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  1. It's time to swallow my pride and squash my ego and say "Thank you" to Fortnite including its cash-happy-go-lucky community, including all the annoying young children out there.

    If not you, Epic Games would never be able to sponsor, for free, local Fortnite tournaments just by you applying for it ( I couldn't care less but it's a nice initiative for those who do ), but more importantly, they have a chance to kick Steam's butt with their new game platform which will sport a mere 12% share revenue as opposed to Steam's 30% for small developers and 20% for bigger ones.

    It's Fortnite's community's money we owe this chance to :D

    1. Photon Jet

      Photon Jet

      I've still yet to play the game to see if it really deserves all the hate from everypony.

    2. Kyoshi


      I'll always despise Fortnite as long as it is getting this godlike treatment from everybody. So tired of it.

    3. Passion


      Oh but I still despise the game with all my heart. It's just that now for once it benefits the entire PC gaming community as a whole, so being grateful for that is the least I can do.