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    Dreams are like stars. they are too far to reach, and if you try to chase them they die when you get close to them. You should just admire them.
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  1. Dear Princess Celestia, Today I learnt that I cannot read or write in the pony language, and that I cannot eat hay. Signed, Your Multidimensional Being, Hooman-man ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ For me I think the only thing that would make me "wuss out" on going full blown evil is my conscious. My alignment is mainly hot wired to true neural, but when certain things happen I come close to being Chaotic Good
  2. Thank you so much! It means a lot to read that! XD That is a great Idea, I didn't think of that (well that obvious right XD) and yeah! I love writing in Gallifreyian! I see you're a fan of Doctor Who :3
  3. Faulty Roze

    How does Rarity spend her money?

    Do you think perhaps she gives a part of her profit to charity? (Assuming such thing exist within the Pony Universe. I guess there would be, some pony out there could be starving) Her element is generosity
  4. Faulty Roze

    What Pony race would you choose

    The first thing I would do is ask the Genie if he was legit and if the rubbing of the lamp this is true... The last thing I want to do is give a Genie pleasure XC After that, I would kindly ask the Genie to turn me into an Earth Pony. Why an Earth Pony? Because if I think about it... If i became a Unicorn, I would have to study a lot in order to use my magic like the common unicorn. If I became a Pegasus... well it would be like learning to walk again... but with wings... I know... I'm Lazy ;P
  5. Faulty Roze

    Bronies who dislike the show's songs!

    I don't dislike the MLP songs, nor do I absolute love them if that makes sense. However if i had to choose one i like the most and one I dislike the most; The one I would choose to like the most would me Smile and the most disliked would be that "I wasn't prepared for this" song.
  6. Here's a picture of Pinkie Pie I drew and... WHAT?! what is this? I pulled her out of the paper yes... she is incomplete and that is why she is looking at her tail... or where her tail is meant to be. I hope you like it :3
  7. Faulty Roze

    The TARDIS and the Companion

    Hello! it's been a while but i'm back. and back with a quick drawing I made during my free time. which was a week ago? I'm not sure anyways, I hope you like the Pic
  8. Faulty Roze

    Ask a Frozen Roze

  9. Faulty Roze

    Ask a Frozen Roze

  10. Faulty Roze

    Snuggle Mash

    With a bit of effort, Sweetie Belle learned a miniaturizing spell. Guess who she tested her first cast on? Just imagine yourself Snuggling with your favorite Pony Plushie, that his how she feels right now :3 My testing out another cartoony drawing style. thank you for viewing
  11. Faulty Roze

    Your favorite vs your non-favorite

    You are right, there is no competition... Unless there was a competition for being small minded, then Luna stands no chance. Hahah! Hmm... yeah... I would be kinda hard to defeat someone who can defy the laws of physics.
  12. I came up with a fun Idea. What if you got your favorite character from MLP then put them up against your disliked character. Who would win on a non-bias terms? They could be doing a contest, or they could be, well, in combat. It's up to you and your imagination. For me, My favorite would be Big Mac, and my disliked would be Iron Will. I would imagine both character are strong. So if you put them in a match together, I'd imagine it would be one closely matched fight. However, we all know that Big Mac does a lot of heavy labour. So that could indicate that he has endurance. During the Cider season episode, we see big Mac running non-stop for an hour, not to mention at high speed. This is a clear indicator of stamina. For Iron will, well all know that he's good with his tongue, in a sense of being a motivator and what not. Perhaps he is about to worm his way into Big Mac's head and throw him off his game. He also as an assertive attitude. something that is needed in combat Endurance & Stamina v.s. Taunting & Assertive Attitude...? Not too sure, I'd like to say Big Mac, But mind is just as important as body
  13. Faulty Roze

    A night with anypony *Question*

    I would spend the night with twilight. We would look up at the night sky. I would show her the various human star consolations. I would ask if she would preform one of her feats of magic, if she is able to in the human world. Basically making memories. However, if their was a slight chance of me going back with her, i would take it
  14. Faulty Roze

    Do you like your legal name?

    My legal name is a girls name... However I've seen only one other man with my name. Although it sounds cool like military sounding, it's a girls name. however, I don't go around in public saying that. So I don't have a reason to change it.
  15. Faulty Roze

    Fluttershy "eeeeeeeeee" Wallpaper

    I just Faved that on DA It's really quite Awesome. I think you earned a watch my friend Hope to see more of your art-works, hehe