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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. I love Renaissance Faires and since I moved this passed year didn't get to go to any of the ones back in my home state. But in a couple weeks there is a fall one up in the mountains, small but looks well done and I am super excited to go ♥ I am also helping a friend put together a costume which is how this doodle came around. Ponies probably have themed faires for fun I imagine, Rarity meets Larimar and uses his natural wings as an idea for a costume cloak. Been awhile since I did a full scene so I want to finish this, this week ^^
  3. Made a faerie babe for my friend ^^ Morga is not as saturated but has more fade/speckle markings.
  4. Well thank you cx Probably all the pastel color sparkle?
  5. I actually use PS CS5, but color coloring and line art I just use a basic round brush XD Nothing fancy. Yeah, three eyes is easier to balance but it reminds me more of like seer magic and not insect? So I decided to attempt a four balance lol
  6. Thank you, I do love purples, blues, and pinks but try not to use them too much XD He got all of it and some sparkles, but I love him for it.
  7. Technically this is a re-make of a re-make. This babe started out as my entry for the original mascot contest, and when she wasn't chosen I didn't just want to abandon the design because the Lisa Frank kid in me still really liked it XD So they became a flutter pony, as flutter ponies were designed back in Gen 1. Came across it today in a drawing mood, and decided I need a faerie pony with extra eyes. These were Larimar's previous designs, decided to include them because why not. I did take off his CM finally because he is more in the realm of Changelings and Saddle Arabians. Not really a pony but he shares their world.
  8. I'm pretty sure that is a knock off pony, there were no alicorn toys made for any of the other gens.
  9. It has been awhile since I drew my earthie boys, so I doodled Hodgepodge. I also wanted to do a pose I usually avoid, I always have position trouble with bent necks or raised shoulders.
  10. Thank you ^^ Thank you, and no I usually don't do art trades. Good to hear, I always like stronger facial expressions c; Well, Moonstone came from mix and matching names from a name gen. because I am often too straight forward with names that just point to their skill cx Serendipity I just picked because it seems a good fit for his personality, Dipity can be a rather forward and sarcastic pony but he has a good heart. A fortunate happenstance.
  11. Decided to have some fun and use a MLP generator to give myself character prompts to doodle from. I do so love my usual color scheme and character types that it has been a good refresher cx I chose a breed but the rest was random. Moonstone inspired a bit of fan lore, and I wondered if Pegasus had special skills like being able to use clouds as a solid perch, then might they have other magic skills that are just for their race? So Moonstone found her passion capturing and moving star and moon glow. Serendipity is actually really adapt at giving advice and counsel, hence his mark, but would rather do it as a free favor to those who need it. So he makes his living baking and cooking instead.
  12. Glad you like it, I was trying to draw his character a full-body reference and just couldn't get a pose right cx
  13. Thank you very much ^^ It has been awhile since I just draw a pony lol
  14. So this guy is a character from another site who is a spirit that lives in cocoa trees. He also only knows how to grow natural cocoa, so he will trade the pods from his best trees for drinking chocolate spiced with chili. Chocolatl Drawing this guy really just was for some fun relax time using a soft edge brush. Since anthro poses have been giving me trouble today and I was getting frustrated.
  15. Just a little Forge, been awhile since I drew him ^^ The Christmas music is now stuck in my head from work. So I decided to make a Christmas unicorn, Silver Bells.