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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Looking to become more active here again, mostly because of nostalgia. Any ideas of how to come back with a bang?

  3. Well.

    It's been three years.

    How is everyone?

  4. You're good to enter. Both can join, if you'd like.
  5. A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... Star Wars Episode III.V: Everfree Rising It is a period of darkness in the galaxy. The galactic republic has been overthrown, giving way to the evil of the Galactic Empire. Construction on the ultimate weapon of the Empire, the Death Star, has begun, and the galaxy seems on the brink of total darkness. In this bleak time remains a hint of the light. Jedi Master RAHM KOTA flees the grip of the Empire through a dimensional rift, bringing him to Equestria. Here, he trains a padawan, Light Streak, in the ways of the force before going into hiding, and leaving the land. Meanwhile, the Sith Lord DARTH VADER learns of the exploit of Kota, and plots a way to enter the land himself, to wipe the Jedi from the universe once and for all... Here are the available roles: Force Sensitive Ponies (Will decide to either align with Jedi or Sith during the roleplay) OPEN OPEN OPEN OPEN OPEN OPEN OPEN If you would like to enter, use this template: Character Name: Link to Character: Picture of Character: Rules: No godmodding No excessive swearing And that's about it! Feel free to enter! A few edits made to make the topic more clear. Sorry about that! Added a crawl to make this seem more Star Warsy, Yay. XD
  6. Absolutely! I just need you to fill out the template.
  7. Not all is well in Equestria. Victories against foes of complete darkness have raised levels of happiness and well-being in Equestria, and it seems like the world is headed to utopia. But that is where the happiness ends. Beneath the surface, a dark force lurks, and that is where our story begins. Rumors have abounded in recent days of a plot to turn all ponies into mindless beings built to serve, but this has not been confirmed. But the thought of such a plot is disturbing enough that a group of ponies have decided to investigate the rumors, and dive into the world beneath, ready to fight and stop this plot once and for all. And it's more horrifying than they ever imagined. Some will live Some will die And then it will get even worse If you would like to join this roleplay, use this template: Character name: Character link: Role: The roles: The Investigators: This group will be the ones to investigate the rumors of the Hivemind. The Insidious: This group is part of the Hivemind, seeking to turn others into mindless drones. The rules: No godmodding No excessive swearing Use good grammar No alicorns or overpowered characters Role Availability: The Investigators: super2379- Light Streak OPEN OPEN OPEN OPEN The Insidious: super2379- Dark Spot OPEN OPEN OPEN OPEN
  8. Hai. :3

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      I'm great, and you? :3

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    4. Commander Tangent
  9. Boy, oh boy, do I love fluid build up in the ears that causes slight deafness for an inexplicable amount of time. :P

  10. Whoo, boy, have I been a jumper in and out of the site. :P Hello, all!