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  1. Hahaha, exactly what I was thinking!
  2. Omg I vastly underestimated what I was about to see! This all reminds me of this ungodly abomination
  3. That would make me feel so frustrated I could just kick something! Imagining seeing her in a yard sale box actually breaks my heart, I'm glad you managed to rescue her! Speaking of hair care, I just finished Fluttershy's bi-weekly hair detangling(the amount she gets cuddled it's highly necessary haha)... I learned a few tricks in the mean time and I think I might be getting better at this.
  4. *clears throat* so um.... Things, AND stuff.

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      Mr F



  5. So a little while ago I picked up my Fluttershy plushie from Build a Bear. Oh my, I love her so much she's so cute and cuddly . She's my favorite piece of my entire pony collection, partially because she's Fluttershy, partially because of the BAB heart ritual + birth certificate, and partially just cause she's so snuggly and adorable and soft and wonderful! She's therapeutic too, and I cuddle with her every night and she has completely cured my insomnia I've had for the past year or so. There is a bit of a problem though. Her mane quite regularly becomes a frizzy mess (especially with such a high level of cuddling) and I must brush her frequently to keep her looking good, and more importantly I worry that if I let it go for too long without a brushing it might form some irreversible matting. At the same time though I'm worried that frequent brushing will eventually weaken the hair and it might start breaking. I certainly don't mind taking the time to keep her mane in good shape. The 8 hour sleeps I've been getting are more than worth it, but I don't want to be doing any kind of damage to her mane either. So I'm wondering if anyone has any hair care tips to help prolong the life of her mane and keep her from becoming a frizzy dread-locked rastashy (not that that wouldn't still be adorable, haha). I'm sure others have had the same problem, so if people want to share any tips they have for taking care of their Build a Bear plushies, whether through household products or otherwise that would be so awesome . EDIT: I did a bit of research and learned some tricks that can be done with household products, which worked really well. Her hair was a frizzed up tangled mess this morning and looks great right now. I'll probably update this post next time I do it and take pictures as I go
  6. Of course she'll give him another chance, she is after all the kindest pony in Equestria and knows he made a mistake. Also you can tell he truly does care what Fluttershy thinks and he genuinely feels guilt. Oh god I've never been so sad to get my wish though. I've always said that I hope Discord turns evil again... and said it again moments before the finale started.. then he broke Fluttershy's heart and I immediately regretted my decision to make that wish. . My heart was still hurting from Fluttershy losing her bear call at the trader's exchange and the betrayal was just too much. Mischievous is a fine level of Discordian hijinks for me. On the topic of the Rainbowfied Fluttershy, I must say, it was one of the nicer ones, but agree with the idea that it woulda looked better if her mane stayed about the same size as normal. Still though I prefer original Flutters and I'm glad it didn't last too long and will only be temporary when it happens. After all, how can you improve upon perfection? Also if possible... if you guys did after all make a Skype group, would you mind terribly if I were to join? I'd love to join and don't really get many chances to jump on MLP forums (as I'm usually travelling and away from my PC) but jumping on Skype on my iPad is much easier . If so I'm Invisible_Mango. Oh, and I'm hesitant to mention this... cause I want to win, ... but... In the spirit of kindness I feel I should mention there's a give-away contest for a Fluttershy plush on Dev art if y'all are interested . Plus if one of us from the fan club wins she's guaranteed to be truly loved as much as she deserves That's her there, (try to pick numbers that helps me win! Haha)
  7. Not up to the caliber of most pics, I'm no artist, but I was inspired to draw for the first time in forever, so it's not really a surprise who I drew.
  8. Time for an epic adventure that my liver is going to hate :P (btw, sorry everyone for my April Fools joke, haha)

  9. Egg Salad Sandwiches

    1. That One Techpriest You Used To Know
    2. TheMangoPony


      Egads! Nyx'd! The shame of it all!

  10. I feel like I'm being evil... maybe... probably :P. But I certainly enjoy April 1st. I'm sorry to everyone I come in contact with today!

  11. Megan! She's totes way more powerful and could whup the Mane 6 with her little pinkie!! Her access to the rainbow locket ensures only one needs to be present to activate the rainbow attack, whilst one of the Mane 6 could end up being left behind because she is having a "Bad Mane Day" and "absolutely cannot show her face in Ponyville ever again!!" and then there's only 5 and they can't do anything. Power of Friendship? Power of shmendship. Megan all day with the Power of Independence. This is why the show should be called "My Little Pony: Who Needs Friends When You Got This Serious Wicked Awesome Locket!!" JK I'm done and fail at trolling. I don't even know who Megan is. Mane 6 all the way! Fluttershy humbled a Dragon, TS defeated an Ursa Minor RD took down Starscream(not cannon, yeah... but I really liked that one), I could go on and on. The Mane 6 got that rainbow magic and on TOP of that they have their individual talents. Plus they're just so adorable.
  12. :okiedokielokie: , lol nah jk I'm more than happy with my Build a Bear Flutters... for now That Aurora one is adorable, though I think I like your other one the best! And Fluttershy forgotten!? Gasp! NEVER! Quick, erect a 22 foot gold statue so 20000 years from now we can give future archaeologists heart attacks! "None of the personnel working on dig 8125 survived, nor did the lab test subjects. No human has seen what was uncovered and lived to tell the tale. We may never know what lay within that vault, but all audio logs record a loud "HHHNNNGGG" sound shortly before loss of contact. Before heart failure ensued, Dr. ████ managed to take a photograph of the interior of the vault. Test subjects who view the photo claim it to be a photograph of a [DATA EXPUNGED]." (I've been reading way too many SCPs lately >_<)
  13. I believe it'd be much like being in the presence of Galadriel of LOTR, where she can see right into your soul, make all your fears come to the forefront and topple whatever ego you may have, giving you a feeling of being stripped down, barren, alone and helpless. (edit: However, unlike Galadriel, Fluttershy cannot read minds, ) I imagine you'd feel smaller physically and have all your confidence drain from you instantaneously, however all the while you'd know that she meant you no harm and that you were safe in her presence, even though your self-esteem is in such a state of complete temporary frailty that you have no choice but to obey her will.