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  1. In one month Bethesda has lost more of my trust, respect and confidence than Blizzard managed to lose ever since I first heard of it.

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    2. Passion


      @Soren Peregrine

      They started by releasing Fallout 76, which was the most buggy, horrible and unplayable game ever filled with ridiculous microtransactions.

      After people demanded refunds, some of them got them, but others faced severe issues getting their money back.

      Then came the canvas bag outrage, where Bethesda falsely advertised a product and sold much lower quality items to their customers, making excuses that mutlimillion dollars company after Skyrim "cannot afford" more expensive material. In response, they offered 500 in-game Fallout 76 currency as compensation, which amounted to 5 dollars. The bag/armor pack costs 200. And this was a tactic to defend against any potential lawsuits should they come, saying you've accepted the compensation.

      When they finally cracked, they hosted a support site where you could post your proof of purchase to get your refund... ...and didn't secure it, leaking personal data like names, addresses and credit card type used to the public. Sensitive information.

      Throughout the entire fiasco, they presented the "f it we don't care" attitude until the backlash from community became too much and FTA begun researching their false advertisement practices. At one point they outright stated they are not going to do anything about the canvas bags, virtually telling people to f off.

      And, worst of all for future, they confirmed that TES 6 and other projects are still based on the same engine as Skyrim/Fallout 76, which is old af, outdated and filled with bugs. So it does not look well. You will have another incomplete, bug ridden game which will be released to public for community to, once again, make it great. Skyrim is boring and bland if you don't have correct mods. But issue is, F76 undermined their credibility and reputation heavily, and people won't let another failure slide.

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    4. Soren Peregrine

      Soren Peregrine

      @Passion I see. Well then I can totally understand the loss of trust and reputation etc. That's pretty darn bad.