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  1. everyone I know that drinks the artificial sweeteners are very unhealthy. from the studies I have read they are bad for you and can still cause you to put on weight
  2. Cowboys of moo mesa from way back in 1992 90's sonic Interesting fact in season 2 they gave sally a shirt to wear because parents didn't like her running around topless,
  3. I don't despise china but they definitely didn't do the world any favors lying about the virus and actively suppressing the information about how bad it was. china is like that guy at work that comes in with the flu and passes it off as "just allergies" and makes everyone sick.
  4. did you forget that Trump tried to ban travel from china early and they called him a racist? and now that the USA is shut down they are crying that he didn't act fast enough to ban travel. before the pandemic we had record low unemployment and everything was trucking along great. not to mention china lied about the pandemic and how bad it was until it had already spread to other countries
  5. I thought it was hilarious watching celebs in their lavish mansions and their millions of dollars and servants to do everything complaining about how terrible it is to have to stay at home while tens of millions of regular americans can't afford to pay bills.but please tell us peasants how hard it is to stay home and have to use your own personal bowling alley and race track LOL people take what celebs say way to seriously and celebrities have such big heads they think we should all listen to every word like they are gods speaking to us. I don't care who married or divorced who or wh
  6. I really don't care much about politics, both sides say whatever you want to hear and promise big changes to get themselves elected then they sit around for 4 years not really doing anything except serving the special interests and lobbyists. Congress is even worse because they don't have term limits so they'll latch onto a seat for decades doing nothing but argue and voting themselves raises
  7. I'm using the most recent version. it's different enough to the point of when they say to "click this button" in.the video the button is not there in my version it's somewhere else.
  8. I have and I love it.
  9. This is as close as I can get it, if I add texture coordinates they don't change it, when I add mapping it turns black and adjusting xyx doesn't change it. pretty much everything I have tried besides this set up breaks it. I think it is loading the pupil larger than the eye hole or something the eyes are 2 different png files, one for the whites of the eye and another for the pupil
  10. the problem I'm running into is a lot of the videos are older videos shown on old versions of blender and the buttons aren't where they used to be and the user interface is different.
  11. alright so I don't know anything about blender but I am trying to bring a sfm pony model into blender. I'm 16 hours in and I have flailed around enough to where I have figured out how to import the files and figured out how to use nodes to fill in the colors and hair. what's tripping me up now is trying to load the .png file for the pupils of the eyes. they load WAY to far forward and make her look ridiculously cross eyed. how do I move them to a normal position?
  12. sit down you young ponies at my great wall of text and let this old brony tell you a story about his time in the early days of the G4 fandom long ago LOL way back in the early days of the brony fandom I was a member of the my little pony arena "the G1 forum" and I had a good time talking to everypony and all was well for months until I changed my listed gender to male, that's when the mods started giving me a hard time "they are incredibly sexist against males who like my little pony" and they suddenly started deleting my posts and topics, they would take my posts and bury them in old thr
  13. Silent always, and I just turned amber alerts off to because it went off at 2am and woke me up.
  14. I went a couple times probably 20 years ago LOL
  15. it's a game of chicken between getting a vaccine and medicine on the market and total economic collapse. we should do ok as long as the government keeps the stimulus money coming but I think we are in for a pretty brutal couple months at least. open everything up to soon and millions of people wind up in the hospital and a ton of people die, stay closed to long and things start to collapse
  16. simba86

    G1 (Tales) Thoughts on Tales?

    It's one of my favorites of the older generation
  17. I loved this episode! all the new expressions, luna , just all around a great episode!
  18. so this is it, the beginning of the end. not gonna lie i'll probably shed some tears when G4 ends. I have been with it since the beginning "technically before it since pony tales" and it has been a fun and wild ride and I am going to miss it when its gone. they sure did pack a lot in these 2 episodes, it's a good start to the end and I loved it, especially since I am old enough to remember when the ponies fought Grogar the first time back in G1.
  19. simba86

    Mega Thread Song Stuck in your Head Right Now

    I think this is gonna be my new theme song
  20. im not, i cut out McDonald's and pop and i am losing weight.
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