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  1. Take a gander at my OC Please . I am planning to use this to help me make a comic. https://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/captain-thylacine-r9051 Please Leave a message if interested! I will take only one person so do not get mad if you are not picked . I just thought before i started writing the whole story by myself i would do it in a more easy manor . Thank you!
  2. https://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/captain-thylacine-r9051 Alien Poni I need to draw a picture of her so ... i will do that soon when i get my tablet back from my friend today :/
  3. Finally got back on here after ages .. its pretty sweet

  4. Is there still room to join? I have not been on here and ages and i have to redo all my OCS. I can do it tomorrow if you are interested in any other ponies?
  5. I don't know if you mind but i have a alien space pony that would like to meet yours! I hope i'm not sounding silly but my oc is quite ... odder than most poni.
  6. I would like to join! or at least try too! :3 http://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/betta-fish-freak-r5381
  7. Betta Fandora Residence
  8. Been in a Shipping Mood Lately

  9. Been in a Shipping Mood Lately

  10. Gosh I Don't Need a Life

  11. Well my Cat is preggers and looks like a pineapple!

    1. super2379



      Reminds me of when my dog had puppies.


  12. Can i join with my oc http://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/benigna-palerma-r5882 sorry with the no backstorie xD
  13. I would like to join with a inmagrent pony named http://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/benigna-palerma-r5882 I will do her backstory and entery thing tommrow
  14. +Story+ Dear Bob, Far Far Away on a island in Equestria ... There lies a portal to a another dimension.... The Stripe Dimension.. It contains a country full of monarchs and dangerous monsters unknown to ponies... Ex : Trolls, Noobs, pedobears, humans, and rock people.. And when the noob king ethan decided to try and take revenge on one of hes enemys by waking up Justin Berber .... Lets just say Justin was on hes period at the time and he opened the portal to Equestria while singing the Baby Baby BABY OHHHH And .... Equestria is now full of monsters.... And well my f
  15. She smiles at him. ''Why are you out here anyway?'' she asks with a little confusion in her voice. ''I know it was rude of me to follow you but i'm kinda worried...'' she aments to him sighing. She hated the feeling of helplessness and it felt aqward because everyone's been asking him why he looks depressed.
  16. The walking Dead Final is in 30 min... FREAKING THE BUCK OUT

  17. ''Pure ... i been needing to tell you something'' she says sighing. ''Well i hardly say this but your my friend.... You saved my life when we were attacked by a huge pack of dogs and it was my first day here and i was bleeding out and you saved me...'' she said looking at him. '' Mabe i am weak.....'' she said looking at the ground.
  18. She sighed walking after him. She catches up with him outside as her mane blew in the breeze and walks with him. ''its a pretty hot day to day ... it reminds me of all the other days here but its today'' she says smiling lighly. She looked at him as he seemed depressed and kinda mentely unstable in her eyes. She sighed.
  19. ''Oh im just joking'' she says smiling. ''Hey whats wrong pure? or are you just in love with windows?'' she says to him worried and jokingly. She dident really care for other ponies but herself. But she was in a team and team mates watch out for each other. She sat beside him.
  20. ''Oh i hate you'' she says with a smile sighing. She truly dident hate him as he saved her more times she could count but he was annoying as hay sometimes when it came to there stubborn attitudes . Sometimes she wished she could just punch him and mabe she would feel better.
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