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    Ponies! Also there's a gamer buried deep inside me that you might could dig out if you tried. Try using RPG/Strategy games.

    As for music I like pony music, dubstep, and random chill/ambient/trance/melancholy type music. I love me some good bass and I don't like white noise from rhythm guitars and symbols, you know, like 90% of rock and roll? I can't stand that.
  1. This sounds flipping awesome! I'm so sick of scavenging for brony music through youtube and soundcloud. Some amazing artists dont upload to one or the other so its all a huge time sink. Here are a few suggestions that come to mind. First off I would love to see some sort of mobile support so you can listen while driving to work or whatnot. Also what level of quality will the music be streamed at? I think Soundcloud streams everything at 128kbs, but having an option for 320kbs would be nice... I have some nice car speakers. ^^ All things considered I am VERY excited about this project.
  2. Let me just start by saying GOOD CELESTIA WHO REZZED THIS THREAD? Okay then. At the time of posting (like ten billion years ago) I was a new brony who was accused by his mother of being sexually attracted to ponies. So yeah my jimmies were rustled and I voiced my opinion very strongly. I was also unsure of how common that notion was at the time and I really did want to hear other peoples thoughts on the matter. Now about the paraspriting part... That might be 20% true. I will admit that I crafted my post to be somewhat controversial and ambiguous to attract attention. Because you know,
  3. The key to public pony swaggin' is to just plaaay it cool... If you act line it's no big deal then people tend to act the same way. Now buying pony toys? Yeah it's a little embarrassing when your sifting through the hello kitty bullcrap, but I just put on my shades and hold my spaghetti. B|
  4. I am not easily offended. I try not to let things that I can't change bother me. If I did somehow have the power to do change it, I would get rid of clop. I honestly think the world would be perfectly fine without it. >.< People who draw Vinyl Scratch's eyes red irk me a little. They come across as stubborn old goats, but I still wouldn't stop them. They can do as they please. Hmmm... I can't really think of anything else. 99% of what this fandom comes up with is wonderful. The minorities produce things that I don't personally enjoy, but they aren't doing me any harm. ^^
  5. Daedric Pony

    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    I will admit that some of my pictures may or may not have been... touched up... A wee bit. Some more than others.
  6. Daedric Pony

    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    A picture of me? I'm sure I have one lying around here somewhere... ah here we go. There ya go. And here's my child-molester face.
  7. Humiliation of the staff? Small children? Random prizes? It's not like I was doing anything with this money anyways. SING FOR ME!!!
  8. This show actually does a really good job of not making stereotypes. They treat everyone equally, regardless of whatever race they may be. The only time I can think of when a pony didn't like her race was Twilight during wither wrap up. XD
  9. That's an interesting question... I guess I participate in the artist section predominantly. This show got me into art. But I pretty much spend all of my time on pony related things. So I've probably read hundreds of fan fics, listened to thousands of songs, and watched thousands of pony videos on YouTube. I have a passion for music and would love to try my hoof at making some, but I don't have a computer that can run logic or flstudio. I have my grandmas old computer. (Seriously) Its a Mac mini and its old as heck. I'm surprised I can paint on photoshop with it.
  10. Daedric Pony

    Gaming Favorite Game Theme

    Oh Faust, how could I ever decide? The list goes on for an eternity... I'll just name a few. 1.Bramble Blast - Donkey Kong Country (plus almost every other song in that game) 2.Lake Bresha - Final Fantasy XIII 3.Armageddon - Runecape (bet you didn't see that one coming) 4.Forest Temple - Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 5.Caverns of Hope - Ecco the Dolphin I could go on forever, but I doupt anyone really cares that much anyway. ^^
  11. Oh man, if this thing ever shows up in the states I'm going to eat it everyday! ...And probably gain a lot of weight. McScootaloo would have been cool, but I'd rather not imagine eating Scootaloo every day. ^^
  12. *Grabs axe off my wall* I've always wanted to murder someone! ^^
  13. Yep furries have a lot of bad rep. But you should always give people a clean slate. Pre-judging people is wrong because everyone is different. Saying that all furries yiff (I think that's the word for it) is like saying all black people are criminals. It's discrimination and it's wrong. Also bronies and furries are two separate fandoms. Just because we love ponies who have human traits doesn't mean that we are fanatics of animals with human traits in general. I personally love MLP:FIM, Fox and the Hound, Rio, Elder Scrolls games, ext., but not just because they have anthro char
  14. This wait is driving me insane. Everyday the world gets darker and darker. If season three doesn't come out soon I'm going to start killing people.
  15. I turn 21 in December, ask me again then. I actually don't drink anything but water and really nasty free coffee at my work place. And milk with my cereal!
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