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  1. Happy birthday, dude. ...oh wait, you haven't been here in forever. :X

  2. I love my friend for making my new profile pic without me even asking <3

  3. Im 16, and if my friends are down for some trick or treating, than sure ^-^, It will be a fun time! Usually adults wont get my costumes though. I am going as the elevator guy from gangnam style this year XD
  4. I joined an awesome brony guild in Guild Wars 2 >:3

  5. I love my friends, Just got a wedding pinkie pie for my brithday :D

  6. I think this comic represents this entire argument very well XD (I need more characters so heres a quote from Dr. Suess, “Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.” ― Dr. Seuss)
  7. It is so disheartening seeing people all lined up at chickfila, just for the reason that they dont want me to be able to marry. I used too feel very posative about this issue, but now I truely am sad. This is insane. =_=

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    2. False Perception

      False Perception

      Man, I live in the heart of Dixie. I have it rough...

    3. Nah


      I live in Downstate Illinois, center of stupidity and self centeredness.

    4. Groo


      I am sorry about my bad Grammar

  8. My friends epic DA ^-^, feel free and watch her! Tell her I sent ya XD
  9. Misinformed people, Misinformed people everywhere... People need to actually study furries more... The ponies on the show are talking animals, which makes them anthromorphic in a way. In the facial expressions and the fact the even stand up. Does that mean bronies are a kind of furry? Not really. But people really need to study up on furries. I am largely active in both fandoms and too tell you the truth, they are both really alike in how they are both hated by media and looked apon as strange people.
  10. Dogs are amazing! Tell ya the truth i dont get why cats are so adored.... besides the fact they are cute, I never get the feeling that they love me.... If I were to come home to a house with a cat, the cat will ignore me... If I came home to a house with a dog the dog will jump on me and start trying to love on me! I just love that after a horrible day at school ^-^
  11. This is easy, Celestia OFC! (Kidding) Luna
  12. Braeburn X Soarin' XD
  13. Gabe Newell is a brony? I didnt know that!

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    2. CapnKrunk


      And that Drake kid too.I'm not sure about that deadmau5 guy?



      deadmau5 later said on his twitter im not a brony i just wanted to fu*k with you.

    4. CapnKrunk
  14. I know ^-^, She was awesome for making that for me! Maybe she can make one in color later , Im not sure how good she is at colouring her pictures! She also made a picture of Haruhi suzumiya for me