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  1. Collaborations are Magic! Especially when violent controversies are involved! :D

  2. Pretty much what I said in the video, albeit with a bit more emphasis on the roles of 'Harmony,' 'Order,' and 'chaos,' in how they determine Discord's nature. I would almost go so far as to say that Discord was never necessarily "evil," for the reasons that you listed!
  3. Forgot to post this last week, but I did an analysis on Discord!

  4. Definitely. As demonstrated in my video, that concern of Discord being literally chaos incarnate does make you wonder what, exactly, his role is in Equestria. I took the perspective of retaining a figurative balance between total order and total chaos; you could almost consider applying the typical morality alignment system employed in many tabletop RPGs (In this case, post-reformation Discord would be Chaotic Neutral, and post-Tirek would be Chaotic Good). I definitely think that Celestia overestimated Discord's resolve and/or underestimated Tirek's manipulative capabilities, or else she somehow knew that Discord's betrayal was necessary for the final key to be discovered (#alicornlogichurtsmybrain). I think that there is a lot of future potential for Discord. I mean, of all the characters in the show that we have become acquainted with, Discord has probably changed more over the course of the last two seasons than any other (with the exception of Twilight, potentially), so I would be interested to see if they focus at all on him coming to terms with his new conditions (which they have already done to an extent, but more could be done with it). I do like that Grogar comic that you linked; I think that would be a fantastic approach to an episode if they chose to bring Grogar back!
  5. I really need to watch more Next Generation, haha! I knew that Discord and Q were similar characters, but I didn't realise that they were *that* similar! And yeah, of the many examples of anthropomorphic personification used in visual media, I think that I see more embodiments of chaos than just about any other fundamental abstraction (with the exception of Death, maybe). Not that I'm complaining at all; those tend to make for more entertaining characters! Indeed, I fully agree. But conflict involving his nature is always a possibility, as he becomes more accustomed to this new life of his. I for one am interested to see how they continue to develop his character going into Season Five!
  6. I wanted to do a quick examination and evaluation of Discord's character, in an effort to better understand the nature and subsequent ramifications of his reformation. I would absolutely love to hear everypony's feedback!!
  7. I've uploaded an analysis video about Crystal Ponies, check it out!

  8. In which I take a look at the phenomena that is the Crystal Ponies, and evaluate why it is that they are the way that they are. Oh, and some other stuff happens, too… Let me know what you guys think!
  9. In which I take a look at the phenomena that is the Crystal Ponies, and evaluate why it is that they are the way that they are. Oh, and some other stuff happens, too…
  10. 2fancy4me. With a name such as that even the Canterlot Elite could not possibly turn me away! XD Anypony else want to weigh in before I make a final decision?
  11. I keep forgetting that you can "brohoof" posts. XP

    1. ghostfacekiller39


      Haha, it's all good man xP

  12. Ooh, I like that. For some reason, I really like that! I'm going to keep that one on the side-burner as a definite possibility! No final decisions yet, but man, that one sounds good! Thank you so much for the suggestion!
  13. I get what you are saying. As you can see from my original post, I was doing my best to keep the meaning behind the name similar. At the moment, most people I've asked elsewhere seem to like Gilded Quill, but I can see how that would be un-MLP-esque. Basically, I am trying to make my name communicate my love of writing. And, as I said in the original post, I would prefer to keep the "Quill" part, so that I can still use "Quill'd In" in the title of my analysis videos. I guess, while I would prefer to be as MLP-esque as possible, I would much rather have my name define my character, to an extent.
  14. Sadly, that perfect name was Silver Quill. I genuinely put a lot of thought into that one, which is why it is so hard for me to change it now! D: Ah, if only, if only! But thanks for the compliment (I'm just going to go ahead and take that as a compliment ) Hmm, I like Aureate Quill as well! Some have told me where I have asked elsewhere that it is a touch too long or strange sounding, but I dunno, I'm seriously thinking about it! Thanks for your input, Ghosty!
  15. True, but I would rather not use my real name on the internet. Plus, I like the idea of keeping it pony-esque sounding. Hmm, that's an interesting one. Kind of catchy, too. I'll think about it, thanks!