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    Dreams are like stars. they are too far to reach, and if you try to chase them they die when you get close to them. You should just admire them.
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  1. Dear Princess Celestia, Today I learnt that I cannot read or write in the pony language, and that I cannot eat hay. Signed, Your Multidimensional Being, Hooman-man ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ For me I think the only thing that would make me "wuss out" on going full blown evil is my conscious. My alignment is mainly hot wired to true neural, but when certain things happen I come close to being Chaotic Good
  2. having a blast with State of Decay!

    1. Skeletor Brony

      Skeletor Brony

      Very under-rated. huh? I love it.

    2. Faulty Roze

      Faulty Roze

      It really is :P


      I've been searching everywhere for a good Zombie RPG/Simulator since 2011 :P

      and I too love it!

  3. Thank you so much! It means a lot to read that! XD That is a great Idea, I didn't think of that (well that obvious right XD) and yeah! I love writing in Gallifreyian! I see you're a fan of Doctor Who :3
  4. Do you think perhaps she gives a part of her profit to charity? (Assuming such thing exist within the Pony Universe. I guess there would be, some pony out there could be starving) Her element is generosity
  5. The first thing I would do is ask the Genie if he was legit and if the rubbing of the lamp this is true... The last thing I want to do is give a Genie pleasure XC After that, I would kindly ask the Genie to turn me into an Earth Pony. Why an Earth Pony? Because if I think about it... If i became a Unicorn, I would have to study a lot in order to use my magic like the common unicorn. If I became a Pegasus... well it would be like learning to walk again... but with wings... I know... I'm Lazy ;P
  6. I don't dislike the MLP songs, nor do I absolute love them if that makes sense. However if i had to choose one i like the most and one I dislike the most; The one I would choose to like the most would me Smile and the most disliked would be that "I wasn't prepared for this" song.
  7. Here's a picture of Pinkie Pie I drew and... WHAT?! what is this? I pulled her out of the paper yes... she is incomplete and that is why she is looking at her tail... or where her tail is meant to be. I hope you like it :3
  8. Hello! it's been a while but i'm back. and back with a quick drawing I made during my free time. which was a week ago? I'm not sure anyways, I hope you like the Pic
  9. HSC is bad... I don't want anymore test :(

    1. ParsoOfEquestria


      I finished all mine

    2. Faulty Roze

      Faulty Roze

      Luck you :( I still have 3

  10. wow i come back and its a birthday :D happy b-day forum!

  11. Well, My girlfriend has accepted me liking the show and the fandom. But i'm in a world of pony related teasing. (she is now keeping my secret)

    1. AnonyPoni


      One of my friends had (or has, not sure anymore) that issue. It was really hard to tell if his girlfriend was teasing or actually being mean

    2. Vinyl Scratch.

      Vinyl Scratch.

      Hey man, im glad to hear that it worked out :)

    3. Hate9


      Good to see that she's accepted it, hope she stops teasing eventually...

  12. Well... the cat is out of the bag... my girlfriend knows i'm a brony...

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    2. Faulty Roze

      Faulty Roze

      miss sent a whole group of images :P

    3. Vinyl Scratch.

      Vinyl Scratch.

      ooh, damn...well, I hope it all works out :)

    4. Faulty Roze

      Faulty Roze

      you, me, both.


  13. Just made a Tumblr... What in heck do I even Do ?!

    1. Vinyl Scratch.

      Vinyl Scratch.

      Post pictures, follow people who post pictures...like twitter...but...pictures :P

    2. Rascal~
    3. Crispy


      Reblog stuff. Post music. Laugh at random things. That's what I do.