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  1. I've had the same thoughts myself I made a post earlier about this one person on the EQD comments by the name "HextarVigar" that had links to some vocaroo messages saying how he was the one that did and and how were all little kids that feel entitled. Here is one of them most would say this guy is a troll that is just trying to take credit for what is happening but you can never be to sure. Edit sorry wrong link
  2. I've been having weird feelings about all the C&Ding thats been happening recently like someone is behind it. Don't know if this has been brought up or not (don't feel like spending hours reading) and I have a feeling I'm just giving this guy attention if he"s just trolling but in the EQD comments for this post found these links and and a 3rd one Don't know if troll or a real big issue.
  3. If you have read this post and wondered if we are dead no were are not please if you want to join feel free to contact me on Skype we could use some people that know how to get things done.

  4. Can"t Host a server since I don't have a host I can use and hosting one on my own PC is a bad idea since my hard drive is acting up recording things is risky but better than losing everyone's work because my PC freezes up randomly.
  5. I would like to join. I can record if you want. I'm pretty handy with minecraft mods so installing mods won't be an issue for me.
  6. This video right here makes some good points and needs to be viewed by all the fandom

  7. I did sent an email to you would like to partake if I can.
  8. I would try out for big mac might do a small recording later. I've been wanting to do voice acting since I'm not very good at art or animation.
  9. Android I really don't own an android tablet but I would much rather have an android tab than an ipad plus with tablets like the Nexus 7 which come at a really good price and are more friendly to those who like to tinker with there devices.
  10. Well I'm 17 now don't really feel much older than I did a year ago guess that's a good thing

  11. @, @, We are not dead and we are always looking for new people so if you want to join feel free to message me on skype: Littlepip357
  12. I'm pretty open about being a brony. I'm not going to just announce "Hey I like My Little pony" that would just make me look like I'm starving for attention. I do wear a pony shirt every so often and if anyone ask if I'm a brony I'm just going to say yes I am. I do get some funny looks every now and then but overall people seem to accept it which I find surprising since I live in a town with alot of rednecks and some can guess how rednecks and bronys don't mix.
  13. It would seem that magic can't be used in healing anything major quickly. I could see healing a small cut or scrape instantly with magic same with Zecora's potions. Most likely the doctors used some type of healing magic on Dash to fix her wing in the amount of time that it did.
  14. I heavy overbuild my rockets so fuel isn't an really an issue for me. The hardest part I run into is just figuring out how to transfer to other planets sometimes I get lucky and I don't have to sit for hours tugging on maneuver nodes just to get to Eve. Gets to be a pain after while.
  15. Dang it why did fall break have to end well aleast winter break is a little under 3 weeks away.