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  1. Th3 Chaos Theory

    Mega Thread Count to a million

  2. Th3 Chaos Theory

    Humor Generous Urges

    Holy Celestia, I already laughed at the first dialouge and liked it. Though humor started to die out when I went further into the story but you can probably leave that out since it's a good start to start out a story. In my opinion, you should make it into a full story. Just don't get ahead of yourself mate
  3. Th3 Chaos Theory

    Private Crystal Requiem: The Rise of King Sombra

    Bolt let out a sneeze. "Well that's great. I would say that the main enemy here is the snow making me sneeze.." @@Windbreaker, He turned his head to Captain Aegis Dare and responded "Oh, and da skippy's name is Bolt Action. I'm sure you'll get it captain." He turned back, following Agent Snowy and thinking how long the walk will be until he collapses.
  4. Th3 Chaos Theory

    Private Crystal Requiem: The Rise of King Sombra

    Bolt turned around to seemingly see a unicorn who just appeared. "Zeh Bolt Action, just sayin' mate." He responded with his accent. He turned back to see that the research team as arrived. "Well, not what I expected them to look like but fuck it..." He checked his equipment and their lethality once again before he was ready to go. "Looks like it's time to shut up and get the hell out of here." He made a sigh and hoped for the best.
  5. Th3 Chaos Theory

    Private Crystal Requiem: The Rise of King Sombra

    @, "Well I think you already know that it might happen soon, just sayin' mate." He tilted his head pointing at the direction of Gloomfury. Bolt Action was surprised that someone had the mood other than him. He let it aside and thought to do something about that later because he's focusing on the task.
  6. Th3 Chaos Theory

    Rate song, then post another!

  7. Th3 Chaos Theory

    Weirdest things you've said or done in your sleep?

    Wel there's a couple One is that I fell asleep in class and imagined myself slipping over a banana. Then my friend told me that I hit my head on the table. Second is that my dad said I screamed "THAT'S NOT HOW YOU PUT PANTS ON LYRA!!!!" when I was late for school. The third wasn't me but my nephew sleeps with his eyes open and it's creepy. The fourth is also not me but my mom. Sometimes when she sleeps, she makes weird noises like a zombie.
  8. Th3 Chaos Theory

    How fast do you eat?

    Depends what kind of food it is. But if I have water with me, then I can eat it in like 1 minute. But without it, I usually take like half an hour if it's not a hotdog :3
  9. Th3 Chaos Theory

    Do you like your legal name?

    I'm not fond of my name. It's mainly a mix up of my mom and dad's name and it sounds awfully weird, and I'm not going to say it :3 I'd have two choices I would want to change it to. One is Isaac because I barely see anyone with the name Isaac and I like the name and the second is any russian name or just Artem because I like how russian names sound and are spelled like.
  10. Th3 Chaos Theory


    It was totally frightning for me, but my currently luckiest moment was when I was doing parkour around my school. I got my shoes muddy from the grass and ran to the pickup area. I took a breath for a moment and took notice that I left a trail of mud. I was like "HOLY CRAP, THE SCHOOL IS GOING TO BE SO FUCKING MAD!" I walked away like nothing happened. I was too focused on the mud trail incident that I didn't even know I was on the street and a car was coming. Knowing how to do parkour, I saw the car and rolled over it leaving mud on the car. What made it MORE worse is that that was my teacher. Then the next day, my teacher started looking at me suspiciously. He was about to say something but he walked away. Luckiest moment I ever had...
  11. K, I'm going to post a really 'BIG' letter.
  12. Th3 Chaos Theory


    Uh, you can just read above me lol. But the site is pretty much self-explanatory because if you do know what a forum is, then your all set and ready to post.
  13. Th3 Chaos Theory


    A miserable dark individual? Damn mate.... I'm glad that the fandom showed you that good and nice people existed in this world because you infact are even one of them. I myself used to be individual and alone but I think it's the same way you said that I wasn't that person anymore. Don't worry about being a standalone brony. Because someday you actually might have a friend who's in to the fandom.