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    Making cute, funny and shipping dioramas from customised pony blindbags, sewing plushies on my trusty 1939 Singer handcrank machine, and creating stained glass! Please do ask me about commissions!

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  1. Thanks! Yeah, just noticed that myself - we'll just say that she's seen something shocking just out of shot! Thanks! A couple of days - was really just to try out the fancy paint so I didn't spend as long on the smoothness of the sculpt as I otherwise would've. Now that I've tested it, I'll make a revised version with a bit more detail and neatness!
  2. Sculpted from scratch rather than using blindbags - just using up a bit of sculpey and some old pearlescent paints I found!
  3. A few more custom blindbags - been a busy week! Fluttershy playing cricket, Trixie and Derpy with juice bottles, a pink fluffy unicorn dancing on rainbows, filly Radinbow Dash with parents (her mom's a G4 version of Firefly), Fluttershy bandaging an injured Minecraft Creeper, and Fus-Ro-D'aww...
  4. Some blindbag, putty, paint and plasticard fun! Am quite a fan of the Dr Whooves Adventures audio series, so thought this would be appropriate to make for the 50th anniversary of Dr Who tonight!
  5. Thanks! I actually do quite a lot of blindbag dioramas and sculpts - kind of my special talent, lol! Drawing, on the other hand, is a bit of a blind spot for me - stick-ponies are about my limit there!
  6. Bit of spooky fun made with a few blindbags and a huge amount of sculpey clay! Think I've been reading too many creepypastas...
  7. "Darkness, suffering and angsty stuf...umm, if that's ok with you..." Seemed appropriate to post this for Halloween! Ran out of pink minky and had some cheap costume jewellery and leather scraps lying around!
  8. Maybe just me, but my impression from the episodes was that he was dead to begin with - his physical pony form was pretty much killed by Luna and Celestia 1000 years ago, with just a malevolent unthinking soul-fragment left by his last spell - kind of like a horcrux. Hence why there was pretty much no personality to him, and he wasn't corporeal, by the time of the episodes, and why they could get away with an on-screen 'death' in a TV-Y rated cartoon. (I realise I'm probably over-thinking it a bit...)
  9. Don't know if anyone here's old enough to remember a cartoon called Chip and Dale: Rescue Rangers, but I must've been dreaming about it a few months back, as I apparently sat up and shouted 'Ya wee fuzzy fedora-wearing bastard!' then promptly fell back asleep...
  10. Lol, will hopefully have a threat in Commissions soon if yoi'd like a batpony of your one to huggle! Am now working on one with plush Night Guard armour, will post pics when done!
  11. Because bat ponies are best ponies! Made from minky fabric and about seven inches and nine inches tall respectively, with little sculpey fangs!
  12. Apologies if it's already been mentioned, but I can really recommend the 'Lunaverse' stories on fimfiction - a whole collection of stories in a universe where Celestia went mad and was banished to the sun, Luna rules Equestria through the Night Court, and Luna's apprentice Trixie is sent to Ponyville to make some friends... Lots of epic adventures, political intrigue, comedy, and heartwarmingness (that may or may not be a real word!)
  13. Didn't either Megan or M R Lawson confirm that Twilight 'will not outlive her friends', in a tweet shortly after the alicorn controversy? Of course, that might mean that everypony becomes immortal instead...
  14. Thanks, will do! Yep, I usually do the fillies as blank flanks, but it's easy enough to do the cutie marks if required! The commission thread (which is waiting for approval) will have more example pics!
  15. Thanks! I make them myself - I should have a thread in Commissions shortly if you're interested? The fillies are about 7" tall (and £22 including postage to the USA) , the adults are 9-10" inches, but I could probably make them any size! Thanks, really appreciate that! Flutterdash makes for a lovely ship to sculpt - their colours work so well together! Have a few more pieces planned - watch this space!