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  1. Just finished watching She-Ra, and I require more of it!

  2. I got a new fav character and she's the best.

  3. I wonder if can post adoptables here? Since I've been doing few lately, and they're kinda cheap.

  4. Cheeto Puff

    Visual Art Random draws

    Just a couple of Steven Universe and other related stuff drawings I've done in the past days.
  5. Cheeto Puff

    no critique Discord

    It's been a whole year since last time I did a MLP related drawing, so I decided to fill this void with a quick doodle of Discord, my favorite character ever >:3c
  6. I'm back, now for good.

    1. TheRockARooster


      Welcome back, Cheeto.

  7. I should try drawing ponies again... Perhaps.

    Also greetings from the graveyard.

    1. TheRockARooster


      Go for it, Cheeto Puff.

      Awesome name. ^^

  8. Been VERY away from this place to be honest, and mostly because my computer cannot open it somehow. 

    For those who remember me, Sweet Pen was my old name, and now I've moved myself to Tumblr which you can go and follow me if wanted: baited-in

    I will probably stay very off from this place as I no longer gather interest in MLP.

    1. Snow


      Nice to hear from you again at the very least, do take care.

    2. The_Gobo


      Our favorite be orange cheeze poof returns!!


  9. Cheeto Puff

    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    Yo, it's been ages since the last time I posted here, so here's my recent photo.
  10. Cheeto Puff

    Visual Art Arts & Arts

    Bumping this place again with more content. If anyone wishes, I tend to post more on my tumblr, Baited-In.
  11. Cheeto Puff

    Visual Art Arts & Arts

    Just another amount of doodles.
  12. Cheeto Puff

    Visual Art Arts & Arts

    Hey look, it's me again with doodles. Well, I'm not good in advices, but I would recommend looking for references, studies and such, then get this knowledge and adapt on your own way. I do not have my own style, so it's hard yet fun.
  13. Cheeto Puff

    Visual Art Arts & Arts

    Bumping this thread again to show more artworks I've done.
  14. Cheeto Puff

    Visual Art Arts & Arts

    Some drawings i've been doing in the past weeks.
  15. Cheeto Puff

    Visual Art SU Doodles

    Made some more, mostly out of boredom.