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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. While I have never really been professionally diagnosed with any phobias, I can safely say for myself that I suffer from Thalassophobia (in this case: the fear of being in large bodies of water) and Acrophobia (the fear of heights)...with the latter of which leading to me suffering from Basophobia/Basiphobia (the fear of falling), Climacophobia (the fear of climbing), and somewhat Bathmophobia (the fear of slopes/stairs). These can be traced back to me almost being dropped from one of the top floors of an airport (where there wasn't any windows) as a young child, as well as me almost drowning within a lake when I was accidentally dropped into the water a couple years after the airport incident.
  3. Even though my High School is widely known throughout its county for having multiple fights between the students every day, as well as the terrible restroom and cafeteria food quality there, the one thing of notable importance that happened took place during my Senior Year... During the final semester of my senior year, a random student took a snapchat picture posted by one of my friends and added his own caption to it exclaiming that he (my friend) was going to shoot up the school the next day. While I don't remember what day it was, I do remember that the student posted the newly captioned image on either snapchat or instagram (I don't remember which, but it was most likely on snapchat) and it soon spread far and wide to basically every student and teacher that went to the school. After a few hours, this was brought up to the Police, who decided to investigate the situation by detaining my friend the next day at his house so that they could question him about it. On that day, over half of the students remained home in fear of an actual school shooting...and since my school is as it is, they were punished for staying home rather than going to school that day. I did end up being the one of the few that went to school, as my parents could care less about there being a shooting, and it was peacefully calm and quiet that day due to the lack of students...as normally people would be running and yelling through the halls, so that's something I didn't complain about. Anyways, as life began to go on as normal, my friend was kept out of school (or at least out of class) for the next week for questioning until the person behind the post was found and punished for their cause of panic throughout the school. Since then, the school has been kinda strict about what people post when referring to the school and its staff and students, but it has been around a year since this occurred, so I can't say for sure what the school's policies are about it now.
  4. I chose "Wolf General Alpha" as a random replacement for my original username here on the forums. The name itself doesn't really have any meaning behind it. I was originally going by "SpiritualGuy99" or something along the lines of that anyway, but I grew to hate it and changed it to what it is now...though I did eventually shorten it to "W.G.A.", but I felt that I was more known back then as "Wolf General Alpha", so I changed it back.
  5. Malasadas or just some Ice Cream. Either one would do well for someone that's hungry.
  6. Yes, but that was way back then. Back when I was more actively involved on the forums.
  7. 152. What's with the new...well, everything? I get back on after a few days, and poof! Everything is different and confusing.
  8. My family's dog died sometime either last night or this morning. She was a little over 13 years old in human years at the time of her death....and I've hit a low point in life because of it. Anyone know how to move on from these things?