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  1. http://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/scarlett-night-r6020 Just change Scarlett, Rusty, and Midnight into werewolves.
  2. My OC. If you wish to change something, just ask. http://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/scarlett-night-r6020
  3. Cerise Hood

    Open Welcome to the pack Rp

    @@kappa214 Rusty and Midnight clung tighty to Scarlett's legs. They had seen the maniac in action before, and planned on staying far away. "I guess we could try to talk to Celestia, though we would need a plan first. Just approching our enemy would be idiotic. But first, we should take care of him." She pointed in the direction of the pscyhopath. &@@@&@&&&@@& Golden Gate, now settled in her new (and hopefully safer) tree, was surprise at the conversation. She teleported to the edge of the forest, before running to the train station. She was goin
  4. I know. I feel like every time my dad watches some sort of futuristic documentary that the world will end tomorrow. Everything else you said... I'm debating if that's Russian.
  5. Cerise Hood

    Open Welcome to the pack Rp

    @@Miss Reaper @@Thepumpkinking @@Toon Beth @@kappa214 Scarlett looked at the miniature crowd. Her nose told her the white wolf and unicorn were werewolves, but the pegasus wasn't, though she was obviously an ally. "Well, I don't think we've officially met yet. I'm Scarlett Night, these pups are Rusty and Midnight, and this is my friend Hank." She gestured to each pony as she introduced them. :::::::: :::::::: Wait until just the right moment. After three years of experience and thirty-two kills, she knew hunting was 40% strategy, 10% waiting, and 50% instinct.
  6. Cerise Hood

    Open Welcome to the pack Rp

    @@Thepumpkinking @@Miss Reaper @@Toon Beth @@kappa214 Gold watched the pegasus from a nearby tree, smirking. Thinking that the wolf was probably a werewolf, she assumed that its accomplices were also werewolves. Jackpot. Today's hornache and cramps would be worth it. ----- Scarlett sniffed the air. "Anypony else smell something... Wrong?
  7. Cerise Hood

    Open Welcome to the pack Rp

    @@Toon Beth Golden Gate heard a noise in the forest. She crept quietly toward the noise- she was dressed in black for a reason. She found a pegasus mare laying around. Teleporting into a treetop, she continued to spy on this mare. She was probably a werewolf... >---|}--> @@kappa214 Scarlett woke up from her nap, seeing the pups change back to pony form. "What'd I miss?" Scarlett said, grabbing her weapon and walking over.
  8. @Thepumpkinking @ Think straight? At this hour? No way! Um... I was referring to Magic Duel.
  9. @@kappa214 (I'm a weird person. I can read a dark fic without making a face, but take Pinkie's muzzle off and I'll have nightmares for days.) Anyways, on the less morbid side of things, I suggest giving Hank some sort of tech relations. He could have this inventor friend that give him a cool plane or something.
  10. @Thepumpkinking Hey Mister! Fun fact, I still exist, and want my other character appoved!
  11. Cerise Hood

    Open Welcome to the pack Rp

    @@kappa214, @@Thepumpkinking,@@Miss Reaper, Rusty and Midnight saw Hank talking outside with somepony. They decided to check it out- why should Hank make new friend without them? They were oblivious to what was actually happening, but they saw that Hank was looking kind of scared. They didn't get what was so scary. All there was was an injured man and a wolf. But, if Hank was scared, there was probably a reason. So, by instinct, they transformed into wolves. Growling, they tried to seem scary, though they were failing quite miserably.
  12. @@Thepumpkinking Are you going to approve Golden Gate or not? I've posted. Land somewhere, and I'll reply *yawn* in the morning... (7 hrs)
  13. Yeah. Pop in somewhere. I didn't post mainly because there was nothing to post.
  14. Cerise Hood

    Open Welcome to the pack Rp

    @@kappa214, The foals continued to play, tuning Hank out after 'all dangerous rooms are sealed'. They tried to change their game to freeze tag, but it only took a few minutes for them to find out you need more than two people to play freeze tag. Scarlett was dreaming about growing up with her aunt after her eldest sister, mother, and youngest brother were killed by a hunter. Memories of living with her aunt and four remaining siblings danced in her head like sugarplums. (Now, cue something happening.)
  15. @@Technicolor_Pony, @, @, After Serena had finished setting up her tent, zipped up her tent's "door" she headed toward her sleeping bag. It was time to have a tour of Ponyville. Leaving her body in a sleeping position, Serena's soul stepped out of her body, looking like she did when the full moon came. She stepped though the tent walls, fading from sight. She didn't want ponies to she her like this. Now invisible, Serena followed a white shape in the sky, letting it guide her around Ponyville.
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