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  1. wat...we are not arguing in the welfare division man. We were arguing about the death penalty, also just copy paste from http to the / and it should work although like i said sort by top and expect to see some liveleak tier shit. Anyways, most people in prison don't really deserve to die but thats not saying some people do. If you have the audacity to take another humans life then yes you deserve to die, that being said many different circumstances involved that should reviewed when choosing someone for the death penalty. For example if someone accidentally kills someone (i.e man slaughter) th
  2. Do you think age is really a factor in an argument? It doesn't invalidate anything i just said. People who are monsters like John Wayne Gacy, Ted Bundy, B.T.K are just a few examples of monsters. They will never change and will have to be put in prison forever, why waste money on them when they can just be killed and save everyone a lot of time/money. Prison is not a place to put monsters but a place to punish some people who fucked up or try to rehabilitate them. It is NOT a place to put people like Dahmer or Manson. If you can honestly say that you want those types of people to be alive and
  3. And waste even more tax payer money? No thank you, if they are true monsters just kill them. I'd like to save my money thank you very much.
  4. Anyone here want to join my MURICAN' fantasy football league? Just throw your skype below and i'll add you to the skype group btw. All info will be posted there. Although i can tell you it is a snake draft, all nfl players, head-to head.
  5. Like dew said above, i have a CEVO team. Skype is stryker9995.
  6. ...dude its just a kid living a dream through make a wish. Not a professional voice actor, also its a childrens TV show and i think they're allowed one badly voiced character for the exception of an awesome episode, charity action, and a few lines.
  7. The Episode Oh god the first time i watched Sonic Rainboom I knew i had found my "best pony". Backstory I had started watching the series (as i do with every tv show) chronologically and i had already known about Rainbow Dash beforehand considering when i first got into it she was by far (and still is) one of the more popular ponies out of the mane 6. Now she was the first pony to make me laugh when she crashed into Twilight and said "oops hehe sorry, here let me help you." and when she proceeded to absolutely douse Twilight i lost it. After that i decided to direct my attention t
  8. And the countdown begins...http://www.mixify.com/rainbowdash/event/memorial-day-2014-w-bronys

  9. Dude that pony is an OC of a kid who is dying from an illness...he voiced it and everything apparently.
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    2. Winger7632
    3. RainbowDashiscool


      I need Flash to see it so i be back too look at it with the windows side.

    4. Winger7632


      Alright fair enough!


  10. I got dat fancy announcement on the gray box, whos ready for tonight!

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    2. Star-Gazer


      All aboard the HYPE TRAIN! CHOO CHOO!

    3. Sir Cal Stonehoof

      Sir Cal Stonehoof

      Wish I could join the party..but I have to work tonight..

    4. Winger7632


      Ah no worries man!

  11. How is everypony doing this fine evening?

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    2. UltimateGhost3
    3. Techpony (Inactive)

      Techpony (Inactive)

      I'm doing okay, really bored.... How about you?

    4. Winger7632


      Doing pretty good, just bored as hell lol

    1. Winger7632


      skip to about 40 seconds for the music to start. (tech difficulties on mixifys part)

  12. Plounge event on the 4th of this month! Forums members also welcome lol http://www.mixify.com/rainbowdash/event/plounge-event-dj-dashie

    1. OG Blaze

      OG Blaze



      Try meh best to be there

    2. Winger7632


      no plounge is a community on reddit: www.reddit.com/r/mlplounge

    3. OG Blaze
    1. D1SC0RD


      you didnt even tell me through skype? Asshole.


      but srsly guys RSVP those streams are a blast

    2. OG Blaze

      OG Blaze


      RSVP'd like 6 years ago bruh

    1. Star-Gazer


      Hype Train got no brakes! CHOO CHOO!

  13. overall a really good episode!

    1. OG Blaze

      OG Blaze

      Soon I will see it, soon.

    2. Book Horse

      Book Horse

      Oh I really liked it!

  14. oh my god, so far the new ep is extremely fucked up

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