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  1. Last time I was here we just hit page 250 Glad to see that nothing has changed. Lol
  2. Nah, if you spend that much time forming a Rarity tulpa, then you deserve her! Inb4 Ghostie starts making a Rarity tulpa
  3. Season 4 is one of the best seasons.

    1. Quill Waver
    2. James Moriarty

      James Moriarty

      Certainly in the top four.

  4. Good morning, everyone! I hope you all are having a fabulous day!
  5. Back off bud, she's mine. She is the most beautiful pony in the universe. ?.?
  6. Yes, but then again. I guess you can say its combined, because it is a monarchy (Sorta) .
  7. I agree, besides. Equestria is more like Britain than any other country. British Rarity OC?
  8. I only said right, because in Equestria. For example, they are another species or horse (I guess lmao) but they are intelligent. And I don't get why you all said it was wrong, when half of the forum topics is what happens if you have a son, or filly WITH YOUR MAREFRIEND. The way I see it, if the other race is a race of intelligent technicolor ponies, and one wants to be in a relationship with you. Then do it.
  9. As soon as your form your tulpa, I highly doubt that you will want it gone. Even if you lose interest in the show.
  10. Indeed, and a beautiful tulpa she is.
  11. @, What if you made a G3 Rarity tulpa? LMFAO!
  13. I agree, tulpas are hard work. But they really do make you admire and cherish life. Starfall made me realize that, and I am making my tulpa now. And Rarity you must feel like the luckiest tulpa in the world with a host like Starfall.
  14. I am close to 200 followers on twitter! if you can follow me I would appreciate it! https://twitter.com/HarmonyMLG

  15. Soarin is my OC. I didn't create him, but he is what I would want in an OC.