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  1. Off to bed. Bye everypony. /)

  2. Off to bed. Bye everypony. /)

  3. I wouldn't mind if they got married. They look really good/cute together. So in my opinion I would actually like it if they did.
  4. I love everypony so I don't really know how I would react since theres so many of them. I know I would be sad though if anypony died.
  5. I'm not really sure if they have or not but it would be cool if they did. I don't really think they even get on any MLP fourms unless it was a fourm made by them, but thats just me.
  6. Blue Bolt

    Gaming Gaming Laptop?

    If your looking for a Gaming Laptop, look at some Asus Laptops. There really good depending on which one you get, plus they are Laptops/Computers that are made for gaming
  7. I'll join if I have the time to. I'll tell you if so.
  8. This sounds like its gonna be pretty cool :3 Also, "We can't be held liable if you challenged a dozen of unicorns into a bar fight." This made me laugh lol.
  9. Blue Bolt

    Gaming Kerbal Space Program!

    I've seen Node play this and it looks really, really fun! I need to get a new computer to play most games though because I have a really old computer, lol. But by what it looks like, I would really enjoy this game and recommend it for anyone else who think they might like just creating ships and doing crazy stuff! - Jason
  10. "sweet baby jesus get the holy water" "lady gaga pony good god" These were my favorite two quotes, lol. I laughed so hard when I got to these.
  11. Really great idea for a plot! Hasbro should start taking suggestions from the community because there always seem to be great ideas!
  12. Blue Bolt


    I like it! I really like the angle of the drawling as well! Makes Flitter look cute C: Also way better then what I could do, lol. I also kinda like it without color Anyways, really great drawling! - Jason
  13. Haha, that actually sounds like something that I could see Hasbro doing since Spike likes (more like loves) Rarity. So yeah, I agree with you and would love to see this happen! - Jason
  14. This sounds like it would be a pretty cool thing to happen in Season 4! I have yet to hear a lot about it but one of my friends uncles works for Hasbro so I have a some leaked photos! If you want to see them, PM me and I gladly send you them! - Jason
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