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  1. This episode was absolutely fantastic! I loved it. I was obnoxious before with my senseless hating on other Season 4 episodes. Now that I took some time to really think and reflect, I've loved all of the previous episodes as well. Season 4 is just awesome!
  2. Just wanted to apologize for all of my senseless and baseless bashing of this season for no good reason. After looking back I can say I really have loved each and every one of these episodes. My complaining was all mindless and pulled out of thin air, I really just wasn't thinking straight. Sorry for any annoyance I may have caused. I absolutely love Season 4 with all my heart. /) (\ Sorry for reviving an old topic, I just wanted to get this off my chest.
  3. Wow, just wow, so far each episode of Season 4 has brought with it a new level of awful, but this just takes the cake. That episode was just so horrible that I'm giving up on this series. Time to throw away all of my merchandise. I'm not sure I'll ever get the bad taste of this episode (and the rest of Season 4) out of my mouth for as long as I live.
  4. If they are the elements, and getting rid of them doesn't change anything, then why get rid of them? I didn't think they were things that could be "gotten rid of" in the first place. I suppose my logic on the EoH is very unusual compared to the way the majority of the fandom views it, so I'll drop my EoH points. As for the emotional aspects, I'm not really feeling it yet. The Nightmare Moon battle seemed very rushed, she transformed out of nowhere, they had a short battle, and she blasted her away. It didn't seem like the struggle and threat that was portrayed in FiM Pt 1, but that's just a given with flashbacks. I was trying really hard to sense some emotion from Flight to the Finish, but the way the CMC were arguing with each other seemed forced and didn't really feel like it was really happening. I understand RD's message that "you may never fly, but it's okay", yet it didn't seem like it really had any impact. It didn't seem like this episode really mattered. If she had ended up ironically learning to fly afterwards, or got her cutie mark, or anything along those lines, it would have felt like it had more of an impact, but instead this episode was a complete rehash and didn't really serve any purpose. Daring Don't just seemed like a complete mess of an episode. I don't mind if they want to pretend Daring Do is somehow real (which disregards the entire point behind Read It And Weep, but I digress), but they could at least divulge some details. Why is she writing books about her adventures? Is she saving the world knowing full well she's just going to write books about these journies? If Twilight apparently studied everything about AK Yearling, how could she possibly not know this? How could anyone not be both aware of the book series, and the fact that Daring Do/Ahuizotl/etc are real? It just all seemed implausible. Plus, the fact that none of the mane six really questioned that Daring Do was real for more than a few minutes, not to mention RD's out of character annoying attitude. I could understand a few minutes, but she was out of whack the whole episode. But then again, it's not the details that get me, it's the fact they they are disregarding Read It And Weep. RD discovered she did indeed love reading, as the book gave her the opportunity to enter another world, the world of fantasy and adventure while she lay in her hospital bed. It gave an accurate and meaningful portrayal of books and their ability to literally teleport the reader into their own personal fantasy world. In essence, RD herself became Daring Do by becoming a part of her world. Then she and her friends travel a short distance only to find she's secretly real, and that she beats up her enemies with punches and kicks rather than the interesting and stylish feats seen in Read It And Weep. Seems like a step backwards if you ask me.
  5. I also approach each episode every Saturday morning with a positive approach, however as I watch it I begin to sense the underlying implications, such as becoming more "adventure oriented" to appeal to a larger audience, the lack of uniqueness in regards to the female reality that made the show stand out (it diminished by a small bit in season two, then moreso in season three, it seemed to return in the movie, and now seems to have been removed), the contrived story elements that are not fleshed out or explained (Daring Do's adventures somehow being within this universe at the same time she writes books of them, Celestia's ridiculous speech about the Summer Sun Celebration being a celebration of Nightmare Moon's defeat which is completely inaccurate, etc), and the characters being rather un-enthusiastic and argumentative with one another.
  6. That's surprising. Well, I'm alright with being in the minority. If that's the case, is there anyone that does feel similarly? I'd like to hear some other negative perceptions just to see if anyone else does indeed see what I've seen on some level. I notice that they are also reusing concepts from previous episodes (they've done it before with Magic Duel which was fine) without giving it much substance. For example, Discord's appearance in the premiere seems pointless to me, he doesn't do anything chaotic, and they bring him there just to set him up as a sort of pseudo-villain and disregarding his reformation in Keep Calm and Flutter On. Also taking half the episode just for contrived flashbacks doesn't equal entertaining television in my book. Also, the flashback of Celestia and Luna just seemed very out of place, and didn't seem to fit well with what was said in episode one of season one.
  7. You all make valid points when it comes to being too early in the season, but I guess it's just in my nature. I analyze things very deeply. Now, during every other episode of the show, Season 1-3, I watched it without trying to force any analytical explanations as to why I liked a given episode. Those came after I already finished watching it once. During a first viewing, it's a fun and happy experience. Each of these episodes were not the case, and I could not enjoy them on a first viewing, and after multiple viewings is how I came to my explanations. This is not just the case with Season 4, there were two episodes in Season 1 I did not like, three episodes in Season 2, and one episode in Season 3. I'm hopeful of future Season 4 episodes, I'm not trying to condemn the entire season yet (although I can sort of tell what kind of atmosphere the writers and produces are trying to imply), and I guess I should have titled the thread "dissatisfied with the current episodes so far" instead of "dissatisfied with season 4".
  8. I strongly disliked this episode, not as much as the season premiere, but quite a lot. Their faces were ugly, yes, but that wasn't what bugged me the most. The pacing was just totally off, with that opening scene taking far too long. Also, the characterization for RD and the CMC seemed really out of place and they were all acting like they were being introduced for the first time, clearly showing it's a new writer writing the episode. I didn't understand why Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle were acting so distant and so off-putting towards Scootaloo, who was also uncharacteristically dismissive of the other two. The song was also really incomprehensible and very uninspired in my opinion. Strong as horses? Excuse me? They ARE horses. The characters all seemed like they were acting like males with their mannerisms and such, where is the female charm and warmth the show had before this season? Now, all of this I was willing to disregard if she either A) Learned to fly or B ) Got her cutie mark, but neither happened. So, not only were all of these aspects of this episode very dull and lame, but this episode itself was a completely pointless waste of time. Nothing happened. Maybe it's leading up into something bigger, but that still doesn't excuse a completelty meaningless episode.
  9. The fact that it's based off a Hasbro toy line or meant "for little girls" has no bearing on these aspects. Lauren Faust even went on to say in her interview in the guidebook that things geared towards little girls are often frowned upon or brushed aside, and this show really turned that around, and I could see it firsthand. The fact that these episodes seem to take away that original vision is what bugs me the most, not the animation. Season three also started straying farther away from that, but I loved season three and the movie. My main complaints are with the writing and characterization.
  10. The show is called Friendship is Magic for a reason. "Magic" doesn't just imply casting spells and reading scrolls, it can be applied to real life. That's what the Elements of Harmony symbolize, all personality traits that when put together create that "spark", and FiM Pts 1 and 2 showed how even if the Elements themselves are destroyed, their spirits could never be. You could say the same with the S4 premiere, but that's not the implication I'm getting. I'm getting the implication that the Elements are just being treated as magical weapons, and that their friendship and bond isn't necessarily linked to it. It all around just doesn't make sense. And I know, it's only five episodes in, but that doesn't make what I'm saying any less valid. There is such a thing as changing one's mind, and I am perfectly willing to accept (and am in fact hopeful) that future episodes WILL change my mind. However, this is what I think of the season so far, and the overall vibe of the season as a whole, since Meghan McCarthy sort of set up the stage with her premiere, and called this Key Quest a season long story arc.
  11. I didn't fully expect them to actually do anything I was expecting them to, I'm just surprised they missed out on such an opportunity. So that's not my major gripe here. And as for the improvements in animation, music, and directing, I suppose we'll just say it's a matter of taste. In my opinion the animation was more unique and appealing in the past, and seemed more natural. Now the combination of directing and story elements seem to create sort of contrived and rushed scenes, and I notice a general lack of good pacing when it comes to each episode's flow. I'm curious to hear what the positives are so I can compare with some other points of view.
  12. I can see how my complaints and observations can seem like I'm panicking or trying to incite some hot debate, but I'm just stating what I've observed. I go into every episode optimistically and still I'm sensing all of these problems, without being able to find many redeeming qualities. I'd like to hear in detail why you do like it, and what you do find enjoyable, so I can compare.
  13. There were only a few episodes prior to Season 4 that I did not like, and I didn't dislike them to this extent. Is there anyone else very disappointed with this season so far? First let me start off by saying that I've noticed over years and years of cartoon watching, that it's rare for a cartoon to keep up its originality, fun, and creativity. Usually, season 3 or 4 is a cartoons stopping point. I didn't think MLP could go down this road, and in fact, I thought making Twilight a princess was absolutely brilliant. It was nothing like I had seen in other cartoons, I thought that this meant the show could take on a whole new life and avoid getting predictably stale, by introducing a whole new aspect and reality to the show's universe of experiences. So, of course, my first disappointment came with the premiere, when I quickly realized that they were completely disregarding her ascension to being princess. Instead of this being a positive, uplifting experience, the characters were all complaining and whining over something that they quite frankly had no reason to be upset over. I felt that this was some sort of nod to the raging bronies in an attempt to curb their unnecessary debates, but I realized that this episode was written long before any brony knew MMC was coming. Perhaps Meghan was just on a similar wavelength? Regardless, I couldn't keep track of what was happening in the premiere. I just couldn't keep up. Call it what you want, but I watched every episode up until this point with no issues, and I even watched the premiere dozens of times afterwards. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't delude myself into believing that any of the characters were actually there, actually saying this dialogue, or actually acting like this supposed storyline was really happening. I'll break down my concerns with this season into a few categories to make it more simple: The Directing The directing in this season is all out of whack, in my opinion. I'm notcing a lot of camera angles from weird, diagonal points of view which create a nauseating experience. I perceive a huge emphasis on empty space in certain shots, and the movement and placement of the characters is completely unnatural and all around random. Example: Rainbow Dash falls face flat on the ground at Twilight's library, Fluttershy's head pops in from the left, leaves, Pinkie pops in from the top, leaves; it all makes for a disorienting experience that was not present in the show before this point. Several times in Daring Don't the entirety of the mane six will just pop up from the ground together, it seems rather lazily done. The Emotion, Meaningfulness, and Premise MLP was a one of a kind experience for me, in that it was one of the few things I'd ever seen that made me emotional. I loved the characters, the stories were heartfelt, and the lessons were truly meaningful and I could apply them to my own life. Yet, these five episodes have felt devoid of anything of the sort. The characters are all completely out of character in each episode, all displaying an overwhelming amount of hostility and annoyance at each other, for no good reason. They toss around the word "friendship" without any reasoning behind it, and it seems as if they're all just saying their "memorable lines" just to make you think, "Yep, it's still the same old characters." without actually providing any substance. MLP was very unique in that it featured characters and storylines that were female oriented, and portrayed female characters in ways not often seen in normal media. It took the real, emotional female spirit filled with warmth, heart, and a certain kind of strength that no other form of media had ever expressed to me. It really helped me become aware of the female reality and everything it has to offer, and I became genuinely interested and happy learning about it. This is no longer present. I cannot stress enough that Season 4 seems made with bronies in mind, and if not that, then at least adults in general. You can tell that the focus is on "action adventure" stories, and even aside from that, the characters themselves are all acting rather "boyish" in my opinion with their mannerisms and behavior. It just doesn't seem natural anymore, and the entire concept that made this show brilliant just feels like it's been brushed aside in favor of more predictable storytelling. The characters all seem like they're men now with the way they're portrayed, or at the very least, female characters as portrayed in typical male-oriented media. The Animation and Voicing This isn't really a big game changer, but obviously when major aspects of a show like this fall apart, other aspects follow suit. The animation style seems rather off this season, in ways I have not seen before. The characters' movements seem rather jerky at times, and I cannot stand that new lighting effect (Canterlot Stained Glass Window hallway, end of Daring Don't in the sunset). The characters are for some reason making rather obnoxious, ugly looking faces (mane six in Castle Mane-ia, Ms. Harshwhinny and RD in Flight to the Finish) that detracts from the appealing beauty and charm they once had. It's a small gripe, but it does add to the overall dissatisfaction. I can't entirely blame the voice actors, moreso I blame the voice directing and script itself, but I get really annoyed listening to the characters. It's like they're all speaking in the most annoying fashion possible purposely. Again, just another small gripe. The Music Like the animation and voicing, the music seems very bland and dull. One huge example is the Nightmare Moon transformation scene, where I felt like I was being treated to the most mundane, boring song ever. The song "Hearts Strong As Horses" not only has very convoluted sounding lyrics, but the background beats and rhythm seems uninspired and unenthusiastic sounding, not to mention the song seeming like it doesn't even need to be happening in the first place. Like I said before, these aspects all follow one another, like a big row of dominos. If one falls, they all fall, the way I see it. Now, on to my final, and largest gripe: The Discarding of The Elements of Harmony I cannot stress enough how incredibly moronic this is. The EoH were not just their Kamehameha Necklaces or their Blast The Baddy Beams, they symbolized their bond of friendship, in essence, they WERE them. Nightmare Moon destroyed the EoH in FiM Pt 2, they represent the EoH's spirits, and they embodied them. They did not just pick them up from the dollar store. It seemed to me like the writers think they're doing something smart by getting rid of them (again, I got "pleasing the raging bronies" vibes), and were not putting any consideration into what they were doing. Also, the Tree of Harmony is just out of nowhere and makes no sense. This show is called "Friendship is Magic", and Twilight has the nerve to say, "It's our friendship, and it's more important and more powerful than any magic." Excuse me? Friendship IS magic. They ARE the EoH. They are one and the same. Don't take my word for it, just look at MMC. Their destinies, their cutie marks were changed by Twilight's spell, as were their elements, because they are one. They even went through all of this in that episode, using the power of their friendship to return them to their true destinies, and to restore their elements, because they're one in the same. Then again, they disregarded her positive ascension to princess from MMC, so it's natural to assume they'd disreard that as well. That's not to say that they won't have some sort of solution in the S4 finale, but it still wouldn't justify it. Now, it's only five episodes in, but no other season had five awful episodes, and no episodes I disliked before I ever disliked in this fashion. This season may get better, somehow, but I strongly doubt it. The following episodes that have been revealed so far do not sound promising. Jim Miller is Co-Director starting with this season (I think he was involved in the movie too, but I loved that), Meghan McCarthy and Jayson Thiessen are now Co-Executive Producers, Chris Bartleman (sp) left the team, as did James Wootton (sp), and there are a bunch of new writers with not that much under their belts. I think all of those factors are partly responsible for this season's outcome. Also, many (if not all) cartoons I've seen go downhill after their big movie premiere, because they seem to crack under their pressure. Plus, the natural fate of losing inspiration and creativity with a show's fourth or fifth season is also an undeniable factor, one that I could have seen being avoided if they had transformed and expanded the show with Twilight's ascension to princess. I have more details I could say in greater length, but these are all of my general thoughts on Season 4 so far. That being said, I refuse to quit the show, and I'll watch it through to the end (plus I already bought the Season Pass on iTunes...).
  14. I have around 10 different WeLoveFine shirts to choose from, I put two wristbands on each of my arms, Rainbow Dash and Mane 6 on the left and Vinyl Scratch and Derpy on the right. I also have a necklace that has charms of Rainbow Dash's Cutie Mark, Pinkie Pie, Derpy, and a muffin. I also carry my iPhone in a Vinyl Scratch iPhone wallet, with the phone itself in a Rainbow Dash iPhone case. The final touch is I make sure to put three different FunTat Tatoos on both of my arms. One last thing I forgot about, my Rainbow Dash wallet. I think that's everything.
  15. I think I'm gonna mimic Derpy's nightmare night costume for Halloween this year.

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