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  1. Promoting my tumblr:

  2. I'm going to be a senior this year and I really want a cool book bag that has to do with video games but I can't really find any because I don't know where to look. Some video games/series I like are: Fallout Skyrim Minecraft Call of duty Assassin's Creed Portal Bioshock Fable Halo Battleblock Theater I'm pretty sure I want it to be a crossbody bag like this: If you find anything at all, just please leave me a link. I don't care much about the price, thanks!
  3. I'm aware that I've got on you bad side, so I don't think that you'll accept my apology too easily. Would you please just hear me out one last time though?

    1. AppleGearRising


      Don't worry, she's not angry at you :/

    2. Blue Bay

      Blue Bay

      Well, she most likely is. Granted, I've been acting like a jerk towards her when it was quite inappropriate, so she's got the right to be.

    3. AppleGearRising


      Ohh... That's really not good, would you mind telling me what you said over a PM? I can explain the way things are right now better that way.

  4. Listen to me just one last time, that's all I ask. I have something to say that you ought to hear.

  5. I reallllly need new people to play xbox with...I play things like ghosts, black ops 2, sometimes halo, minecraft...I have a ton of games. My gamertag is NINJATURTLE456
  6. A simple but funny prank is if they use the computer and you have a mouse with the laser under it, put a small sticky note over the laser and the mouse won't register movement. I got someone with that and they were getting so frustrated
  7. If anyone likes minecraft, you should check out my new blog and ask me questions :3
  8. Do you guys like minecraft? You should follow my new ask blog :3

    1. Wayzer


      ooowh seems like fun!

  9. I used to just do traditional art, but I got a drawing tablet for Christmas from my dad, so now I mostly just stick to digital art
  10. Thanks for the add, friend :3

  11. For some reason my messages aren't showing up on your profile, I figure that this is the only other way of letting you know :/

  12. @@Demirari, Well I work as a weather pony and they usually let me handle the thunderstorms, but when I'm not doing that, I'm an artist :3