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  1. Winger7632

    Fantasy football league anyone?

    yes we do, skype invite sent
  2. Winger7632

    I'm American, but I hate my country!

    wat...we are not arguing in the welfare division man. We were arguing about the death penalty, also just copy paste from http to the / and it should work although like i said sort by top and expect to see some liveleak tier shit. Anyways, most people in prison don't really deserve to die but thats not saying some people do. If you have the audacity to take another humans life then yes you deserve to die, that being said many different circumstances involved that should reviewed when choosing someone for the death penalty. For example if someone accidentally kills someone (i.e man slaughter) that definitely deserves jail time but not the death penalty. But if you just kill someone in cold blood...well...its kind of hard to see you as a stable human being who can get better. I mean don't just kill all murderers but like i said, way to many circumstances to list when it comes to homicide. Bottom line: Death penalty should be used but only under a very strict reviewing basis that takes into account the crime (victim count, motive, etc.) and both the victim/perps backgrounds (mental health, gang affiliations, etc.).
  3. Winger7632

    I'm American, but I hate my country!

    Do you think age is really a factor in an argument? It doesn't invalidate anything i just said. People who are monsters like John Wayne Gacy, Ted Bundy, B.T.K are just a few examples of monsters. They will never change and will have to be put in prison forever, why waste money on them when they can just be killed and save everyone a lot of time/money. Prison is not a place to put monsters but a place to punish some people who fucked up or try to rehabilitate them. It is NOT a place to put people like Dahmer or Manson. If you can honestly say that you want those types of people to be alive and well in prison and not dead then your insane. Your basically paying for people like them to be fed, clothed, the whole nine yards. Please, i beg you to go look up pictures of what they did and tell me they should be kept alive and not killed. Hell heres one place that has a bunch of discussion about these sick individuals (if you sort by top then be prepared for some really disturbing content: oh and people escape all the time you know, hell druglords run operations through prison most of the time! Just a few of my favorite quotes on here... "The citizens of America also say that being Gay is the devil's work" (this one takes the cake though) "the citizens of the United States think that the death penalty should be more enforced, even for minors." "They also think that the penny is fine to have, even though it costs more than a penny to make a penny." 2 of those are just completely wrong and asinine and the other is just an insane reason to say you "hate my country" Please...go back to school or do some research because a lot of what you posted has an opposing political party fighting in favor of it (see: abortion)
  4. Winger7632

    I'm American, but I hate my country!

    And waste even more tax payer money? No thank you, if they are true monsters just kill them. I'd like to save my money thank you very much.
  5. Anyone here want to join my MURICAN' fantasy football league? Just throw your skype below and i'll add you to the skype group btw. All info will be posted there. Although i can tell you it is a snake draft, all nfl players, head-to head.
  6. Like dew said above, i have a CEVO team. Skype is stryker9995.
  7. Winger7632

    S04:E22 - Trade Ya

    ...dude its just a kid living a dream through make a wish. Not a professional voice actor, also its a childrens TV show and i think they're allowed one badly voiced character for the exception of an awesome episode, charity action, and a few lines.
  8. The Episode Oh god the first time i watched Sonic Rainboom I knew i had found my "best pony". Backstory I had started watching the series (as i do with every tv show) chronologically and i had already known about Rainbow Dash beforehand considering when i first got into it she was by far (and still is) one of the more popular ponies out of the mane 6. Now she was the first pony to make me laugh when she crashed into Twilight and said "oops hehe sorry, here let me help you." and when she proceeded to absolutely douse Twilight i lost it. After that i decided to direct my attention to her whenever she was on screen, when i saw she was the element of loyalty i freaked out because Loyalty and Generosity are by far the most important virtues to me. So here i was after the season 1 premiere with a purple unicorn who was ok i guess, orange pony with no powers who was a country bumpkin, another pony with no powers who was really pink but good at singing, a yellow flying pony who was shy but great with animals, a white unicorn who was so fucking prissy, and then you had this rainbow colored flying pony who was hilarious, loyal, and just so fucking confident and awesome! I started watching the next few episodes and my heart completely melted when she went "so awesome" and once again laughed my ass off when she was on screen with the orange nopowers pony. Then when she started having some development with the pink pony i started loving that pink one and when she told Gilda to fuck off after being a bitch i was like "awwww yiss!" Then of course she showed up Trixie in Boast Busters and kicked a fucking dragon in dragonshy! So by this point i picked up on the terms earth, unicorn, and pegasus ponies and still loved Dashie but my perspective changed on the other mane 6 as well, we had this white unicorn who wasn't so prissy as a thought and actually very clever and funny, you had an adorable yellow pegasus pony who cared about everyone, you had an amazing and energetic pink party pony who was an amazing singer, you had a very hardworking and honest orange earth pony who had a mean hat, and you had a very smart and levelheaded purple unicorn. Then came the episode...the one that would change the way i watched MLP forever: Sonic. Rainboom. I mean this is the episode that literally made me see Dashie as more than a regular pegasus pony and understand the magnitude of her awesomeness is always 20% cooler than anyone elses in the room at any given time! Since then I've been with the show for a little while now and have to saw Dashie will always have a special place in my heart even when i'm 30 or 40...And that children is the story of how i picked my best pony.
  9. Winger7632

    S04:E22 - Trade Ya

    Dude that pony is an OC of a kid who is dying from an illness...he voiced it and everything apparently.
  10. Its happening forums! Stream goes up at 7:30 PM EST tonight! Stream link: Twitter: Plounge post:
  11. Winger7632

    Earth Pony strength is a myth

    While i do agree they aren't "stronger" that most other ponies, that was never the main thought of what "special" ability earth ponies have. 1. Pegasus: Very obvious, magic centered in wings and can fly with said magic. 2. Unicorn: Very obvious, magic centered in horn and can use that as a relay to put out said magic and use it on external objects. 3. Earth Pony: Not so obvious, but like we have seen in Hearths Warming Eve they are the only race that can grow food apparently. The magic is most likely centered in their hooves that act as a relay point to the ground that cause the growth we see in the seedlings. Strength was never the main thought for earth ponies as far as i can tell. AJ is only strong because she works at it and even then, Dashie has shown to be more athletically capable than her. Strength isn't decided by race but by individual growth and training,
  12. Winger7632

    Should Scootaloo fly or be disabled?

    Ok this is a pretty interesting topic, so i'm going to put my 2 cents here. Scootaloo is easily without question the most "mysterious" cutie mark crusader for a number of reasons. 1. We know Apple Bloom is apart of the Apple Family residing at Sweet Apple Acres and Sweetie Belle is the daughter of Magnum and Hairspray, sister of Rarity, and resides at Carousel Boutique. We do not in any capacity know who Scootaloo resides or who she resides with. 2. Applebloom is an earth pony who has shown some type of strength usually shown by earth ponies (with their hooves being the prime spot their magic resides in) and Sweetie Belle is a unicorn who has shown the able use of magic (with their horn being the prime spot their magic resides in), but Scootaloo is a pegasus who has shown almost no able use to fly while other fillys her same age and younger have. 3. Like i said above we know where both Applebloom and Sweetie Belle reside but with Scootaloo we have seen nothing but what appears to be a small (compared to her other friends rooms) and dull room. (see: ) Now these three factors make her, arguably, the most popular Cutie Mark Crusader and i just don't see this issue (much like with their cutie marks) being addressed until the final season or even a season finale/premiere (not this one though obviously). It would make a very good lesson and at the same time reveal a very big issue thats been bugging me and many others in the fandom about Scootaloo's ability to fly/place of residence/family. I personally think a CMC driven finale/premiere about Scoots 3 big questions and CMC's cutie marks in general is very likely and could be the best (and most emotional) finale/premiere since Return of Harmony.
  13. No. Never. There can never be to many songs.
  14. Does no one remember the Hasbro shareholder meeting? My moneys on 9-10 seasons and 3 movies...and a themepark
  15. Winger7632


    Yeah Scoots won't win sadly...but Dashie probably will so lets go Scoots-Dashie master race!