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  1. Amy smiled, and pointed to a clothing store for baby's. "I would like to look at the clothes" She was wondering what she would want her child to wear, and what he or she was going to be like. If it was going to be like her or her sister, and just thinking about it scared the hell out of her. @darkdarsi. She than looked around the shopping center and saw someone she hadn't seen in ages. So she waved.
  2. I would like to join and i will use waterfall. Her character sheet is in my sig.
  3. "I will be back Muffy" she said. She got up from the table, and went up to her room. She got a bag and put her credit card and put her electronics in the bag. She went back to Muffy and set back down at the table. Drinking her soda and eating browines and muffins.
  4. "They are really good"Waterfall answered. She took the last bite of her food and desseret and said "Why don't we put all of this up and get ready to go shopping?" She asked Muffy while picking up anouther brownie and taking a bite out of it. She put the brownie down and took a drink before picking it up again.
  5. Skull Dust walked in after months of being sick. She had all the work and just hoped that they would except her back. "Hi guys i'm back" she said setting her stuff down and walked up to the stage were Thunder and someone else was and set down in the first row listening to them.
  6. "Umm Muffy yes it does but you need to know how to defend yourself. But lets talk about it later ok" waterfall told her. I hope I will be able yo teach her alot. Excepally about the world. Let's just enjoy the night snd worry about it later. I can't wait to take her Shopping! Waterfall thought.
  7. ( (Just pretend they do)) "That's cool. You can learn alot from me. If you stick with me. Do you know how to fight?" Waterfall asked. She kept eating and talking Muffy. 'I may actually mit have some girl friends. I sure hope so because I would love to have some girls to talk to have sleepovers and shop with?
  8. "We are going shopping anyways. Have a good trip Dusk" waterfall replied. She took a drink of her soda than grabbed a brownie and a muffin. "And I am no child. I may be 16 but I am more mature than other 16 year olds thank you very much" I yelled at him. She took a bite of her food and a drink of soda.
  9. "Fun is like a emotion. And video games is something that you play. And play is something to do" Waterfall told her. Waterfall started to eat her food while talking to Muffy. Waterfall got up and got a soda and set back down at the table. Sje opened it. "So what do you like to do?" She asked.
  10. "There not in here yet. But there names are Anale and Riley. I hate to do this but im hungry" Waterfall said getting a plate of food. "Riley is fun he loves video games, but I didnt have a chance to talk to Anale. I'm hopping all of us girls can go shopping" she said.
  11. "Ok I will. So Muffy would you like to go shopping with me after dinner?" Waterfall asked. I hope she says yes, i would like to use that card as soon as possible. And I need something to do and I never been shopping because i never had the money to do spend on things that I wanted.
  12. "Ok well see you around" Skull said before having a seat. She got out her book and started to read. But her mind wasnt on the book her mind was on Blaze and her father. 'Those were some really cool wings that he had. My father would diffenetly like him because of them' she sighed and pulled out her ipod put the buds in and turning on her music while reading her book
  13. "I would love to. So will you be able to give me my schedule or do I have to wait for the principal?" Skull asked smiling at him. That was awesome but I wonder if he will freak out once I tell him about what I can do and about my father. Oh well. I do hope we have the same classes though.