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  1. Silent hill homecoming is one of the best of the silent hill series ive played i also like 3 but over all homecoming is my favorite /)^3^(\
  2. you know what really grinds my gears, When you listen to a song you like so much that it starts to suck ;-;
  3. What did the cop atom say to the criminal atom when he got out of prison Ive got my ION you get it ion as in atoms fAiL
  4. The longest ive stayed up is is about 4 and half maybe 5 i went to north dakota with my grand mother and downed like 8 energy drinks and i felt so jittery and when we got to my great grandmas house (in north dakota) all i did while i was there was play on her old Super nintendo and i finally fell asleep half way back to casper from north dakota
  5. 1.laptop with charger 2.suitcase with stuff like clothes,money,baby chams 3.cat 4.foooooood 5.trailer
  6. i almost cried :,)
  7. I watch my anime on crunchy roll and right now im watching RWBY, Chi's sweet home, Another, Sword art online, arpeggio of blue steel, my life choices are interfering with my high school career, and Lucky star the one im most interested in is probably another and arpeggio of blue steel.
  8. PixelSketch

    movies/tv RWBY

    Rose and Yangs trailers are my favorite i would love to have Yangs shotgun fisticuffs and Roses sniper scyth really good anime though
  9. not a pony in sight to ruin a good nap

    1. RrVPfX9cPtw59FpC


      Derpy is always there.

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