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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Pleasant fetal transmogrification day.

    ... the fact that I can see the LAST time I wished you this on your profile makes me sad; you were a fine roleplayer, and I wish we could have had a chance to weave a story together.

    *sigh* Such is Life, I suppose.

  3. Pleasant fetal transmogrification day... you are missed.  

  4. Merry Birthiversary! 

  5. @PonyOfWar @EQ_Theta @SilverHeart @Lil' Lovebug @PathfinderCS @Convergence @Scribblegroove I really don't wanna be "that guy", but is anybody planning on posting soon? I mean I get if people are busy, I have a busy work schedule to, but it is nice to have something new to read once ina while to look forward too.
  6. @Scribblegroove Logic Bomb raised her eyebrow at Crowley, not liking the tone of his voice as he brushed her little complaint aside as if it were nothing, the nerve. She was very tempted to let him have it right there and then, but she had more than a enough sense to realise starting an argument with a guard...in the middle of Canterlot Castle...would not have been a wise thing to at all, instead opting to hold her tongue, but she would at least allow her disapproval be know as she lightly exhaled through her nose as she frowned at him as he turned his attention to Mirror. Typical one-track minded soldiers, While Logic would have been willing to be more understanding with the occurring predicament, the fact that that Guards pony dismissed her concerns without a second thought...although nopony could tell from the outside...she was positively livid. Logic wasn't a teacher at just any decent local school found in mostly any town in Equestria, she was a teacher at "Canterlot University". Most dedicated students consider going to such a school to be an honour, to study and learn within the same institute where some of the greatest minds were shaped and molded, to Logic it was her dream job...yes it was stressful and tiresome...but she wouldn't have it any other way. However, none of that apparently didn't seem all that important to this pony standing in front of her. Logic was angry, but kept her composure as Crowley handed back their invitations...and then he suggested why she was offered a job in research. Now to most ponies that might not be so bad, for a pony to explore new theories and methods in the ways of science and magic that might prove beneficial, but to Logic...a pony who was right at home with cold hard facts...that was a true insult, to be dubbed down to a pony who works with only partial assumptions...estimates....half-guesses! It made her skin crawl, to work along side so called "specialists" whose only method of working was stating, "Let's see what happens when we put X in Y!" "Hmph!!" Logic tore her head away dramatically from Crowley just as he was turning his attention to yet another new comer. The nerve, she would definitely be having words with the princesses about this behaviour, preferably Celestia, she did use to teach at the University herself after all, yes...she would understand, being dragged away from a key moment in a vast numbers of students education only to be degraded in this manner, then she would see that...was that a Zebra!? @Convergence Logic had dared herself to peek in the corner of her eye at Crowley only to end up double taking at the well built Zebra standing amongst Cowley and the Red coated, armour clad stallion. Curiously raising an eyebrow she was beginning to realise the benefits of this adventure already. Very little was known about Zebra culture despite the rare occasion where one showed up, and even rarer when one decided to settle down within Equestria. Pony scholars have tried before to learn and make documents about Zebras, but were rarely successful, the only thing they could successfully dictate was that tribes were rather territorial...and that was only discovered after they were violently chased away. This was a golden opportunity if Logic ever saw one, she could learn and write a book with this Zebra being the co-author whenever she could spare the time, not that she minded of course, she had a gut feeling this adventure was obviously going to be rather stressful at times so have something to pre-occupy herself when appropriate was most welcomed. Besides, as far as Logic was concerned there wasn't anypony else here more capable. @PonyOfWar @EQ_Theta @SilverHeart @Lil' Lovebug @PathfinderCS Logic's day-dreaming was promptly interrupted as another came forward and addressed the entire group, Logic groaned and placed a hoof to her temple, she quickly dictated from his attitude and manner of speech that he was very likely an overly confidant show-boater. This didn't really surprise Logic that there would be at least one cocky so-and-so in the group, she had dealt with the odd pony intentially disturbing her classes before and not having the patience for that kind of behaviour became quite familiar with how to deal with that sort of behaviour, she made a mental note to be wary of this one. But his words had some truth in them, it wouldn't be a bad idea for everypony here to each introduce themselves properly. After the pony she learnt was Doctor Salus Veta introduced himself, she took a step forward, cleared her throat and took her turn, "My name is Professor Logic Bomb...I teach history and mathematics at the Canterlot University...buuuuut I'm well versed in other topics," The mare smiled sheepishly, trying not look like she was boasting,"I'll.....admit I'm not entirely sure what I can do to help but my wealth of knowledge is yours if you need it." She glanced up at Mirror Image standing beside her and there and then made a decision, "......and this is my close friend, Mirror Image, " she lifted a hoof up to point at the lean mare,"....she's a travelling magician who works along side my older sister...they're quite close so we're quite close too," she smiled up at Mirror, hoping she didn't mind having being introduced for her.
  7. @SilverHeart Logic smiled sympathetically as Mirror Image admitted she lied to her sister about her reason for being here, she took a step forward and lifted the masked mare's hoof up with her own as she smiled up to her in a kind manner, "I understand Miss Image, although I may not have minded her company with us, it might not have been a good idea if she did, I mean...let's be honest...she would be a little bit too... "naive" for this." Logic chuckled slightly with a sideways smile and manoeuvred herself so she stood right beside her, giving her a little comforting nudge, "You wouldn't have done it if you didn't care about my sister...so....Thank you...Mirror Image." As Mirror Showed Logic her letter, she raised a curious eyebrow as she unrolled hers, levitating both of the letters to compare them. They looked exactly the same, both stated the reason for the summoning, that others would be joining them and that they'd be rewarded for their help, nothing peculiar or any differences could be found.Logic blinked and looked at the letter for a moment longer before promptly rolling them both back up telekentically, giving Mirror back her letter, she smiled up at the lean mare, "Yeah I received the same letter too, I guess everypony here did too, "she took a moment to look at the other ponies in the group, noticing most of them were conversing amongst each other, whilst the black armoured pony stood to one side, seemingly just looking up at his bird flying overhead, "I guess we better give these to him, come on." With a subtle gesture with her head, Logic lead Mirror to give their letters to Crowley. @Scribblegroove As they approached the guards pony, Logic looked him quizzically with a slight frown as she gave her letter to him, "Forgive me but, the princess's do know it's exam week yes? Finals are coming up within the next two months and it is an incredibly important time for the students up at the university. I understand the importance of this summoning, and believe me I am deeply flattered to have been summoned...but I had a very hard time trying to get away for it in the first place, and the fact I had to keep schtum about it didn't make it any easier...a bit of help with the matter would have been appreciated."
  8. I quite like this character, reminds me a little of the Unsullied from GoT. @Scribblegroove I think it's a bit too early for me to say where what I'd like to do with Logic during the course of the rp, but I'll certainly take into consideration.
  9. Logic's ear twitched as she heard a somewhat familiar voice quietly say her name, turning her head with an inquisitive look she blinked in surprise to see Mirror Image, a rather close pony to her sister. The green unicorn turned her lips up into a pleasant smile, "Mirror Image...oh I can't tell you how relieved I am to see a familiar face right now." She wasn't kidding when she said familiar, her mysterious mask and cloak combination made the lean mare stick out like a sore hoof, Logic would have recognised her from miles away. If she was honest though, Logic had a lot of mixed feelings about Mirror, she knew exactly why she wore her cloak that effectively covered her entire body and was sympathetic towards the tall unicorn....but...as of recently Mirror had been dabbling in the kind of magic any right minded pony shouldn't be...the kind of magic one would tell your foals about to make them behave. It worried Logic enough to question whether her beloved sister should be staying with somepony who willingly prattles around with that kind of magic, but that wasn't her choice to make. Cherry Bomb loved Mirror Image, that much Logic knew, she had loved and supported her for a very long time, while perhaps more gullible and over-excitable than herself, Logic wouldn't dare deny the compassion and care Cherry was capable of. There used to be a time when Mirror's magic was incredibly weak, barely able to even levitate a feather off the ground. Depression and doubt had gripped her tightly until she met Cherry, the red Pegasi's optimism and encouragement allowed Mirror to slowly but surely improve on her magical ability. Logic Bomb would be impressed, it was just such a shame, in her mind at least, that Cherry's encouragement and support might have been what led Mirror to take this path in her magic studies. She dictated long ago that Cherry didn't really care what kind of magic Mirror wanted to learn, so long as it made her happy. Logic didn't find this surprising in the least, this was the difference between herself and her sister, one who does what her brain says...the other what her heart says. Logic approached Mirror and reared up on her hind legs to give the taller unicorn a hug, while she might not have agreed with what she did or now does, if her beloved sister trusted Mirror then that was good enough for Logic. She nuzzled Mirror's head lightly with her own as she peered over Mirror's shoulders, half-expecting Cherry to come careering through the doors any second....but it didn't happen. She sighed as she let Mirror go, a mix of disappointment yet relief on her face, perhaps it was for the best her sister didn't partake in this quest....if you could call it that. Logic looked up at Mirror with a slight smirk, "It mustn't have been easy to convince Cherry not to come, how is she? Did you come here alright?" It hadn't yet dawned on Logic she had yet to meet with the other ponies in the group, there was no rush of course, they'd be working together for quite some time, but the friendly demeanour that Logic was using to converse with Mirror shouldn't put off others to introduce themselves to her.
  10. Logic scanned the letter once again as she trotted briskly towards the castle. All of her obligations were in order so she could now investigate the matter at hoof this letter detailed. Mind you it was not an easy past couple of days since this confounded letter showed up on her desk, exams week was approaching at the Canterlot University and Logic Bomb, being one of it's teachers there, had to spend most of the five days for preparation instead tending to students questions for revision purposes and trying to find somepony...anypony, to cover for her while she was away during this crucial time. The Princesses obviously wanted to keep the matter from going public so to explain why she had to go without actually reviling why proved to be difficult. Logic of course did try to research into what little info she was given or what may prove useful whenever possible, often risking herself being too distracted from her students or going too long without sleep at night, it was all a very stressful endeavour where her mind rarely wasn't preoccupied with tackling one problem or the other, truly the Princesses could not have picked a more worse time. After a rather long winded and descriptive lie to the principle about visiting her fake terminally ill aunts and uncles, Logic Bomb was finally free to address this problem the two sisters had presented her with with a clear head, this was the first time she had a chance to read the letter again properly. The mare had to admit while she was flattered to be summoned she was rather stumped as to why her precisely, she would admit despite her years of studying there were other far more brilliant scholars they could have called upon, or perhaps they were unavailable as she was on their short list?.....well...it was the thought that counted she guessed. What she was exactly supposed to do also puzzled her, she might be a smart cookie but she was no warrior, despite the numerous military textbooks she pondered over, she was aware there was a big difference between reading about something and actually doing it. The thought of her thwarting some evil mastermind with a complex algebra problem made her chuckle but it didn't help how she was to resolve the matter. The letter did read there would be others whom would be summoned so she quickly dictated she was to be the "go-to" pony for info in this party of theirs, maybe not as heroic as slaying dragons or whatever it was heroes did these days..but it was something. Logic Bomb approached the castle gates with her letter at the ready, unlike the rest of the pert who likely came prepared Logic decided to worry about what to take with her after seeing the princess's, she did live here in Canterlot anyway so it wouldn't take too long to figure out. She caught a glimpse of a bright purple pegasus being lead inside the castle by a guard before the large door closed behind them, she trotted up to another guard standing close by and showed him the letter. After thoroughly reading it he gave it back and told Logic to follow him inside. The green unicorn had a sneaking suspicion the castle was currently on high alert as she was led through the castle, along each corridor they traveld through there always seemed to be far more guards than was necessary to stand and watch a single corridor, under the circumstances she assumed this was understandable....unless the situation was more dire than the two sisters were letting on. The unicorn and the guardspony finally entered the castle courtyard, the guard pointed out a group of ponies gathered in the centre by another more dashing looking guardspony, Logic nodded and said her thanks as she promptly made her way to join with the group, "H-hello, I hope I'm not late I...," Logic paused a she looked around, noticing something was missing, "I...I saw a purple Pegasus enter the castle, where is he?" she looked at the group inquisitively with a raised eyebrow.
  11. So I would like to include my OC Logic Bomb for this RP Name: Logic Bomb Role: Detective OC page link: (link is in the signature below)Special equipment: Simple Cloak for outdoor use, Saddlebags, Glasses, Journal with ink set for keeping notes, a simple short sword primarily for self-defence.
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