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  1. Congratulations to Leeds, well overdue for a club as big as that and well deserved. See you next season! From a BHAFC fan
  2. Merry Birthiversary! 

  3. This is true. I have Autism and had serious confidence issues before I passed my test, it's been a challenge but it doesn't mean we are less able than anyone else out there. It may take more time for certain people, but it's not like there is a time limit.
  4. Imma' revive this thread! Opening 2 matches for Brighton and 1 win away to Watford, 1 draw home to West ham, Positive start to the season.
  5. I used to drive a Ford Fiesta but picked up a Nissan 350Z about 3 weeks ago. Here she is
  6. Merry Birthiversary! 

  7. Not as close as I'd like to be :( I've been away from this forum for too long
  8. Xbox live: OllzaaFCB PSN: iiSSGSSG0ku Always looking to meet new people
  9. Haven't seen a thread elsewhere for this game, forgive me if I've missed it. Anypony else been playing this, im absolutely hooked although I'm not that great at the game. I was also hoping to get a group or some sort of club set up so that we could play together sometime. Let me know if anyone is interested so I can hopefully set something up.
  10. It sucks, but I doubt that's it for Dragonball as a whole, they will probably announce a new series once super ends, plus we have another movie coming at the end of the year
  11. Xbox: OllzaaFCB FIFA 18, Fortnite, Dragon ball xenoverse 2, Forza Horizon 3 PSN: iiSSGSSG0ku FIFA 18, Fortnite, GTA V, Battlefield 1 Feel free to add me so we can have a chat and maybe play. I'm really feeling left out with my lack of brony friends at the moment
  12. Anypony looking forward to this releasing next week? I've managed to get some time in on the open beta and I've got to say I'm really impressed! Being a big fan of Dragonball, I've been waiting for this game since it's announcement last summer, so hyped!!
  13. As a big fan of dragonball I am addicted to this game and recently finished the grind to get LR Goku onto my TEQ team, along with the Androids on my AGL team!
  14. Brighton started life in the premier league this Saturday (still hasnt sunk in yet that we've actually made it!) with a 2-0 loss to Manchester city. Wasn't expecting a result against the favourites to win the league this year. Regardless of the outcome, I'm just gonna enjoy the ride..
  15. Promotion confirmed, now for the league title on Friday! We're on our way..