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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. I've played for 5 years on and off, Mainly acoustic but can play electric but I can only read tabs due to my horrible eyes sight and guitar teacher. I currently have no samples but I can hopefully record one and post it to YouTube or something.
  3. I can probably fill the lead and or rhythm guitarist.
  4. Here's my OC Bass Note, He doesn't have his cutie mark on it but it's just a bass note
  5. I am pretty interested, just need to dig up some photos of my OC and make at least something about him since the last one was pretty bad. Lol
  6. JesWartooth

    Cosplay Kyuubi Cosplay (quadsuit)

    Hey, really like what I looked at. Do you have any current pictures of it? and it's "Sasuke"
  7. Well, schools almost out and I'll attempt to be active again!

  8. Sorry if I haven't been online. I'm still dealing with One thing; Depression

    1. Malinter


      I know the feeling.

  9. So, is this dead? I would really like to know
  10. I would like to join this, I have a Decent Computer and Multiple games. Hit me up on Skype if you Need me: jessedery
  11. JesWartooth


    Well, Hello der. My name is Jesse ( Not Jessie ) I'm from Edmonton, AB ( That's Canada ) So Yeah that's It.
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