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  1. Yeah, you really should be sorry. I mean, really, is absolute perfection really so much to ask? Shame on you for having flaws. Jerk. By the way, love the weirdly defensive sarcasm over the basic life experience of having a mistake corrected.
  2. Kain from The Legacy of Kain. A Shakespearean vampire tyrant who regularly goes off on elegant philosophical monologues about fate and free will and how he's out to save the world despite being a blood-guzzling demon who condemned it all to hell in the first place. Probably would be the villain during a multi-part season premiere and/or finale. Better yet, Mr. Hanky.
  3. Every topic ever is okay to be discussed by every form of media ever. Period. Non-negotiable. Fact. Saying otherwise is, quite frankly, just being pointlessly close-minded (and possibly a coward). By your logic, religion should just never be mentioned at all anywhere because "it can cause problems". That is literally the most cowardly excuse ever. Hell, might as well not mention sex either. Or politics. Better yet, nothing that could ever cause even the slightest problem or tension should even be acknowledged to exist. (This is the ultimate conclusion of your logic. Sounds ridiculous, right?) Also, addressing sexual preference cannot ever cause "unneeded racism" because sexual preference has nothing to do with race. And "it is way too sensitive of a topic" means literally nothing at all because nothing anywhere in the world establishes a universal law that sensitive topics cannot be covered in video games.
  4. Cool. The living-longer-than-Betty-White part. Not the dying part. Though, maybe the dying part too if being that old is a pain.
  5. Considering there are different classes with different functions in countless different games, this is a very vague question... So. I dunno. Mage, I guess. XD
  6. First thing's first since the topic is fedoras: Demonizing a hat is retarded. That said, I've never worn a fedora. I wear a porkpie with appropriate clothing though.
  7. So if I pass you in public and hear you say stuff I don't like, I get to cut out your tongue, right? (Nobody forces you to listen to loud music. Like you said, headphones exist. Put some on, overwhelm the volume (try TV), or just move away from the source of the music.)
  8. Well, f###. Imagine that. Clearly this makes it the most formulaic film in all of cinema. Anna won't die...No, really? It's almost as if good guys don't often die in Disney films and literally everyone everywhere knew she would survive. Congratulations on "predicting" obvious things, I guess. I can do that too. The next MLP episode will have ponies in it.
  9. This world has no problems. Humanity has problems. And they can't be fixed because humans don't listen.
  10. Playing Pokemon for power is dumb. If your team isn't based entirely on being either cute (like Lillipup) or badass (like Gyarados), you're doing it wrong. Pokemon's all about appearances. (Also: Raichu. Must have.)
  11. I do...Sometimes. It depends on the game. I remember when I had Skyrim. Now, I've never cared for the plotlines in ES games. It's always been about the emergent stories for me. So I decided to screw the intended plotline and just wander, letting a story emerge on its own. While other players were busy being the Dragonborn messiah of Tamriel, I was busy being a power-hungry fugitive working to take control of the mage guild (being a mage myself), selling my soul to the Daedra (in-universe, this is how I explained respawning: The Daedra restored my black little heart from Oblivion in exchange for my services), and various other twisted activities aimed at conquering the land. Currently in South Park: The Stick of Truth, I'm a mage. This means a few things: I never remove the (gray) Wizard Beard. Ever. So while recruiting the goth kids, I was a Wizard Goth. I also darken the color of the beard with each of Cartman's promotions, to simulate aging (aided by insomniac eyebags). And, fire damage/magic being my preference, I hold an irrational hatred of snowmen (snow being made of water, the elemental opposite of fire) which compels me to smash every one I see. (Also, when playing as the Jew, I go out of my way to loot and sell everything [because greed] and never remove my yarmulke) In GTAV, I'd play each guy differently. Michael was temper-prone and often punched out strangers over minor issues (I really hated this one movie in the theater, man...), only ever drove anywhere in his own rich-guy car. Franklin was...Actually pretty balanced, helped people out (even the cops)...But still stole any ride he needed. Trevor...Well, Trevor liked to shoot people and stomp dogs to death...And his default mode of transport when his truck wasn't near was to stand in traffic until a car stopped and take off the driver's head with a shotgun blast through the windshield. Then pull out the corpse and drive off with his new wheels. Mike loved the rock station, Franklin was into the reggae, and Trevor liked punk or Spanish music (while joyriding). Also, Franklin liked to drown his sorrows in tits so he had every stripper available on speed dial. In the Saints' Row series, I roleplay to the extent of creating the same character in every game, with minor changes. He kinda looks like Robert Downey Jr, which was totally unintentional. He's a big fan of going on irrational murder sprees (I.E., gunning down every Saint in the crib) over tiny infractions ("I F###ING HATE THIS RADIO STATION!" or "WHY ISN'T ANYONE PLAYING THE F###ING PIANO?!?" or "QUIT STANDING IN THE F###ING DOORWAY, PIERCE!") - Oftentimes in SR2, I'd crouch atop the piano with my gun aimed at the guy playing on it. As soon as he/she stopped, and showed no apparent intention of starting again, I put a bullet in his/her head. I like piano. >.> Many find it tiresome to do such things. I find it an amusing way to personalize a game. And in some cases (Skyrim for one, given its wealth of content), it greatly enhances the replay value.
  12. Minecraft is Legos, dude. Chillax. And I find Terraria pointless. It's basically just a checklist of items to get. Once you have it all, it's no fun. No thanks. I remember Skyrim gave me so much freedom that I became overwhelmed and turned it off for a long while. Total freedom is just pointless and dull. It's exactly why the Scribblenauts series sucks.
  13. With all due respect...What the f### are you talking about? Frozen went out of its way to break the formula and screw the standard predictions.
  14. According to Kotaku, a new AC game is in the works and due to be set in Paris. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P5eGRnbZ0fo Nothing much is known but I do notice two new parkour buttons on the HUD which is apparently to be part of some new navigation scheme. But more to the point: This is apparently one of two currently-in-progress AC games due out for consoles (note: console in this context = not handheld). Now, people as early as Brotherhood were turning on this series for milking itself. Personally, I consider those people to be idiots (specifically those who turned the instant an un-numbered installment appeared) but I digress. Thoughts on the series? The apparently-upcoming Parisian adventure? Just speaking for myself, I've loved the series since AC2 (AC1 aged like rotten babies) and as much as critics seem to get on its case for "Call of Duty syndrome", I've seen each title bring enough new to the table to avoid fatigue. Brotherhood brought the awesome assassin recruits. Revelations brought those nifty assassin-training missions, bomb crafting, that neat hook gadget and those den sieges (which many hated but I guess I'm a sucker for tower defense). AC3 brought the hunting and wildlife system (entire play sessions spent tracking and hunting bears), fun and addictive mini-games (I spent hours on the ship in the intro playing these), multiple new weapons, improved stealth, the Homestead and its various mechanics, a fun new assassin-recruiting mechanic via liberation contracts, and a button dedicated solely to petting dogs (10/10!)...Plus each game brings entirely new settings that always look great. I haven't gotten my hands on AC4 yet but I've seen enough gameplay to see it brings plenty of its own as well (though the big thing is the ship stuff perfected from AC3, obviously) and the world looks great there too. Now I don't know jack about Paris or the French Revolution (except that there were many decapitations) but I can't wait to see it. Assassins' Creed is hardly a perfect series (there is no such thing - and AC3 for all its fun and many hours of enjoyment was flawed in numerous little ways) but for a series some love to claim is growing stale, it has a funny habit of constantly introducing new and fun things. The only question that remains, at least for me, is whether the Eiffel Tower will be around during whatever era the new Assassin will be running around in this time.
  15. This thread, right here, is exactly the kind of stuff I join in on mocking when my anti-brony pals get into it. Dear gods, are you sure this premise is creepy enough? But as for "What Now?"...I'd realize I was having a bizarre dream and wake up to go have some morning coffee.
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