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  1. So it seems like we just need some goals to get started. How bout it Ryzu?
  2. Happy birthday, stranger...

  3. Ooh! Ooh! Magic dimension crystal! Just kidding. I did a quick search to see if any of these existed, but none do Corruption: A Shattered World Corrupt Dimensions Fragments of a lost Dimension
  4. Well you got me, I was going for south Russian lol. Idk i just like ravines. And strategic borders
  5. @, Of course. Despite our varied raw materials, our manufaction base is lacking in vigor. I hope that we can work out a deal that will benfit both of us. Perhaps some of our metals could be of use, since you lack significant sources on your island.
  6. Summmmmmmmmmmmmer *sleeps*

    1. purple.teal


      Last day for myself was today as well. Graduated!

    2. Diamondeye83


      Lol I wish. But I'm halfway, so that's something

  7. @, Nation: Arden Leader: Geoffry "Silver" Dusk Political view: Constitutional Monarchy Military: 55 Economy: 35 Religion: 10 Capital: Ferric Terrain: A rocky, mountainous landscape to the north, with rich, arable lands to the south. Its southern border is a vast river. The eastern border is a vast ocean. The northern border is a nearly impassable mountain range, and the wester border is a vast ravine, with only a few crossing points. Main resources: Vast amount of metal, both the valuable and the practical variety. Also has a fair amount of natural gas and volcanoes. Food from the south is another vital resource Military tactic: Although it has a small standing army, the Ardenine forces are well trained to fight in the mountainous terrain of the north, as well as the flatlands of the south. They prefer the use of advanced technology over sheer force. Economic plan: Uses the southern farm to feul the mining industry of the north, which consists of a mixture of large government owned companies and smaller privately owned ones. The farms to the south are loosely regualted, as long as they produce a fair amount of food. Many companies are heavily subsidized by the government to devolop new technologoies in all facets of society, from military to agriculture. Religious views: A limited religion, although many worship the god of the earth, as many of our resources come from there. Other: There are few large cities in the south, the north if far more urbanized.
  8. Cursive is totally useless except for that one part on the sat and signatures. That's from my experience at least. But I suppose that it might be useful in some fields.
  9. As a native 'murican, I speak English, but I also speak a fair amount of Chinese. (Mandarin) 我是毛泽东的孩子。
  10. I put both. My reasoning is that humans are diurnal creatures, we exist in the light. We need light to make essential vitamins to keep our bodies running. But darkness is exciting and mysterious. The unknown is innately more interesting than the known. The darkness also reveals the little lights that we miss in the day, like the stars and fireflies. The light is something that we can explore vividly, it paints the picture of our reality. The darkness makes us wonder what's really there, and stretches our minds. One cannot exist without the other.
  11. I'm in as a corrupted one, is wrath or envy is still open. If not, I'm ok being a random npc or something.
  12. If you are, I'm in for biologist. My oc is technically a blacksmith, but I'm a bio nerd, so I can just pretend that he's a scientist lol. The OC link is in my signature.