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  1. Hello, Sir. :)

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    2. Sir Hugoholic

      Sir Hugoholic

      Nah, I don't think so, are You on skype maybe?

    3. Keyfur


      Not right now. I'm about to sleep for the night. Let's catch up tomorrow :)

    4. Sir Hugoholic

      Sir Hugoholic

      Sure, I'll be there xD

  2. You're on skype? :v

  3. Where have you been? :D

    1. m1l1p1


      haha... in sweden! :D Yup... that's where I've been :(

  4. Posting a reincarnation of Mozart is kind of a big deal. But any cheapskate can just post a silly pic of themselves on the internet and make all their friends jealous The best part is: you are absolutely right. You cannot let what other people think stop you from doing what you love.
  5. Maybe not attention seekers, those people are usually disliked (or adored like celebrities). I think most people seek a feeling of importance. Which I also think is linked to identity. If you go to an anonymous forum, you'll probably post much, much differently than you do here... right?
  6. Welcome to MLP forums :)

  7. That was an amazing read. Thanks for posting, SC! I don't think I'll ever be able to look at Applejack the same way again.
  8. Keyfur

    resolved Roleplaying

    Imagine your OC Draw or Create a Pony Add your OC here Share the link with anyone
  9. I love your avi... though, it makes me kinda depressed.

  10. On second thought... I should probably remove this post. I'm not particularly proud of being in any auto collisions. Onehundredcharacters.
  11. LOL... that was hilarious! Thanks for sharing that, Pixel. Your boss sounds like a really cool guy! He had everything he wanted that day ^^
  12. Definitely Nowak, or, at least to the liking of Nowack in regards to accent, pitch, and character. I think whoever made the "Musicians of Ponyville" video did an excellent job casting voice actors only using amatuer resources. I think Nowak did a really good job in that video, but she beams 'amatuer'. It could just be a lack of studio equipment and recording from afar. Then again, I think the voice of Octavia did much better than Nowak, using what I assume was similar limited resources. As for Rina-chan, she was clearly based off of Nowak. Plus Rina-chan had only brief segments of vo
  13. "Thanks!", Keyfur says with a smile, appearing way too proud of his costume. "Sweet", he replies to the invitation to collect candy, "Of course I want to join you, that's 90% of the fun!" "On my way up here, I noticed that Mr & Mrs Cake are giving out full-size candy! So we should hit up the avenue first." Keyfur pauses, his excited expression fades as he leans in toward Light and Camou. He whispers, "Who is that? I mean... wow!" Keyfur flicks his muzzle in the direction of the creepy-looking pony-insect. Upon additional, yet subtle observation, Keyfur notices the chan
  14. Keyfur stretches the costume, carefully slipping it over his wings... Left hoof in... right hoooof...! Almost tripping, he brushes off his little stumble and looks in the mirror. In the mirror, a giant orange pumpkin with a purple head poking out the side stares back at him. Upon sight of such ridiculous attire, Keyfur couldn't help but laugh at himself. "... This is PERFECT!", he says with a grin. Keyfur wastes no time in catching up with his friends. Earlier, Light invited him to hang out with herself and Camou. With those two, this is sure to be a fun night! While trotting out
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