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    I'm a 2D animator who's been a pony fan since I watched the first MLP movie "Fire Fly's Big Adventure!" I'm an old pony is all I can say! My Cutie Mark is a rainbow heart with a black lightning bolt striking through it! It represents my love in various things and it is constantly changing! One of my loves is for my wyvern love, a handsome black dragon named Night Lights

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  1. Happy birthday. The Forums will miss you. ;(

  2. hey lightning, i need help. my friend wants a verey Mary Sue alicorn OC and I need you to help

  3. To be honest, I enjoyed the flight of blight 3 parter. Keep up the good work. :)

  4. Hope you had a good Christmas and New Years, Blissy.

  5. I am leaving the MLPFs, this will explain why:

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      NO!!!!!!, my favorite artist.

      I finally got my art tools , but your going???

      Im hurt

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      windy beets

      aww well ill miss the things you posted but good bye =)

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  6. Hello Everypony, I am making this a quick forum announcement. I will be leaving the MLPFs as of today. I don't wish to explain the reasons of this in detail, other then that with respect to the mods/admins of this forum, we simply have different views on how things are done here. I'm sure they are doing everything they can to make this forum a fun and wonderful place, and they certaintly had for me for almost 3yrs. Sadly though the tides have changed, and I feel it best that I move on. Don't worry, you can still find me on DevianArt, or my happy little YouTube Channel. Simply type in Lightning Bliss on either website and you'll be sure to find me there. I wish everypony here the best and hope you all continue to have fun on these forums! Keep an eye out for those rainbows! They will make you smile! ~ Sincerely Lightning Bliss
  7. @@EquestrianScholar, (The fact there are so many people in here doesn't really help things, I wouldn't know who I'm really talking to... I'm just sitting here waiting for interaction at this point, talking with Luna.) Luna gave a gentle smile, an eye directed downward towards the smaller alicorn. "You act as if you don't belong Lightning," the mare of the moon went on, "you forget we are all part of the sky. Each and everypony of us has a place in its grand design. You being here brings more light into the room more then you know. Just like the other amazing ponies who are here. Why hide your glow from them? I assure they aren't doing so right now. Look behind you." Luna pointed a hoof backwards so Bliss could follow. She turned in response seeing some of the ponies mingling, chatting, getting to know one another. They all seemed to be having a good time...unlike her.
  8. (OOC I may have to back out of this RP since I don't feel I'm attending enough due to a busy schedule, that and there's no interaction I can see to jump in on.) After what felt like an hour of sitting alone, a cool breeze stroked Lightning's back. It made her shiver, forcing her to wrap her wings aorund her little white form as she continued to stare down at Canterlot city. Slowly she lifted her eyes upward to gaze at the sky, wondering what it was like to be able to create such artwork as beautiful as Luna's. "Liking the view?" Luna's voice echoed gently behind Lightning. "Oh! Um..." Bliss started up to her hooves, dusting herself off, "yes it's, quite nice. You've done an amazing job, as usual heh..." Luna smiled softly, knowing Lightning had orginally come up here to be alone, but the elder alicorn could tell the young Princess didn't truely wanted to be so. "It can be quite a pretty sight on a clear night. I had to ask the weather ponies to postpone a light sprinkle so that the Galla would have a clear night. But this only means we'll have to have a downpour to make up for the fact." "Oh I'm sorry..." "It's alright, these things happen all the time. Besides, seeing the clouds covering my night would a waste on the Galla..." she sat down next to Bliss staring up with her. "Such beauty, soft, gentle skies, to be hidden by gray and dark, it really would be a shame." Bliss sat down next to her, knowing at this point she was no longer talking about the sky. "I just...don't want to be seen yet....Luna..."
  9. @@EquestrianScholar, She's still at the castle, just sitting outside on a balcony keeping to herself for the time being. To be more accurate, she's on the second level on a balcony, near another ballroom.
  10. Boo! Have fun at NightmareCon. :D

    1. Lightning Bliss

      Lightning Bliss

      Hehe thank youuuuuuuuuu :D

  11. ((OOC I'm so sorry everypony, I was on vacation for a few days and I do want to note that this Thursday all the way through Sudany I'll be at Nightmare Night Con. Till then though I am back on the RP and yes company is weclome. Hope I didn't distrupt any plans.)) After examining the castle's finest roses, and taking in the night air, the small white alicorn with her odd lion like tail, stared into Luna's beautifully painted sky. The princess of the night really out did herself for the almost made her jealous to think she was nothing more than Princess of Peace... Of what peace is there for me inside? She thought to herself as she began to walk out of the gardens and strolling along the fence line of the castle yard. She was lonely...admittingly so...but she wasn't in the mood for mingling with ponies she didn't know, or ponies that wanted to know her simply because she was... "An alicorn...pfftah..." She fluttered up to the seconard area of the courtyards, landing on a balacony that was near one of the ballrooms, but still isolated enough that she had the lovely place to herself. Levitating a small pillow seat over, she took advantage of the better sight, Canterlot City. Down below the city was aglow. For those ponies who weren't lucky enough to attend the fancy event seemed to be having celebrations of their own. There were stallions escorting their mares to the lovely restraunts or coffee shops that kept their business up late for this very evening. Truth be told she wouldn't be surprised if guests from the event were also paying their visits to the grand city. The soft light of the lamps gave the citizens below elagance in their silohettes as they strolled the streats, buying their treats and dining. It felt so easy to just fly down there and explore the city on her own, surely no pony would notice she had gone? Surely?
  12. @, @, (OOC Ok...too much for me to take in here... think I'll go solo for a bit...Second sight, spectures, spirits flying around... too much for me to keep up with here lol, I can't even tell who I'm talking to.) Bliss finally licked her hoof and bluntly snuffled the magic off her horn, silenceing it for the moment. " problem..." she blushed a bit, feeling rather uncomfortable at this point. With Dark Star disappearing, only to reappear back after a sudden urge to leave, she wasn't sure what was going on between these two. Obviously it was something personal. It didn't help that her magic was flickering in urgency being near this unfamiliar stag whom clearly had magical properties. "I'm sorry to be a bother. It was lovely to meet another being other than a pony." She nodded to Enzo respectfully then turned her head to Dark Star, "I...think I'll let you two catch up. I'd hate to be delaying any reunions here." At that the small white alicorn made haste out of the ball room, dodging party guests as she went. It felt like an enternity trying to navigate her way out of the crowds. A bulk of sweat had produced under her wings... It was all just too much to bare. She never did do good in massive groups anyway. Finally the cool night air hit her face as she made it to where she wanted to be in more open space. The castle court yards. Luna's night was magnifacent on this amazing occassion, and her moon only made the gardens of the courtyard shimmer in the light. She smiled seeing she was for the most part alone, and took the opprotunity to examin the flowers, and even try to find the water fountain at the center of it all. As her scarf draped behind her, and her tiera bobbed up and down on her head, she began to day dream of what it would been like had her husband escorted her on this lovely night. He hated dancing, Nights Hoopla, and he certaintly didn't like the crowds either. Not to mention he always felt pressure being around the other guards. "Somthing about jealousy...he being my only guard..." she spoke to herself as she walked. Stopping to examin a purple rose with pink highlights.
  13. @, @, Not wanting to make a bad impression and to show respect, Bliss polietly followed Dark who seemed to have promptly teleported to a... Is that a stag??? "Oh my goodness!" Bliss had never seen the proud deer race before. This was the opprotunity of a life time! She quickly trotted over to Dark to meet the lovely being. He was as elegant and proud as she'd imagine deer or stags to be. His antlers stood proudly on his head, and he was dressed rather fondly too. However her excitment quickly turned to one of shyness at the very sight of this new being... This was a friend of Dark Star's and she too felt some unsual vibes coming from this being...along with his talking sword for a comrade? " can just call me Blissy if you like," she gently pawed the floor with her hoof, looking more down then up at the Stag Enzo, "You and Dark Star know each other? That's interesting, why didn't you tell me you knew one of the deer people? I never met one of your citizens before! It's an honor to finally meet one and ah..." she was losing herself...her horn began to light up in slight urgency as well...but unlike Star...she didn't know how to control it, nor fully understood it's meaning. "Gah...heh...silly stupid thing..." she tapped at her horn as it continued to burst rainbow magic, "it sometimes has a mind of its own..."
  14. @, "He is my one and only royal guard for a reson," Bliss chuckled back as they dodged ponies slowly to reach the punch table. "For the very fact I don't wish for the fuss of owning a castle or kingdom for that matter. What good is a Princess of Peace if she's restricted to one location? No. I have my duties, and keeping good ties between nations is what I do. Besides hehe," she slowly levitated a cup with her magic and began to pour him and herself some punch, "I wouldn't even know what it would look like. But anyways, congradualtions on your promotion, "Luitenent"." She chuckled happily for him, "I know you'll make Captain at some point. I can tell you have the qualities. I could always put in a good word for you." She took a seat at the closest stool near the table and sipped the punch in silence as music began to play within the main chambers of the ballroom. It was a lovely setting with everypony dressed in their finest. Though she felt honestly glad she didn't go all out with a gown this time.