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  1. This is my new remix. Tell me what you think. I'm finally starting to get my music on youtube thanks to my friends. I hope soon I can upload my favorites and get some fresh feedback on them.
  2. I just submitted this to EQD. It's my first actual youtube upload. I usually post my stuff on soundcloud, but I thought EQD would like it more if I had it in video format. Tell me what you think. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mb-qIS6T820&feature=youtu.be
  3. Electric Velocity

    Movies/TV What makes a good horror film?

    Video games are a different story for me. With Dead Space, I was never really scared by it, but I would say it is scary compared to other horror games. the problem is that it was too linear. I always knew where to go, and what looked different from before. Dead Space 2 improved on action and story, but fell behind in scariness. Then Dead Space 3 came out and lost all the things that made it horror. The main thing that made DS 1 scary was the feeling of tight corridors and not wanting to look around the corner. In 3, you are in an open world with snow. yes, The Thing was also in that settin
  4. Electric Velocity

    Movies/TV What makes a good horror film?

    @Jokuc I agree with you on every note. Well, except with Prometheus. I was expecting exactly what i got and it even surprised me. I'm a very visual person, so i could really appreciate the sets, costumes, vehicles, and art designs. that's probably the main reason why I'm not scared by all these so called horror movies. I immerse myself in the way it looks, and then get disappointed when the big reveal of the villain is finally over with. Paranormal Activity was just some footprints in baby power and a chandelier moving by itself. No creativity. But even when the movie has good visual d
  5. A lot of movies I watch just don't leave much of an impression on me. I've never seen a movie that made me have nightmares. Maybe it's because of the stuff I've gone through in my life. Or maybe it's because I know it could never happen. Movies like The Great Gatsby do make me think about a subject, but they rarely have an effect on me. So, what makes a horror movie scary? Is it the knowledge of inevitable doom, or simply the possibility of it? the unknown has always scared man, so how can a serial killer be scary when he's right there on screen with a knife? Maybe the only thing that'
  6. Everyone who has commented saying "This game is just not for me" Should still watch it at least. It explains mostly why everyone else is so excited for it.
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=3u6IMFzLDbY You should watch that if you really have played GTA IV like you said. I'm not trying to prolong the argument, but I just watched it yesterday and thought it made some nice points.
  8. Electric Velocity

    Visual Art Looking For An Artist

    Alright. It would be good practice for you then. I don't totally suck at art, I just don't have the time to do it. So I hope I can give useful advice and whatnot.
  9. Electric Velocity

    Visual Art Looking For An Artist

    That would be great. We can talk on skype if you want. I'm electricvelocity on there. Do you have a deviantart that I can credit in the videos?
  10. Electric Velocity

    Visual Art Looking For An Artist

    I'm going to start posting my music on youtube and would like some original artwork for my songs. Pony or not. But, I have no money so the artist would have to just get credit in the description. I'm also looking for an original logo design. I really need to start establishing myself in the brony community as well as a musician. If anybody has some ideas as far as visuals, I would be very happy to hear them.
  11. I've recently started work on a project with some local bronies, but after I'm completely done, I'll be looking for something else to do. I just thought maybe there would be some people on here who are looking for music to put on their videos or fan-made things. I'm not that experienced with recording vocals, but I've been wanting to do some vocal tracks. Besides that, I can do a lot of genres of electronic music. House, Electronic Rock, and some Trance. If anybody's looking for original music, I'm willing to help. I just need to know what it's for and how long it needs to be. As far a
  12. I also enjoy big discussions and debates, but that wasn't really the point of this thread. I was simply asking who was excited for the game and what they were going to do in multiplayer.
  13. First of all, there will be MORE THAN PLENTY of interesting things to do. Along with various recreational activities, there will be racing, exploring, shooting, and all sorts of customization on your characters, cars, and even home. I don't mean to offend, but GTA V is about you deciding how the game will be interesting to you. It gives players the option to follow a well written story or free roam the city in HD with so much to do, you won't even know where to start. I'm sure lots of people will agree with me that everyone can find something they will like about GTA V. As far as "style" which
  14. Excuse me, but how could a fictionalized parody of Los Angeles where you have absolute freedom to do whatever you want be boring?
  15. Even if you haven't played a GTA game like me, you should definitely think about getting it. It will be one of the best, if not the best, games of the year.
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