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  1. NightFlower

    Mega Thread Song Stuck in your Head Right Now

    That's My Kind of Night - Luke Bryan. It's been stuck in my head for a good three days now and it's getting annoying. It's a good song though and he has a really.... REALLY smooth voice.
  2. NightFlower


    I have a couple; spiders, bees and and being alone. I'm absolutely terrified of spiders; I can't walk in our barn at night because a HUGE nasty spider likes to make its' nests and webs on the light switch. Every time I try to go in there at night, I shake and almost puke. Bees are scary in general. Nothing should be allowed to fly if it can sting you. Honey bees aren't bad, it's just those evil yellow jackets and wasps. I'm scared of being alone in the sense of having no one to turn to. I'm a recluse and I love being in my room all the time. But, my fear is being abandoned and there would be no one there with me.
  3. NightFlower

    How and when did you become a brony?

    I became a Pegasister because one of my really good guy friends introduced me to MLP-FiM. I was skeptical at first, but once I started watching the show, I head over hooves in love with the characters and the messages the show gives. What about you?
  4. NightFlower

    Do you think there something faster then Light?

    Anything is possible, I guess. I can't really make an educated guess because I've never studied physics and I don't have any interest in it, but I do believe that anything is possible. We just have to find a way to do it.
  5. NightFlower

    Open A Simple Walk at Night

    @Thuder-Dash @Mint Drop "Oh my gosh!" Night Flower jumped as Night Flare release a giant ball of fire into the sky. She could feel the heat coming off his flank and wondered where such a pony had come from. Night Flower tentatively walked around Night Flare, taking the scene in. There were so many question rushing through her mind, she could hardly process them all. Night Flare seemed to be extremely happy with himself and she wasn't too sure what Night Lights thought of him. She seemed like such a shy pony and Night Flower wondered if the massive fireball had scared her. Finally, Night Flower couldn't contain herself. "Oh my gosh! What kind of pony are you? Do you know how it works? Can you control it? When was the first time it happend?!" She had to slow down and take a breath. So many questions; they were making her dizzy. She had to find out the history of this mysterious creature. "And Night Lights, are you okay?"
  6. NightFlower

    Open A Simple Walk at Night

    "That is so cool!" Night Flower said looking at Night Flare's neck. "I wonder what will happen; do you have any idea or is it like a Pinkie Pie sense? And my talent is to document and collect flowers to see what sort of use they could provide for the pony world. However, I only do this at night because noponyelse does that. It's so much fun..." Night Flower blushed under her purple coat and thanked the stars no one could see it.
  7. NightFlower

    Open A Simple Walk at Night

    Night Flower looked up to see a pretty mare trotting towards them. She looked really shy and out of place. "Hi, there," Night Flower said with a smile. "It seems I was wrong about there being no night ponies around here. Night Flare just introduced himself to me. I'm Night Flower. What's your name?" Looking at the sky, Night Flower decided she had done enough documenting today and relaxed. It was so nice to talk to someponyelse besides herself and the ever-silent Luna
  8. NightFlower


    That was a really good idea for a back story. I would have never thought of that. What else does Dragonheart do?
  9. NightFlower


    Hi, Sky Storm! I love your enthusiastic ways and your avatar is adorable, by the way:3
  10. NightFlower

    Open A Simple Walk at Night

    "Yes, that would be nice." Night Flower sat up and smiled at the alicorn approaching her. It was odd, but pleasant, to see someone else who was up at this hour. Maybe Luna had heard her after all. "I'm Night Flower. I'm out here documenting the flowers that only come out at night. They could hold potential and nopony else knows about them because they're all asleep. What are you doing out here?"
  11. What if Twilight takes on most, if not all, the duties of Princess Celestia? Is she going to do all of those and still stay in Ponyville with her friends or are they going to come to Canterlot (Rarity would absolutely love that) with her? Apple Jack can't leave the farm. I'm nervous but excited for Season Four...
  12. NightFlower

    What things scare you the most?

    I'm afraid of being alone. Not alone in a room, but not having anyone to turn to when I need them. That scares me more than anything in the world.
  13. NightFlower

    Open A Simple Walk at Night

    Night Flower trotted as quietly as she could through the night; quickly trying to analyze each and every flower in the field. There were so many that were uncharted and could hold so much potential, but the daunting task was exhausting. Finally, when she finished a section of the field, she lay down to rest for a minute. She began to miss the interaction with the other night ponies. Everyone here was awake and alive during the day and went to bed as soon as Luna brought the moon to the sky. Night Flower turned over on her back to look up at the brilliant night sky. The pegasi had cleared the skies before they returned to their fluffy mattresses and the stars twinkled with brilliancy. "Oh, Luna, my ever quiet friend, will I ever have the opportunity to meet another night pony here?"
  14. NightFlower

    Umm hello everypony

    Hi, Hero! Where did you get the idea for your OC? It's absolutely wonderful! the color scheme and the expressions!
  15. I don't think Fluttershy would go off-the-wall mad, but I'm sure it would upset her. However, once the concept of hunting with morals is explained to her; I think she would feel better, not good, but better about the subject. I'm sure she wouldn't want animals starving from over population or running out of habitat for the same reason. I think the only problem she would have and make a stand against is hunting for sport and not for consumption or survival.