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    I'm Midnight Gaze! I'm an amateur artist who loves drawing, reading, and writing about mlp.

    My interests:
    A Japanese subculture called Lolita Fashion. Especially Sweet Lolita-an over-the-top style that puts emphasis on cuteness. Many of the dresses have ruffles, lace, ribbon, and prints.

    Tulpas, lucid dreaming, hypnosis, and things related to those are subjects that interest me.

    [in progress]

    Hello, I'm Midnight Gaze. I currently don't have any intense interests and I don't find myself interesting enough to elaborate on, so for now, this is blank. Hey, maybe I'll put some stories on here. I am improving as a writer.

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  1. Midnight Gaze

    Mega Thread How are you feeling

    Me, too. I've felt like that all week so far. I don't really know why, though.
  2. Midnight Gaze

    Mega Thread How are you feeling

    Feeling sad that my winter break is almost over! It was amazing.
  3. Midnight Gaze

    Mega Thread How are you feeling

    I'm so sorry. Why do you feel like that? Hell yes! This has been the perfect vacation.
  4. Midnight Gaze

    Mega Thread How are you feeling

    Tired, I just woke up. I have two days left of my vacation at my grandparent's house; after this I'm going home for an uneventful last week. Tbh, I dread the long drive back.
  5. Midnight Gaze

    Does anyone kinda miss the letters?

    Yeah, I loved the letters. Although, it's probably just because I think the first seasons of MLP are better than the recent ones. I really haven't liked MLP long enough for nostalgia.
  6. Midnight Gaze

    List Negative Qualities That You Have

    Me in a nutshell this year. I'm failing math and science, even thought I've never gotten closes to failing before. There's only 3 weeks left in school, and I can't even find the motivation to do my work right now. :/
  7. Midnight Gaze

    General What were you doing just 10 minutes ago?

    Watching my hometown burn to the ground on tv. I still am. :(
  8. Midnight Gaze

    What do you like about your home town/city?

    I liked how peaceful it was...but that's not really valid right now( Baltimore, MD)
  9. Midnight Gaze

    Could Rainbow Dash be a bad influence on children?

    Could I make a signature based off of that one day? So true. I see it everywhere and it's making my experience here miserable.
  10. Midnight Gaze

    Could Rainbow Dash be a bad influence on children?

    May I ask, then, why she(he?) is your avatar? Yes! That's what I think when someone doesn't like a character from a show; they must really dislike those qualities, so when there's a character who has them, they focus on that and see little else. On point.
  11. Midnight Gaze

    Your favorite meal of the day?

    I'd have to say...lunch. I never eat breakfast(hey, maybe that's why my grades are so low?) because I don't wake up early enough to eat it. Dinner is great, but lunch is the first time in the day where I get to actually sit down and eat.
  12. No, seriously. People seem to know many of their positive qualities, but only a few negative ones(or is that just me?). Oh, and try not to bash yourself. There's a difference between listing negative traits about yourself and flat-out hating on yourself, okay? 1: I'm too judgemental and critical of others, especially for someone who hates it when people gossip, say rude things, or think any mean things in general about others. Y'know, because I'm the nicest person in the world and everyone else are just jerks who are out to hurt people's feelings. Which leads me to my second one... 2: Sometimes, I'm a hypocrite. I'll harshly judge someone for, let's say, being too harsh or blunt, then respond back to them with a ill-intentioned blunt statement. 3: I get insulted/offended/saddened easily by other people. To outsiders, I appear to have no strong beliefs, because I fear I'll be criticized for them. Though, this one's less of a negative quality and more of a personal problem.
  13. Midnight Gaze

    A spell was just cast at your OC. What do?

    Midnight Gaze, because she cares oh-so-much about her appearance, would run back home and see if she could use her paint to become purple again. She would keep the unicorn's appearance fresh in her mind, in the possibly hopeless hopes that she could one day get back at him.
  14. May I ask why she's your avatar, then?