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  1. http://www.equestriadaily.com/2014/02/album-compilation-february-17th.html "Destiny: A Tale of Unicorn Wings" headlines the EQD album compilation post!
  2. Same here! Freakin' stoked! DESTINY IS OUT! Listen to it/buy it here: http://heylasfas.bandcamp.com/album/destiny-a-tale-of-unicorn-wings I got it about 20 minutes early since I pre-ordered, and it sounds amazing! Edit: YOU CAN HEAR MY VOICE ON TRACK FOUR, COMPLAINING ABOUT TWILIGHT AND CITRUS! So, has anyone else listened to it yet? I want to hear what people think! http://www.equestriadaily.com/2014/02/album-compilation-february-17th.html Destiny headlinned the mid-month album compilation update post! Yippee! ... Do people still say yippee anymore? Crap, I hope I haven't blown my cover as a G1 spy.
  3. "Destiny: A Tale Of Unicorn Wings," was released today. A nearly 2 hour concept album about Princess Twilight Sparkle, released on the one year anniversary of Magical Mystery Cure. http://heylasfas.bandcamp.com/album/destiny-a-tale-of-unicorn-wings

  4. Glad you liked it! Yeah, LasFas' voice has had the tendency to be drowned out by the music at times. It's more evident in his older material that he had to mix and master himself. Nowdays, he doesn't master his own music much, so other people are able to bring his voice more to the forefront. That said, the best way to listen to a LasFas song the first time is to follow along with the lyrics. It really helps one understand what the song is about and follow the storyline. I'd suggest that for any concept song or album, actually. Lyrics can be very important to a song.
  5. Glad to see some interest! Like I said, the album comes out this Sunday, but LasFas' previous pro rock epic, "Nightfall" is already out, and it is awesome! The youtube link is embedded into the first post, and you can find the album for streaming and purchasing on bandcamp. You can even download the album for free, and have it in 320kbs mp3 or glorious lossless! http://heylasfas.bandcamp.com/album/nightfall
  6. Yo, in case y'all haven't already heard about it, I figured I'd better mention it here. This fandom produces some great content, and this is one music project to look out for. UPDATE: THE ALBUM IS OUT!!!! http://heylasfas.bandcamp.com/album/destiny-a-tale-of-unicorn-wings Okay, I've posted about this album at least ten times here before, but you all stubbornly refuse to show any interest! Well, in the immortal words of JonTron, "I AAAAAAAAAAIN'T HAVIN' THAT SHIT!" "Destiny: A Tale of Unicorn Wings" is a 1 hour and 51 minute long progressive rock concept album/rock opera based on the MLP:FiM franchise, specifically focusing on the possible after effects of Season 3's ending. It is the longest fandom album created by a single individual; "Destiny" was composed, written, and performed by HeyLasFas, who you may recognize as a performer at many a brony convention, the creator of the "Nightfall" concept album from a few years back, and the player of the immortal instrument that is known as the Cat Piano. Various other people were brought on to master the album. The first single off of "Destiny" is "Faultless". That should give you a small taste of what is on the album. If you still aren't convinced, check out the "Nightfall" album, helpful uploaded as a single video on LasFas' youtube channel. You can find LasFas and updates on the album at: http://heylasfas.tumblr.com His albums can be found for purchase at: http://heylasfas.bandcamp.com/ Pre-orders for the physical, 2 disc set of "Destiny" are currently being fielded by LasFas over on his tumblr, so shoot him a message on there if you want a chance at nabbing a piece of fandom history.
  7. Are you interested in being a part of a podcast that discusses a different MLP fanfiction each week? Check this thread for details: mlpforums.com/topic/59975-the-canterlot-library-book-club-podcast-casting-call/

  8. I agree with the vast majority of what you had to say. You even brought up a few points I hadn't thought of before. You've got a good critical eye, and you know how to get your point across. I'm actually trying to start a MLP fanfiction bookclub/podcast at the moment. The thread is here. I'd appreciate it if you'd check it out, and if it seems like something you'd be interested in, you could apply for a host position.
  9. Skype will most likely be the program of choice, but depending on if the show makes its way to any of the fandom radio stations, different software may be used. There should be no need for hosts to purchase new software for the program, though.
  10. Do you enjoy fanfiction? Do you annoy all your uninterested friends by going on and on about the latest update to your favorite Grimdark Adventure Shipfic starring Twilight Sparkle and Tom the Rock? Wouldn't you rather talk with some people who care about the same things you do? Let me tell you about a quirkly little book club/podcast I'm putting together... “The Canterlot Library Book Club” (name pending) is a once a week get-together for fanfiction lovers to discuss the material they love so much. Each week, a member of the podcast will be given the opportunity to choose the fanfiction that all members (and listeners) are expected to read before the next online get-together. When the meetings start, we discuss what we've read, give our opinions, and generally discuss the contents of that fanfiction. If possible, after we've said our pieces, the author him/herself might even join in to give us their own two-cents, and be open to questions we might have. The meeting ends with the decision made for what will be covered at next week's meeting, and the cycle continues. How can you join this club? Well, all you'd need to do is tune in to the podcast and read along with the hosts. But if you're interested in becoming a host, now is the time to let it be known, because positions are limited. Too many cooks spoil the pot, after all. The following are the requirements for anyone interested in joining the podcast: You must have a genuine love for fanfiction, and generally have “good” taste. You must be open to reading all genres of fanfiction, and are not put off by sometimes mature content. This may include violence, swearing, and homosexual relationships. No fanfiction for pure titillation’s sake, “clop”, will be read in the book club, though. You must be able to meet online for the recording of the book club meeting for one hour or more, once a week. You must be able to discuss your opinions in an intelligible way, and get along with others even when you don't agree with them. Along with this, a passable microphone is necessary for your words to be heard. You must be able to read a fanfiction each week, which will vary in length from short to very long, depending on the week's selection. *In the event that the podcast is broadcast live while it is being recorded, you would need to be able to be present each week at the same time. This matter is still up in the air though, and I'd prefer it the podcast to be recorded in advance of being aired, if it is aired in any capacity other than a download link.* Still interested? Great! Please respond in this thread with your reasons for why you want to become a host and why you should be accepted. Also include a link and short, spoiler free summary of 1 fanfiction which you love dearly, or is your all time favorite. But don't go into too much detail; if you become a host, you'll be able to discuss it on the show. The cast thus far (this is not set in stone) includes... Legendary Emerald (aka Serah Anastos, aka myself) Questio (Pending) ??? ??? Also, depending on the amount of feedback this thread receives, and the quality of submissions, the cast limit might be made higher to allow more hosts.
  11. Where would I create a thread on this forum making a casting call for people interested in a MLP Fanfiction Podcast?

    1. Acoustic Cloud

      Acoustic Cloud

      First page of Creative Resources.

    2. MelancholicMemory


      Ooh that sounds interesting. I should check out that thread when you post it

  12. PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Hello, Legendary Emerald here. I've been asked to give you all a warning based on some of your posts. Some players have broken a few of the rules, and it is important to tell you all now before it can become a bigger problem. First, please pre-read your posts. Perfection isn't called for in this RP, but a certain level of quality is expected. If Skyman or I notice your spelling and writing getting lazy, you will be warned, and if it continues, you will be removed from the RP. Second, speaking Out of Character in the non-OOC thread is strictly prohibited. This is a forum-wide rule, and is a reportable offense. All OOC text must be kept to this thread, and no exceptions will be made. Lastly, a reminder/clarification of the player's ability to effect the storyline. As a player, you are obviously free to have your character make any decisions they want. And you are also free to spawn minor (one or two heartless) enemy encounters, as well as interact with unimportant NPCs which you write into existence. However, actions such as those are suited more for gameplay downtime, when a character is by him/herself or there is a considerable lull in the plot. For example, if everyone is enjoying lunch and sharing information about themselves, it'd be a distraction to spawn a heartless in the picnic basket. It is also unnecessary to create openings for other players to come in. Do NOT write (for example) “someone bumped into a glass of water” with the intent of another player character being that “someone”. You are not allowed to control other character's actions, and other players can decide where they want their characters to be. That is all.
  13. “Ooh, when are they going to get back?” Yuffie whined, pacing the floor of the apartment. The hideout was decorated like the inside of a toy chest, with dark green walls and beige carpeting. Rich red curtains were drawn over the windows, and a mahogony door with the number 2 emblazoned on it in gold font was held shut by a complex system of locks. A large bed with a curious designs on the cover sheet dominated the southern side of the room, while a green grandfather clock stood across from it. “I don't know. I hope that man remembers to bring some potions back with him like I asked. If I have to keep healing so many people, I might not have the energy to cook our meals.” the older woman responded. “What? No way! If that man comes back here empty handed then I'm gonna-!” Yuffie almost bit her tongue as the young man she'd brought in stirred from his place on the bed. “Hey, he's waking up!” "Hi, welcome to the land of the living!" Yuffie greeted him enthusiastically. "I'm your tour guide, Yuffie, and with me is my lovely assistant, Aerith! You can thank her for the healing magic, by the way."
  14. @LeJAKoJAK I just want to call attention to your latest post, and make something clear to both you and the other players. The post in question - http://mlpforums.com/topic/58012-kingdom-hearts-alt-mix/page-2#entry1427234 In this post, you have your character speak to almost every person present, asking for names, directions, and what not. But by doing this all in one post, you are not giving any other character a chance to respond. This is a "time-bending" trap which other players are going to fall into unless I clarify this RP rule right now. No one can interrupt your character's actions in a post you have written. So if you write your character as speaking to many people in turn, other players cannot re-write history (ie: your post) to include their character's responses. To make this clear, I will provide a segment of your post as if it were your entire post, and then some fake responses that are examples of what is not allowed Post 1 - Allan: Hey dude, I don't think I ever caught your name," he points at Akari, "I don't think I caught your name," Allan finally points at Marcon, "And I sure as heck didn't catch your name. However, we can finish introductions later." He jerks his thumb over his shoulder in the direction that the mysterious woman jumped off to. "I think we should go and find the magical Zippo lighter first. We can learn more about the monster situation. " He scratches the back of his head. "My problem is that I don't really know where district three is," Allan directs his attention back to Sam, "And you know a way there. Would you mind leading us the way?" Post 2 - Akari: blah blah blah Someone asked her for a name. "My name is Akari." After receiving an answer, Allan directed a question towards Marcon. (THIS IS NOT ALLOWED, because it contradicts LeJAK/Allan's first post) Post 3 - Allan: He heard her name. "Ah, Akari. What a name." blah blah blah... (THIS IS NOT ALLOWED, because Allan is responding to Akari as if Akari was the last person he'd spoken to) Post 4 - Marcon: blah blah blah The question was directed at Marcon. "Me? The name is Marcon." Allan then turned his attention back to sam and asked if there was a way out. (THIS IS NOT ALLOWED, for the same reason as post 2) Post 5 - Sam: "Sure, I know the way. It's just past Disney Land on the left side of Applecore street. Can't miss it. (THIS IS ALLOWED, because Sam was the last person spoken to in LeJAK/Allan's first post. Post 6 - Akari: Sam answered Allan's question. Akari turned her attention to Allan. "Hey, that was rude of you to ask my name and then not wait for an answer. It's Akari, by the way." (THIS IS ALLOWED, because Akari is not contradicting what was written in LeJAK/Allan's first post, and mentions how she was given no natural window to answer.) /examples