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  1. Hezraey

    Music What's your theme song?

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B69Ev9C_p4Q This is definitely my theme song. It explains my hyperactivity from start till end. This would be great in a party too! P.S. I would literally like this song as my theme Heh... Might as well use the Dead Space theme song as your own I like Dead Space and Ghost Recon Future Soldier btw! I can see that you pretty much like gaming!
  2. Does anyone know how to embed youtube videos into the forum ? Pls teach me!

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      What do you know... It works! Thanks

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      Ahh somebody beat me to it. lol

  3. I do have a special nickname for them, but I have not tried on them yet, I'm am very sure that those nicknames will piss them off (Keep this a secret to all of us, not my parents) As for my mum, I nicknamed her "Lady Nag-a-lot" because she really likes to nag. As for my dad, I nicknamed him "Sir Fluttershy-ish". He is so like the Fluttershy type, the one who like to frolic with nature and enjoys to be lonely and trust me guys, he has never scold me in my entire life.
  4. Lets see what I got so far... 1) I'm very stubborn... VERY! 2) I'm very chaotic at times 3) I'm too hyper 4) I'm too loud (Even my younger brother hates me for that) 5) I'm too strict and particular about things 6) I'm such a drama king, always dramatizing things 7) I'm a rebellion. I hope this does not affect the mods and admins impression about me... 8) I'm so into ponies right now... 9) I'm very scared of failing my test, any of my test! Why does trait number 2, 3, and 4 makes me sound like Pinkie when trait number 5 and 6 makes me sound like Rarity, and lastly,
  5. Firstly, I would like to point out this display name "doppelgänger" issue. I once had a friend said that there was an error to his MLP Forums display name. He said that he saw someone who have the same name as him. He said that he double-spaced his display name. Example: Rainbow Dash He said that it appear as "Rainbow Dash" after he was done with display name change. I discovered that It was a sneaky, cruel way for them to get past the system. Please fix, I wanted to ensure that justice and fairness is being served in this forum.
  6. Well basically, you describe the avatar of the user with only a word. Example: Creepy, Handsome, Cool, Smart and etc. Now you try to describe my avatar with a single word. Enjoy
  7. I would like to jump into a great, strategic, fun and shooting game called Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter. In this bloody, violent battle between the rebellious forces of Mexico and the United States, as Captain Scott Mitchell of the Ghost Recon team, I am to recover stolen hi-tech, stolen U.S. Technology and to protect both the President of Mexico and the president of the US at the same time . In this game, the game features a cross-com system. This system allows me to command not only my squad, but also other friendly units such as helicopters, UAV drones, and etc. The cross-com
  8. Well, well, there is a new folk in the forum! We should celebrat-, I mean, we should welcome the new kid here with all of our warmth! Sorry for the random stuff just now. I am quite hyperactive as you can see. Let's get to the intro, shall we? I am Hyperactive Herianto, but you can call me Hyp-her for short. Well, my introduction is complete, short and sweet. Anyway, if you're looking for a pal/friend, you can add me as your very friend. I hope that you enjoyed this wonderful forum even faster than you can say "I Love MLP Forums!" See you later!
  9. I don't know, maybe they are using all those money that they have been collecting to feed us with better MLP animations and storyline. Good storyline doesn't come cheap you know.Other that that, I've heard rumour that they are making another Nightmare Moon related episode in season four. And according to some bronies post, they said that they wanted Nightmare Moon themed episodes. In conclusion, the Hasbro Company is actually not that evil, they are just being evil with good intentions! They actually listened to us all according to what we wanted.
  10. What?! Oh.. they are filling me up all over again! Seriously, why in the land of Equestria would they not allow their little girls not to watch MLP! Its not like it the show contains innapropriate things... right? Anyway, we must post moar ponies to convince little girls to watch MLP.
  11. I'm pretty sure that you're talking about my secondary school freshman life... Anyway, I was the one who is the most weirdest and random person during the first week or so. They hated me because they don't understand me quite well... But, as weeks past by, my popularity increased drastically since they realised that I'm actually the hyperactive type. I'm saying that during the first week, freshman life could be pretty terrible, but as weeks past by, you could be one of those popular kids in the school, if you are only as hyper as me!
  12. The Worst Pain I've encountered in my 13-year-old life so far is getting into an accident... I managed to leave the scene with a little bit of major and minor injuries. I left the scene and my burnt, wrecked motorcycle. I went home, limping for over than 50 km, and trust me, it is one heck of a painful misadventure. Luckily, I wasn't dead! XD Thank god! P.S. That incident happened in Indonesia... So much for my holiday...
  13. Hezraey

    Mega Thread Why you chose your user name.

    Well firstly, My name is Herianto, and I am as hyperactive as Pinkie and so "Hey, why don't I make my user name into a funny, short joke and a unique username at the same time!" And basically, here I am now!
  14. Oooh! A quote-related thread! Me next, me next! Well that was fun... Have to admit, the movie is able to surprise me with its great storyline.
  15. Well, that's way easy! I usually say stuff out of my mouth... (No, not those vulgar words, I meant random words such as doh!, doddle! and etc.) The next thing I do when I am stressed is just to scream... It heals my soul everytime! I do that every time when I feel frustrated, Thanks Fluttershy!
  16. Hezraey


    An active user? I'm quite sure that the community will be glad to have you in the forum! Anyway, welcome to the largest and the best brony forum that have ever existed in the 21st century! I am Hyperactive Herianto, but you can call me Hyp-Her... (I hope you are in a mood for a joke!) Oh yeah... remind me of six months ago when I was a newbie brony... I wanted to share my experiences about MLP, so much so that I went on the internet and came hunting for it. And I found this friendly, heart-warming forum. Well, the clock is ticking and I am needed elsewhere... Nice talking w
  17. Well, that was a pretty nifty introduction! Its simple yet outstanding... I must say that your grammar and vocabulary are very good! Excellent! Anyway, Welcome to the largest and the best brony forums on the internet! I'm very sure that you will be warmly welcomed here. With over 15,000 members currently in existence, you are guaranteed to be loved and tolerated with so less lag. Anyway, I hope that you will have a great time here! I'll catch you later, mate!
  18. Hezraey


    Wow, what a great introduction you have there! And rather long too! Took me a while to read the entire thing... But, it was worth it! Anyway, welcome the the largest brony forum ever existed! I am Hyperactive Herianto, but you can call me Hyp-her to save your breath. Anyway. I hope we will be great friends in the near future... Well, see ya later! I'm actually kinda cool with it... but please, could you next time stop texting this much... I love your introduction by the way though...
  19. Hezraey

    Here come a newbie!

    Great! We have our very new researcher of MLP! So, tell me prof. Reaper... Found anything odd and unusual about the show, other than the magic of friendship... Anyway, Welcome to the largest brony forum on the internet, kind sir! I am Hyperactive Herianto, but you can call me Hyp-her... I am still quite amazed to see researchers studying about MLP... Anyway, I hope we will meet again in the near future... See ya later, Prof!
  20. Hezraey


    Yes, finally, someone who understands my random-like language! Herro and welc0me to the largest brony forum on da inter-net! Enough random talk.. Time to get serious.... Hyp-her style! Anyway, Hi... I am Hyperactive Herianto, but, you can call me hyp-her for short... Its actually quite rare to see girls becoming random and stuff... but not in my country. Almost every girl you meet is randomly random. Anyway, I am hoping upon meeting you in the near future! Peace!
  21. Hezraey


    Princess Cadence/Cadance is your favourite pony? Wow... I thought that I was the only one who liked Princess Cadence/Cadance... Anyway, enough chit-chat... Time to get hyperactively serious! My name is Hyperactive Herianto from Singapore, but, you can call me Hyp-her for short... Anyway, Welcome to the largest brony forum ever exist on the internet! I'm just dropping by to say herro *ahem* excuse me... I mean hello and I also hope to see you again in the near future! Peace Off! *Boop*
  22. Hezraey

    Hello Everypony!

    Ooh! A designer, maybe we should hang out together since we have the same hobby... Anyway, lets not get carried away. My name is Hyperactive Herianto, but you can call me Hyp-her for short! I'm very sure that people will definitely enjoy your artistic work here! Most of them insist on getting their Signatures... Maybe you can use this opportunity as a designer to get well-known and create Siggy (Signatures) for everyone! Well, I hope that we'll meet again in the near future... TTFN!
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