reform Judaism, a very long time ago, after visiting Japan and South Korea, I came to admire Taoism and Confucianism, which are mostly philosophy rather than religion, Tao teaches harmony with nature and humans; Confucius teaches knowledge and wisdom, both have the goal of expressing happiness and peace, and providing hope that human beings could be more than what they are, for philosophy was created by humans, so Lao Tsu and Confucius showed their followers, what good human can do, rather than the bad we are capable of. My Little Pony Friendship is Magic has a lot of Confucian virtues: Ren, generosity, Yi, honesty, Li, loyalty, Zhi, knowledge, and Xin, kindness and happiness, plus Tao which teach friendship and harmony, these were the elements that attracted me to the ponies and the show itself, it surprised me that show with colourful magical ponies, could have this many layers, show each layer its colour, and how these layers strengthen each other, Taoism and Confucianism may have originated from ancient China, but they continue to inspire artists and worshippers, and I hope they will continue to bring peace to believer and non believer alike.