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  1. My ponysonas morning =3= Have a laugh.
  2. Im a pc RPG or MMORPG gamer, but i could allways enjoy a good console game with a friend~ it seems alot more social in that kind of fashion.
  3. Ratchet Copperwire

    My OC

    Aww shes such a wonderful character! I like her allready 030. i like your way of drawin, when did you start drawing in the first place?
  4. Sorry i wasnt online for about a year, i had a bad time so to say xD im alot better now and i might be up for some drawin again.

  5. Ratchet Copperwire

    General Who's in a relationship?

    Too shy to take meny steps, but generally i have a happy ongoing spirit an caring friends, h-however it could be quite special to feel love for once, i hope it will happen at somepoint.
  6. aaaand im back from the dead, anypony up for a chat? :)

  7. aaaand im back from the dea, anypony up for a chat? :)

  8. Ratchet Copperwire

    Gaming Elder Scrolls Online

    So anypony up for making a lil guild in this game? im allready rolling!
  9. Ratchet Copperwire

    Gaming ESO MLP guild. (eu)

    Anyone here who happens to have an MLP guild going on the europe ESO servers?
  10. Wonders of friends <3 To all you still disbeliefers out there: Friendship is indeed, magic!

  11. Happy birthday pal! Hope you have a great day man!

  12. Happy birthday, Ratchet! :D

  13. Happy birthday, Ratchet! :)

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