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  1. "If you two are finished playing around up there, some shelter and food should be on your to do list unless you just wish to ask celestia for it." Thorn turned from everyone and headed over to a small area that was surrounded by the trees on one side and the meadow on the other. Using his magic Thorn started to bind the branches together and slowly the trees melded together and began to widen until a floor started to appear. Once the floor had been completed Thorn sat down to take a small break.
  2. As Thorn reached the clearing he started to map out the are to figure the best shelter to build. Hearing the music he perked up and looked towards the sound and saw Shooting standing by another pony. Going over Thorn introduced himself, "Hi my name is Thorn those are some beautiful notes and by the look of it a very interesting talent." Getting closer he reached out his hoof to shake.
  3. "Shooting, when we get to camp start mapping out constellations and doing an overlay of rotation that will let us know how mild or extreme weather is in this area" Thorn looked around as he started heading north I hope I don't get anypony hurt. As Thorn walked he started to lift small clumps of dirt and examine then while he walked.
  4. "Astronomy is useful for quite a few things as is the ability to make tornadoes. Now then, Times can you fly up and point me towards where the trees thin out I want to begin making shelter. Everyone is welcome to join me but I will not tolerate fighting for no reason or those who do not assist in some way. Survival is made not with the fittest but with the most patient." Thorn chuckled as he said the phrase told to him so many times and looked around at everyone to see who would be following him.
  5. "Well I suppose if we are pooling our talents." As thorn finished his sentence his body and mane turned the color of the forest around him then shifted back. "I am the guardian and protector of Prince Fallen Star, trained in three kinds of magic and four kinds of physical combat. We need to know what each other can do so that we can better survive until we find civilization."
  6. "I am Thorn, it is nice to meet you. Do you happen to know how you got here or if you have seen any sings of civilization?" Approaching Times carefully extending out his hoof to shake. Looking up he called to the other one in the tree. "You can come down too, I am no threat to you unless you are one to me." Looking around he notice a few other ponies approaching as well. Thorn sat down and watched them all calling them all closer.
  7. Walking through the woods Thorn began shifting his colors to blend in and started to notice pegasi flying around. "Hello up there, my name is Thorn?! Can I speak with you for a moment?" Changing back to his normal colors he waved to the pegasi to get their attention.
  8. "I am going to go look for some land marks and a place for shelter and to see if anypony else is around. Would you like to join me shooting?" With that Thorn turned and headed west or so he thought by how the sun was positioned. Looking around Thorn scanned the trees looking for the different types of birds and animals to try to determine the region.
  9. "My name is Thorn, it is a pleasure to meet you. I am lost as well." As Thorn walked forward his mane and body returned to their normal color. Looking around he smiled slightly. "It is beautiful here, I just wish I knew why I am here or where here is. Have you seen anypony else? Do you know how you got here?" Walking closer to the mare he extended his hoof in greeting and smiled.
  10. Sitting calmly by a few bushes Thorn watched the other pony staring at one of the trees admiring its beauty. Deciding she wasn't a threat Thorn made himself known. "Who are you and are you lost as I am?" He said as he walked towards the midnight blue pony.
  11. Waking calmly Thorn rose and looked at the forest around him. Not recognizing the area around him he instantly shifted the color of his body and mane to that of the surrounding foliage. Hopefully that will deter whoever put me here from finding me as I get out of here. Walking calmly but precise making sure to not make any unnecessary noise he headed for a better view of his surroundings.
  12. im game to still do it i just am a little busier so i may be slower at posting
  13. sorry was gone on vacation. i love the work you did.