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  1. RussianRoulette


    Oh wow' this... This is amazing! You're amazing! I would definitely like to enter, please! Haha, could I get some tips from you? Paint doesn't like me at all XP (just kidding, I bet you're much too busy)
  2. I think I may drop out... I keep reading and reading, but I have no idea how to fir Roulette back in :/
  3. Just baked a pretty BA cell cake. Biology has never been so tasty.

  4. I will be absent this weekend due to wrangler training for girl scouts(Even if I know all the horses and such, it's still required )
  5. @@Little Lizards That would be great! @@DiscordAnarchy Perhaps the guards? The guards would have rougher voices, I assume. Just filling in the characters, yup yup.
  6. I am currently looking for voice actors for my fanfic/soon to be animation, Earthbound Soldier. Before I search for the many OCs, I would like the canon parts filled! Please email me at astronomical.lemonade@gmail.com with your audition! You only have to do two lines, if there are more than two listed, though it would be preferred if you did more. Improv is also approved! Shining Armor(Major part) "Princess Celestia gave me this task, I can't forfeit it." "I'm not your colt, you know." "Changeling!" "You have very interesting eyes; I've never seen anything like them."
  7. RussianRoulette

    Open Loose The Topsails!

    @@Norman A knock came to Swift Sail's door as Roulette sat patiently outside. He had a few concerns he had to address before he got to settling in. He also had with him a bottle of apple cider, a gift and, well, if things went wrong, surely it would help him out of it? Roulette had no intentions on being in the bad field of the Captain's mind. "Roulette, Sir." he announced, skillfully balancing the bottle on his head.
  8. RussianRoulette

    Open Loose The Topsails!

    @@Norman The heavyset Northerner plodded up to the deck as he heard the Captain's voice. He had been on board for a while now, making sure everything below was 'ship-shape.' it was going to be a long voyage- nothing could be left out. He was glad he brought some spices from home, too. The ones in stock were quite bland. Almost covered in soot, Roulette bit his tongue to hold back a sneeze, though his attempt failed, and he turned his head from the others to do so. "Ah," He blinked a few times, looking at the officers. Roulette dipped his head respectfully, "Everything has been re
  9. Roulette is making his best effort to follow, haha
  10. I'm still here too! Ready to tend to your every need!
  11. RussianRoulette

    Private No God am I

    @ @ Roulette was more concerned with the fact that he had an increasingly hard time moving through the thick jungle undergrowth. Despite how funny it may have looked, when the two mares ahead of him began to move out, he lifted his hooves higher than usual, almost looking as of he were prancing over the vines. "Ah," He questioned quietly, ears back, "I'm Roulette, by th' way..." He glanced around, "Pony from the north. Not jungle." He stumbled over a low hanging vine.
  12. I'm sorry I have work and school? I mean, wow, I leave for a day, and I can't even find anything. This is getting incredibly confusing.
  13. Would you be interested in taking Roulette as a companion? I love Ten <3 Weeping Pegasi? Link is in my sig
  14. Is it socially acceptable to marry a stingray?

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