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  1. My ponysonas morning =3= Have a laugh.
  2. Im a pc RPG or MMORPG gamer, but i could allways enjoy a good console game with a friend~ it seems alot more social in that kind of fashion.
  3. Ratchet Copperwire

    My OC

    Aww shes such a wonderful character! I like her allready 030. i like your way of drawin, when did you start drawing in the first place?
  4. Sorry i wasnt online for about a year, i had a bad time so to say xD im alot better now and i might be up for some drawin again.

  5. Ratchet Copperwire

    General Who's in a relationship?

    Too shy to take meny steps, but generally i have a happy ongoing spirit an caring friends, h-however it could be quite special to feel love for once, i hope it will happen at somepoint.
  6. aaaand im back from the dead, anypony up for a chat? :)

  7. aaaand im back from the dea, anypony up for a chat? :)

  8. Ratchet Copperwire

    Gaming Elder Scrolls Online

    So anypony up for making a lil guild in this game? im allready rolling!
  9. Ratchet Copperwire

    Gaming ESO MLP guild. (eu)

    Anyone here who happens to have an MLP guild going on the europe ESO servers?
  10. Wonders of friends <3 To all you still disbeliefers out there: Friendship is indeed, magic!

  11. Ratchet Copperwire


    You must have been quite unlucky with online dating ^^' .. its for the less outgoing typs, so if you are happy in an outgoing environment, then what are you doing on a dating site? Im not trying to sound pursuasive, but to simply state online daters crazy in a sence, is a blutant attack im afraid.
  12. There went my positivity *sigh* i could rant so much that im going into a depression, but that would make me look like i seek attention, but really, the only reason i put it here is because i got nobody to really talk to.

    1. Bronyette


      Aww... Ratchet. You can always talk to me. :3

  13. Personally, i love a more wierd and perhaps immature spirit, tho, able to be mature when needed. I like if she for example outfits herself in wierd craaazy manners! :DD its so awesome.
  14. Ratchet Copperwire

    *pew pew pew!*

    Hello digi! nice to have you here!!! :3 Welcome ^3^
  15. Ratchet Copperwire

    General Who's in a relationship?

    Single, only been in one relationship. I prefer online talking c: Its not because i cant, its because i dont really want to that much.. To find a special somepony yet. My first love was at the age of 21. Im 23 now. It didnt go so well for complicated reasons, and we parted ways, it was sad, but to be honest, i knew i wasnt ready somehow, my interrest wasnt so big, it was clear. I love to just make friends.. and if things unfold, let it do so.
  16. Bacon

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    2. lomk


      There is untold tastiness in bacon!

    3. Ratchet Copperwire

      Ratchet Copperwire

      i just answered the line.. the site asked me whats on my mind .. i just answered.

    4. IDontExistAnymore
  17. That feel when you have two buddies plotting against you and build agreed hatred towards you when you are acturally innoscent. It is not pleasent.

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    2. Fluttershyfan94


      Okay, not sure what to tell you. I doubt they hate you, maybe they dislike you a bit but hatred is a strong word.

    3. Ratchet Copperwire

      Ratchet Copperwire

      I know they dislike me, which is kind of wierd. I never tend to make enamies at all, im generally a nice guy to listen to. Im shy and maybe a tad too sensitive. Its driving me crazy that somebody dislikes me when i do so much to prove im a likable person, i just dont get it. its just those two, my others friends never even tell me anything remotely close to what they judge me to be.

    4. Fluttershyfan94


      Then maybe they just aren't good friends.

  18. Its a .. cute and cool cocktail! 8.5/10! :3
  19. not sure xD dont think so sorry <:3
  20. yay! made a new avatar! n_n

  21. BATS! AGAIN! 9/10! xD sorry, lol
  22. BATS!!! 9/10!
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